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Remove the NOUSER define when compiling with MSVC, Cygwin, or MinGW

Summary: This define causes nothing but problems and isn't actually needed. It causes the windows header to exclude a specific header, and, in order to use that header, we have to make sure to `#undef NOUSER` before we include `windows.h`, but that may be included by other headers with no knowledge of our needs, causing all sorts of messes. If you don't know the define is there, it's also a massive pain to figure out why your code isn't compiling (see: 4 hours digging through the internals of the windows headers to no avail).
Overall, it's better to just remove the define and save the headache.
Closes #5575

Reviewed By: @paulbiss

Differential Revision: D2215302
latest commit 02c69da032
@Orvid Orvid authored hhvm-bot committed
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EXTFunctions.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindBISON.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindCClient.cmake libc-client may also be known as libc-client4
FindDoubleConversion.cmake Add /usr/local to libdouble-conversion detection
FindEditline.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindFLEX.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindFastLZ.cmake refactor FastLZ cmake finder
FindFreetype.cmake Fix Freetype to look for ft2build.h first
FindGLIB.cmake look in /usr/lib64 in FindGLIB.cmake
FindGlog.cmake Add folly to third_party
FindGold.cmake Linking with gold if available. Added text section ordering for perfo…
FindICU.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLLVM.cmake Link against LLVM library if present.
FindLZ4.cmake use system liblz4 if available
FindLdap.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibAfdt.cmake Removed a bit of trailing whitespace
FindLibCh.cmake Removed a bit of trailing whitespace
FindLibDL.cmake Fix breakage of DSO loading on all platforms
FindLibDwarf.cmake LibDwarf shouldn't forcefully require LibElf
FindLibElf.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibEvent.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibGmp.cmake GMP cleanup/fixes
FindLibJpeg.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibMagickWand.cmake Adds arch dependent include dir to LIBMAGICK(CORE|WAND)_INCLUDE_DIRS
FindLibNuma.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibPng.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibSQLite.cmake Remove SQLite version restriction
FindLibUODBC.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibVpx.cmake Added functions imagewebp and imagecreatefromwebp
FindLibXed.cmake Pull xed disassembling logic out into a class
FindLibYaml.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindLibZip.cmake Fixed build failed because of incompatible libzip version
FindLibiconv.cmake Make sure that libiconv gets linked in for the ICONV_CONST test
FindLibinotify.cmake Add check for inotify.h and (optional)
FindLibjsonc.cmake Fix the JSON extension build stuff
FindLibmemcached.cmake stop breaking ubuntu 10.04
FindLibpam.cmake Revert "Remove PAM dependency code."
FindMcrypt.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindMySQL.cmake Don't trigger a fatal error if MySQL wasn't required
FindOCaml.cmake OCaml must be at least 4.01
FindONIGURUMA.cmake Find Onigruma propery and tidy up a little of the other library detec…
FindPCRE.cmake CMake: use bundled PCRE if system PCRE doesn't jit
FindPThread.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindRE2.cmake Release the HHVM async mysql extension
FindReadline.cmake Fix CMake whitespace
FindTBB.cmake Update CMake/FindTBB.cmake for current Windows support.
Findfribidi.cmake Fribidi extension for HHVM
FollySetup.cmake Fix folly build with Clang
HPHPCompiler.cmake Enable option to perform gold linker identical code folding
HPHPFindLibs.cmake Don't use libbfd in OSS build by default
HPHPFunctions.cmake Use `mysql_config --socket` instead of mucking with paths
HPHPIZEFunctions.cmake Support run extension's test case with hphp/test/run
HPHPSetup.cmake Remove the NOUSER define when compiling with MSVC, Cygwin, or MinGW
Options.cmake Enable proxygen server by default in OSS HHVM builds
cotire.cmake cotire 1.6.6
package.cmake Added functions imagewebp and imagecreatefromwebp
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