Building and installing hhvm on CentOS 7.x

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Please Don't remove the information about this compiling from source. If you like RPMS or PRE-BUILD please see below (end of this page) and please don't change this page to pre-built information!

Use the following shell script to compile HHVM on CentOS 7.x

# Need to be ran under root priv or you can sudo it
# Update your CentOS first
yum update -y

# Enable the EPEL repository

yum install -y epel-release

# Install some dependencies 

yum install cpp gcc-c++ cmake3 git psmisc {binutils,boost,jemalloc,numactl}-devel \
{ImageMagick,sqlite,tbb,bzip2,openldap,readline,elfutils-libelf,gmp,lz4,pcre}-devel \
lib{xslt,event,yaml,vpx,png,zip,icu,mcrypt,memcached,cap,dwarf}-devel \
{unixODBC,expat,mariadb}-devel lib{edit,curl,xml2,xslt}-devel \
glog-devel oniguruma-devel ocaml gperf enca libjpeg-turbo-devel openssl-devel \
mariadb mariadb-server {fastlz,double-conversion,re2}-devel make -y

# Optional dependencies (these extensions are not built by default)

yum install {fribidi,libc-client,glib2}-devel -y

# Get our hhvm
cd /tmp
git clone -b master  hhvm  --recursive
cd hhvm

We have to run. ./configure

# Okay let's go
cmake3 .
# Multithreads compiling
make -j$(($(nproc)+1))
# Compiled?
./hphp/hhvm/hhvm --version
# Install it
make install
# Final
hhvm --version

Or you can use Prebuilt Packages on Centos 7

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