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Weekly Status

Dec 12

  • mgottein - kept working on my other phar issues. Got feedback about my Phar::running pr and hope to fix it and eventually get a merge
  • mbertanha - Couldn't attend last meeting due to personal problems. I am still have lots of problems to be able to send a PR, will try to meet with Alexandre (hipertales) and Lucas (llt) to see if we can figure out the problem with joomla framework and also work on their issues.
  • hamidre13-Since this is my finales week, I could not do a lot but I figure out 4344 and I,ll send a PR in a bit.
  • kevinxu - Finished pull request #4401. Updated vfsstream's version to v1.4.0 with two extra PRs for vfsstream to fix some issues in their test case. vfsstream should be back to 100% soon.
  • rendong - Wrapped up and finished pull request #4384
  • hny - #4459

Dec 05

  • mgottein - Adjusted PR #4353 and tried to figure out why RuntimeOption::EvalJit isn't set correctly. Working on 2 more issues #4313 and #4263 and hope to land another pr this weekend
  • alicialim - Worked on corrections suggested by Paul in the code and wrote tests for the old fix for issue #3780. Changed direction and approach halfway through the week and worked on a better new fix for the same issue after speaking to Paul. I'm adding a setter function in logger.cpp and applying some changes to the code in Logger::log() to modify the conditions for error printing. Have yet to run and write tests for the code, but would be expecting an update to the PR some time this weekend.
  • hny - Worked on test case for Kohana. Debugging the unset function. Will continue to work on this next week.
  • ltt - Got a working fix for #3812 and sent the PR. Will soon send the PR for #3160. Unfortunately the time of the meetings remains prohibitive for me, since I have a class at 9PM (Brazilian time) on fridays.
  • kevinxu - Working on refactoring stream_metadata(), sent a PR #4388, and will think about what should I do about it according to the initial review. Will working on getting #4320 merged.
  • hamidre13- 4361,4380, also working on 4344
  • rendong— Finished mocking time/date functions in Isolation.php in Issue 3883. Made pull request #4384. Next: Fixed flakey test cases broken by mocking time functions. Also add test cases to Isolation.php

Nov 28

  • mgottein - worked on implementing Phar::running() not sure how to approach jit quite yet. I spoke with Paul and he made some suggestions. I'm waiting to hear back about my PR addressing mysql syntax errors from Fred, but I believe it will be rejected . it ended up being rejected. Phar::running pr #4353
  • ltt - Canceled PR #4006 'cause correction of returned values of getDefaultValueConstantName method would implicate in a lot tests breaking. Will work on sending a new PR targeting only issue #3812
  • alicialim - worked on writing tests for issue #3780 and making corrections to the code that was reviewed. Would continue to work on #3637 once I'm done with issue #3780.
  • rendong - Worked on issue 3883
  • kevinxu - Worked on PR #4327, which revert a change that causes guzzle's framework test to fail. Also sent a PR #4320, which implements casting UserFile to file descriptor.
  • hny - Fall break.

Nov 21

  • mgottein - worked in improving caching for pcre but clashed with D29091 so I'm figuring out what to do next. I decided to work on #4141 Created Pull request #4312
  • hny - Worked on #4304 this week. Will keep working on Kohana framework next week.
  • hipertales - Spent more than five hours today trying to figure out why usort differs from HHVM and PHP when null is passed as a parameter. PHP defines the final result of usort as "undefined" when elements are equal, so I don't know if this is really an issue (since it's the only test that is failing on Drupal). I also had a look at #3883, but it's not really well defined what it should be done. Can someone edit it to be more specific? For the next week, I'm planning on continue working on #3883 (if I can), otherwise I will probably tackle with Drupal a bit more.
  • ltt - Still working on #3160. Could not attend to the meeting due to the new schedule (9PM).
  • mbertanha - Found out that #3890 is closed. I had some problems with my computer this week and had to update ubuntu from 12.04 to 14.04, hhvm is running smoothly now. Joomla framework passes in 99.31% of tests, files joomla.expect and joomla.out are the same, checking joomla.errors and joomla.fatals to understand what is going on with the 0.69% remaining.
  • alicialim - Fixed the issue #3780 and would be submitting a pull request. The fix still needs to be improved as right now there is memory leak with a FILE created but never closed. I'm not sure where should I close the file but would work on that after discussing with the mentors. The file is used to "suppress" the output when display_errors is disabled. Would be working on a new issue #3637 this week.
  • hamidre13 - Fix #2517 , working on the rest of cakephp3 test cases.
  • kevinxu - Worked on fixing pull requests from last week. Continue investigating how to correctly fix the issues with stream_select() function.
  • rendong - Working on issue 3883. Implemented all the date/time functions. Continue to add test cases to it next week.

Nov 14

  • mgottein - #4239 fixes issue where compiled regexps fail due to lack of native stack space. May switch frameworks our pick an issue to work on next - vast majority of phpmyadmin test issues appear to be related to the tests themselves not hhvm
  • hipertales - Came back from Los Angeles yesterday, so I couldn't progress on any issues yet. Will work on #3883 and finally on Drupal this week.
  • alicialim - Worked on issue #3780. Managed to reproduce the display_error and now digging into the ini_get() functions in HHVM to see where the problem is. Trying to use GDB to step through each of the functions to see how it works and where it messed up. Would continue to work on it this week.
  • hamidre13 - Fix 3963 with th ehelp of danslo,Fix #4156. Working on #4155. Also trying to fix framework test up and running to work on my framework
  • hny - Finished #4175. I will work on kohana framework next week.
  • kevinxu - #4238, #4237. Plan to work the last failed test with vfsstream, which is related with stream_select() function.
  • ltt - Got acquainted with Hackificator so I can work on #3160. Will continue work on said issue next week.
  • mbertanha - Fixed PHPUnit problem, it seems to be a slow internet issue. Running joomla framework tests, I found an issue with MemCache, working on this.
  • rendong - Investigated PR#4112, thought it's difficult to do another way around. Need some help on it. Also checked out issue #3883. Next week: Probably start to work on issue #3883 in order to make contribution as quick as I can.

Nov 7

  • alicialim - Worked on the 4th fail test case and couldn't find out why functions StreamAdapter() and MessageFactory() are returning null. Would move on to workhttps on issue #3780 instead this week.
  • hamidre13 - Worked on 3963, realized that php, empty function should be handled totally different,this week I will try to modify the empty function(Pr proposed with help of danslo).Also working on #4156. Working on #4155
  • hny - Investigated the testProcessEventSubscribersWithPriorities test case for Symfony. Later on I found that the test case made wrong summation to the sort function. Plan to work on #4175 next week.
  • kevinxu - #4149, #4145. Plan to work on remaining test cases of vfsstream.
  • ltt - Failed to attend to meeting due to health impediment. Previously sent PR causes a lot of tests to get broken. Will drop the PR and send a new one that fixes only issue #3812.
  • mbertanha - I could not participate on the week meeting because I was traveling. I am now working on the joomla framework, got a problem running the tests, asked help on #hhvm-dev and didn't get an answer, trying to figure it out what's happening. The error is: bertanha@ubuntu:~/dev/hhvm/hphp/test/frameworks$ hhvm run.php joomla Warning: No such file or directory in /home/bertanha/dev/hhvm/hphp/test/frameworks/run.php on line 368 Downloading PHPUnit in order to run tests. There may be an output delay while the download begins. ....ERROR: Could not install PHPUnit. Script stopping
  • mgottein - #4132 fixed hhvm build due to macro from c library conflicting with std file lib. Will pull request w/ phpmyadmin related issues soon
  • rendong - PR#4112 got rejected. Made revise on it.

Oct 31

  • alicialim - Found out that the first fail test case is caused by guzzle4's code. Moved on to work on the fourth test case this week and hope to submit a PR by this weekend if possible. Would continue to work on solving the bug where new Client is created and StreamAdapter() passes in new MessageFactory() that's returning null and failing the test.
  • hamidre13 - Working on [#4007] could not figure it out so, this week I will work on #3963PR proposed, working on #3830
  • hipertales - #3940 closed. Working now on migrating the VM to my PC to work faster. Next week I will work on more "Probably Easy" issues (if there is none, I will focus on the Drupal framework) and I will travel to Los Angeles (Tuesday), so I will not be on the next meeting!
  • hny - Step into the implementation of preg_match function. I will be work on Symfony next week. I will try to solve the testProcessEventSubscribersWithPriorities test case
  • kevinxu - #4099, #4096, #4094 done. Plan to working on flock() issue next week.
  • ltt - Pull request #3959: method ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueText is deprecated in PHP 5 (see [here ( Some of the tests that broke with said pull request call this method (and they broke because of how ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueConstantName work now). Should these tests be changed? Or the away ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueConstantName work? Will resolve these issues ASAP and start working on the fastroute framework.
  • mgottein - ptarjan helped me write commit 4480 and get it merged with master. I plan on working on php-myadmin next week
  • mbertanha - I couldn't solve #3890. Studying some older PRs code and working on Joomla framework.
  • rendong - PR#4112. Look for other frameworks to work on. Also stick on github issues related to ReflectionClass.

Oct 24

  • alicialim - Learnt to use gdb with hhvm. Currently working on fixing Server.php's code
  • hamidre13 - Working on the strtolower function and figuring out the HPHP::string #4007
  • hipertales - #3940
  • hny - still debugging preg_match_impl
  • kevinxu - #4027 done. Working on fixing vfsstream's is_file test case.
  • ltt - Working on fixing tests that broke when the ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValueConstantName return value changed.
  • mgottein - Pull Request #4064
  • mbertanha - #3890
  • rendong - mockery 100%, will make PR later. Will fix ReflectionClass this week.

Oct 17

  • alicialim - figuring out gdb and hphpd
  • hamidre13 - #3981
  • hipertales - #3940
  • hny - debugging on "regular match function"
  • kevinxu - #3687
  • ltt - #3812 #3828
  • mgottein - working on breaking at interpreter opcodes
  • mbertanha - #3890
  • rendong - mockery - ReflectionClass needs work

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