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* Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
* This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
open! IStd
open! AbstractDomain.Types
module F = Format
module GlobalVar = SiofTrace.GlobalVar
module GlobalVarSet = SiofTrace.GlobalVarSet
let methods_whitelist = QualifiedCppName.Match.of_fuzzy_qual_names Config.siof_safe_methods
let is_whitelisted (pname : Procname.t) =
Procname.get_qualifiers pname |> QualifiedCppName.Match.match_qualifiers methods_whitelist
type siof_model =
{ qual_name: string (** (fuzzy) name of the method, eg "std::ios_base::Init::Init" *)
; initialized_globals: string list
(** names of variables that are guaranteed to be initialized once the method is executed, eg
["std::cerr"] *) }
let parse_siof_model (qual_name, initialized_globals) = {qual_name; initialized_globals}
let standard_streams =
[ "std::cerr"
; "std::wcerr"
; "std::cin"
; "std::wcin"
; "std::clog"
; "std::wclog"
; "std::cout"
; "std::wcout" ]
let always_initialized =
(* We model "std::ios_base::Init::Init" as initializing [standard_streams], which works if either
infer's cxx models are enabled ([Config.cxx_infer_headers]) or if the stdlib is a recent
libstdc++ (which is kind enough to create an [std::ios_base::Init] object explicitely). In
other cases, we assume they are always initialized so as not to be noisy. The issue to remove
this assumption would be to detect when <iostream> is included in a file without swapping the
C++ includes for our own. *)
if Config.siof_check_iostreams then [] else standard_streams
let models = ~f:parse_siof_model [("std::ios_base::Init::Init", standard_streams)]
let is_modelled =
let models_matcher = models ~f:(fun {qual_name} -> qual_name) |> QualifiedCppName.Match.of_fuzzy_qual_names
fun pname ->
Procname.get_qualifiers pname |> QualifiedCppName.Match.match_qualifiers models_matcher
module Payload = SummaryPayload.Make (struct
type t = SiofDomain.Summary.t
let field = Payloads.Fields.siof
module TransferFunctions (CFG : ProcCfg.S) = struct
module CFG = CFG
module Domain = SiofDomain
type extras = ProcData.no_extras
let is_compile_time_constructed summary pv =
let init_pname = Pvar.get_initializer_pname pv in
Option.bind init_pname ~f:(fun callee_pname -> ~caller_summary:summary ~callee_pname )
| Some (Bottom, _) ->
(* we analyzed the initializer for this global and found that it doesn't require any runtime
initialization so cannot participate in SIOF *)
| _ ->
let filter_global_accesses initialized =
let initialized_matcher =
Domain.VarNames.elements initialized |> QualifiedCppName.Match.of_fuzzy_qual_names
Staged.stage (fun (* gvar \notin initialized, up to some fuzzing *)
gvar ->
QualifiedCppName.of_qual_string (Pvar.to_string gvar)
|> Fn.non (QualifiedCppName.Match.match_qualifiers initialized_matcher) )
let is_not_always_initialized =
Staged.unstage (filter_global_accesses (Domain.VarNames.of_list always_initialized))
let get_globals summary e =
let is_dangerous_global pv =
Pvar.is_global pv
&& (not (Pvar.is_static_local pv))
&& (not (Pvar.is_pod pv))
&& (not (Pvar.is_compile_constant pv))
&& (not (is_compile_time_constructed summary pv))
&& is_not_always_initialized pv
Exp.program_vars e
|> Sequence.fold ~init:GlobalVarSet.empty ~f:(fun gset g ->
if is_dangerous_global g then GlobalVarSet.add g gset else gset )
let add_globals astate loc globals =
if GlobalVarSet.is_empty globals then astate
let trace = match fst astate with Bottom -> SiofTrace.bottom | NonBottom t -> t in
let is_dangerous =
(* filter out variables that are known to be already initialized *)
let initialized = snd astate in
filter_global_accesses initialized |> Staged.unstage
let trace_with_non_init_globals =
(fun global acc ->
if is_dangerous global then SiofTrace.add_sink (SiofTrace.make_access global loc) acc
else acc )
globals trace
(NonBottom trace_with_non_init_globals, snd astate)
let add_actuals_globals astate0 summary call_loc actuals =
List.fold_left actuals ~init:astate0 ~f:(fun astate (e, _) ->
get_globals summary e |> add_globals astate call_loc )
let at_least_nonbottom = Domain.join (NonBottom SiofTrace.bottom, Domain.VarNames.empty)
let exec_instr astate {ProcData.summary} _ (instr : Sil.instr) =
match instr with
| Store {e1= Lvar global; typ= Typ.{desc= Tptr _}; e2= Lvar _; loc}
when (Option.equal Procname.equal)
(Pvar.get_initializer_pname global)
(Some (Summary.get_proc_name summary)) ->
(* if we are just taking the reference of another global then we are not really accessing
it. This is a dumb heuristic as something also might take that result and then
dereference it, thus requiring the target object to be initialized. Solving this would
involve a more complicated domain and analysis.
The heuristic is limited to the case where the access sets the global being initialized
in the current variable initializer function. *)
add_globals astate loc (GlobalVarSet.singleton global)
| Load {e= exp; loc} (* dereference -> add all the dangerous variables *)
| Store {e2= exp; loc} (* except in the case above, consider all reads as dangerous *)
| Prune (exp, loc, _, _) ->
get_globals summary exp |> add_globals astate loc
| Call (_, Const (Cfun callee_pname), _, _, _) when is_whitelisted callee_pname ->
at_least_nonbottom astate
| Call (_, Const (Cfun callee_pname), _, _, _) when is_modelled callee_pname ->
let init =
List.find_map_exn models ~f:(fun {qual_name; initialized_globals} ->
QualifiedCppName.Match.of_fuzzy_qual_names [qual_name]
|> Fn.flip QualifiedCppName.Match.match_qualifiers
(Procname.get_qualifiers callee_pname)
then Some initialized_globals
else None )
Domain.join astate (NonBottom SiofTrace.bottom, Domain.VarNames.of_list init)
| Call (_, Const (Cfun (ObjC_Cpp cpp_pname as callee_pname)), _ :: actuals_without_self, loc, _)
when Procname.is_constructor callee_pname && Procname.ObjC_Cpp.is_constexpr cpp_pname ->
add_actuals_globals astate summary loc actuals_without_self
| Call (_, Const (Cfun callee_pname), actuals, loc, _) ->
let callee_astate =
match ~caller_summary:summary ~callee_pname with
| Some (NonBottom trace, initialized_by_callee) ->
let already_initialized = snd astate in
let dangerous_accesses =
SiofTrace.sinks trace
|> SiofTrace.Sinks.filter (fun sink ->
SiofTrace.Sink.kind sink
|> Staged.unstage (filter_global_accesses already_initialized) )
let callsite = CallSite.make callee_pname loc in
let sinks =
(fun access -> SiofTrace.Sink.with_callsite access callsite)
(NonBottom (SiofTrace.update_sinks trace sinks), initialized_by_callee)
| Some ((Bottom, _) as callee_astate) ->
| None ->
(Bottom, Domain.VarNames.empty)
add_actuals_globals astate summary loc actuals
|> Domain.join callee_astate
|> (* make sure it's not Bottom: we made a function call so this needs initialization *)
| Call (_, _, actuals, loc, _) ->
add_actuals_globals astate summary loc actuals
|> (* make sure it's not Bottom: we made a function call so this needs initialization *)
| Metadata _ ->
let pp_session_name _node fmt = F.pp_print_string fmt "siof"
module Analyzer = AbstractInterpreter.MakeRPO (TransferFunctions (ProcCfg.Normal))
let is_foreign current_tu v =
match Pvar.get_translation_unit v with
| Some v_tu ->
not (SourceFile.equal current_tu v_tu)
| None ->
let report_siof summary trace gname loc =
let trace_of_pname pname =
match ~caller_summary:summary ~callee_pname:pname with
| Some (NonBottom summary, _) ->
| _ ->
let report_one_path ((_, path) as trace) =
let description =
match path with
| [] ->
assert false
| (final_sink, _) :: _ ->
"Initializer of %s accesses global variable from a different translation unit: %a" gname
GlobalVar.pp (SiofTrace.Sink.kind final_sink)
let ltr = SiofTrace.trace_of_error loc gname trace in
Reporting.log_error summary ~loc ~ltr IssueType.static_initialization_order_fiasco description
let reportable_paths = SiofTrace.get_reportable_sink_paths trace ~trace_of_pname in
(* FIXME(T54950303) replace use of filtering with deduplicate *)
if Config.filtering then List.hd reportable_paths |> Option.iter ~f:report_one_path
else List.iter ~f:report_one_path reportable_paths
let siof_check gname (summary : Summary.t) =
let pdesc = Summary.get_proc_desc summary in
match summary.payloads.siof with
| Some (NonBottom post, _) ->
let attrs = Procdesc.get_attributes pdesc in
let tu =
let attrs = Procdesc.get_attributes pdesc in
let foreign_sinks =
(fun sink -> SiofTrace.Sink.kind sink |> is_foreign tu)
(SiofTrace.sinks post)
if not (SiofTrace.Sinks.is_empty foreign_sinks) then
report_siof summary
(SiofTrace.update_sinks post foreign_sinks)
gname attrs.ProcAttributes.loc
| Some (Bottom, _) | None ->
let checker {Callbacks.exe_env; summary; get_procs_in_file} : Summary.t =
let proc_desc = Summary.get_proc_desc summary in
let pname = Procdesc.get_proc_name proc_desc in
let tenv = Exe_env.get_tenv exe_env pname in
let standard_streams_initialized_in_tu =
let includes_iostream tu =
let magic_iostream_marker =
(* always [Some _] because we create a global variable with [mk_global] *)
( Pvar.mk_global ~translation_unit:tu
(* infer's C++ headers define this global variable in <iostream> *)
|> Pvar.get_initializer_pname )
get_procs_in_file pname |> List.exists ~f:(Procname.equal magic_iostream_marker)
includes_iostream (Procdesc.get_attributes proc_desc).ProcAttributes.translation_unit
let proc_data = ProcData.make_default summary tenv in
let initial =
( Bottom
, if standard_streams_initialized_in_tu then SiofDomain.VarNames.of_list standard_streams
else SiofDomain.VarNames.empty )
let updated_summary =
(* If the function is constexpr then it doesn't participate in SIOF. The checker should be able
to figure this out when analyzing the function, but we might as well use the user's
specification if it's given to us. This also serves as an optimization as this skips the
analysis of the function. *)
match pname with ObjC_Cpp cpp_pname -> Procname.ObjC_Cpp.is_constexpr cpp_pname | _ -> false
then Payload.update_summary initial summary
match Analyzer.compute_post proc_data ~initial with
| Some post ->
Payload.update_summary post summary
| None ->
( match Procname.get_global_name_of_initializer pname with
| Some gname ->
siof_check gname updated_summary
| None ->
() ) ;
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