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* Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
* This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
open! IStd
open PolyVariantEqual
module F = Format
module GlobalVar = struct
include Pvar
let matches ~caller ~callee = Pvar.equal caller callee
let pp fmt v =
F.fprintf fmt "%a|%a" Mangled.pp (Pvar.get_name v) Pvar.pp_translation_unit
(Pvar.get_translation_unit v)
module GlobalVarSet = PrettyPrintable.MakePPSet (GlobalVar)
module TraceElem = struct
module Kind = GlobalVar
type t = {site: CallSite.t; kind: [`Call | `Access] * Kind.t} [@@deriving compare]
let call_site {site} = site
let kind {kind} = snd kind
let make ?indexes:_ kind site = {kind= (`Call, kind); site}
let with_callsite {kind= _, kind} site = {kind= (`Call, kind); site}
let pp fmt {site; kind} =
F.fprintf fmt "%saccess to %a"
(match fst kind with `Call -> "indirect " | `Access -> "")
Kind.pp (snd kind) ;
match fst kind with `Call -> F.fprintf fmt " via call to %a" CallSite.pp site | `Access -> ()
module Set = PrettyPrintable.MakePPSet (struct
(* Don't use nonrec due to *)
(* type nonrec t = t [@@deriving compare]; *)
type nonrec t = t
let compare = compare
let pp = pp
include SinkTrace.Make (TraceElem)
let make_access kind loc =
let site = CallSite.make Procname.empty_block loc in
{TraceElem.kind= (`Access, kind); site}
let is_intraprocedural_access {TraceElem.kind= kind, _} = kind = `Access
let trace_of_error loc gname path =
let desc_of_sink sink =
if is_intraprocedural_access sink then Format.asprintf "%a" Sink.pp sink
let callsite = Sink.call_site sink in
Format.asprintf "call to %a" Procname.pp (CallSite.pname callsite)
let sink_should_nest sink = not (is_intraprocedural_access sink) in
let trace_elem_of_global =
Errlog.make_trace_element 0 loc (Format.asprintf "initialization of %s" gname) []
trace_elem_of_global :: to_sink_loc_trace ~desc_of_sink ~sink_should_nest path
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