Prebuilt Packages for HHVM

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Supported distributions

See our official documentation for the supported distributions with pre-built packages

Unsupported by the HHVM team

  • [Prebuilt Packages on Mint 15](Prebuilt Packages on Mint 15)
  • [Prebuilt Packages on Ubuntu 13.04](Prebuilt Packages on Ubuntu 13.04)
  • [Prebuilt Packages on Ubuntu 13.10](Prebuilt Packages on Ubuntu 13.10)
  • [Amazon Linux](Amazon Linux)
  • [Prebuilt Packages on Arch Linux](Prebuilt Packages on Arch Linux)
  • [Ulyaoth Repository](Prebuilt Ulyaoth Repository) (version numbering is fixed)

Prebuilt VMs

Although unsupported by the HHVM team, some community members provide tools and configurations to bring up a preconfigured VM with HHVM (and often other software) installed.

  • PuPHPet -- a huge array of options, including HHVM and nginx, to generate a Vagrant configuration
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