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* Copyright (c) Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
* This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
open! IStd
module F = Format
module L = Logging
module MF = MarkupFormatter
module U = Utils
let dummy_constructor_annot = "__infer_is_constructor"
module Domain = AnnotationReachabilityDomain
module Payload = SummaryPayload.Make (struct
type t = Domain.t
let field = Payloads.Fields.annot_map
let is_modeled_expensive tenv = function
| Procname.Java proc_name_java as proc_name ->
(not (BuiltinDecl.is_declared proc_name))
let is_subclass =
let classname = Procname.Java.get_class_type_name proc_name_java in
PatternMatch.is_subtype_of_str tenv classname
Inferconfig.modeled_expensive_matcher is_subclass proc_name
| _ ->
let is_allocator tenv pname =
match pname with
| Procname.Java pname_java ->
let is_throwable () =
let class_name = Procname.Java.get_class_type_name pname_java in
PatternMatch.is_throwable tenv class_name
Procname.is_constructor pname
&& (not (BuiltinDecl.is_declared pname))
&& not (is_throwable ())
| _ ->
let check_attributes check tenv pname =
PatternMatch.check_class_attributes check tenv pname
|| Annotations.pname_has_return_annot pname ~attrs_of_pname:Summary.OnDisk.proc_resolve_attributes
let method_overrides is_annotated tenv pname =
PatternMatch.override_exists (fun pn -> is_annotated tenv pn) tenv pname
let method_has_annot annot tenv pname =
let has_annot ia = Annotations.ia_ends_with ia annot.Annot.class_name in
if Annotations.annot_ends_with annot dummy_constructor_annot then is_allocator tenv pname
else if Annotations.annot_ends_with annot Annotations.expensive then
check_attributes has_annot tenv pname || is_modeled_expensive tenv pname
else check_attributes has_annot tenv pname
let method_overrides_annot annot tenv pname = method_overrides (method_has_annot annot) tenv pname
let lookup_annotation_calls ~caller_summary annot pname = ~caller_summary ~callee_pname:pname
|> Option.bind ~f:(Domain.find_opt annot)
|> Option.value ~default:Domain.SinkMap.empty
let update_trace loc trace =
if Location.equal loc Location.dummy then trace
else Errlog.make_trace_element 0 loc "" [] :: trace
let string_of_pname = Procname.to_simplified_string ~withclass:true
let report_allocation_stack src_annot summary fst_call_loc trace constructor_pname call_loc =
let pname = Summary.get_proc_name summary in
let final_trace = List.rev (update_trace call_loc trace) in
let constr_str = string_of_pname constructor_pname in
let description =
Format.asprintf "Method %a annotated with %a allocates %a via %a" MF.pp_monospaced
(Procname.to_simplified_string pname)
MF.pp_monospaced ("@" ^ src_annot) MF.pp_monospaced constr_str MF.pp_monospaced
("new " ^ constr_str)
Reporting.log_error summary ~loc:fst_call_loc ~ltr:final_trace IssueType.checkers_allocates_memory
let report_annotation_stack src_annot snk_annot src_summary loc trace snk_pname call_loc =
let src_pname = Summary.get_proc_name src_summary in
if String.equal snk_annot dummy_constructor_annot then
report_allocation_stack src_annot src_summary loc trace snk_pname call_loc
let final_trace = List.rev (update_trace call_loc trace) in
let exp_pname_str = string_of_pname snk_pname in
let description =
Format.asprintf "Method %a annotated with %a calls %a where %a is annotated with %a"
(Procname.to_simplified_string src_pname)
MF.pp_monospaced ("@" ^ src_annot) MF.pp_monospaced exp_pname_str MF.pp_monospaced
exp_pname_str MF.pp_monospaced ("@" ^ snk_annot)
let issue_type =
if String.equal src_annot Annotations.performance_critical then
else IssueType.checkers_annotation_reachability_error
Reporting.log_error src_summary ~loc ~ltr:final_trace issue_type description
let report_call_stack summary end_of_stack lookup_next_calls report call_site sink_map =
let lookup_location pname =
Option.value_map ~f:Procdesc.get_loc ~default:Location.dummy (Ondemand.get_proc_desc pname)
let rec loop fst_call_loc visited_pnames trace (callee_pname, call_loc) =
if end_of_stack callee_pname then report summary fst_call_loc trace callee_pname call_loc
let callee_def_loc = lookup_location callee_pname in
let next_calls = lookup_next_calls callee_pname in
let new_trace = update_trace call_loc trace |> update_trace callee_def_loc in
let unseen_callees, updated_callees =
(fun _ call_sites ((unseen, visited) as accu) ->
let call_site = Domain.CallSites.min_elt call_sites in
let p = CallSite.pname call_site in
let loc = CallSite.loc call_site in
if Procname.Set.mem p visited then accu
else ((p, loc) :: unseen, Procname.Set.add p visited)
with Caml.Not_found -> accu )
next_calls ([], visited_pnames)
List.iter ~f:(loop fst_call_loc updated_callees new_trace) unseen_callees
(fun _ call_sites ->
let fst_call_site = Domain.CallSites.min_elt call_sites in
let fst_callee_pname = CallSite.pname fst_call_site in
let fst_call_loc = CallSite.loc fst_call_site in
let start_trace = update_trace (CallSite.loc call_site) [] in
loop fst_call_loc Procname.Set.empty start_trace (fst_callee_pname, fst_call_loc)
with Caml.Not_found -> () )
let report_src_snk_path {Callbacks.exe_env; summary} sink_map snk_annot src_annot =
let proc_desc = Summary.get_proc_desc summary in
let proc_name = Procdesc.get_proc_name proc_desc in
let tenv = Exe_env.get_tenv exe_env proc_name in
let loc = Procdesc.get_loc proc_desc in
if method_overrides_annot src_annot tenv proc_name then
let f_report = report_annotation_stack src_annot.Annot.class_name snk_annot.Annot.class_name in
report_call_stack summary (method_has_annot snk_annot tenv)
(lookup_annotation_calls ~caller_summary:summary snk_annot)
f_report (CallSite.make proc_name loc) sink_map
let report_src_snk_paths proc_data annot_map src_annot_list snk_annot =
let sink_map = Domain.find snk_annot annot_map in
List.iter ~f:(report_src_snk_path proc_data sink_map snk_annot) src_annot_list
with Caml.Not_found -> ()
let annotation_of_str annot_str = {Annot.class_name= annot_str; parameters= []}
module AnnotationSpec = struct
type predicate = Tenv.t -> Procname.t -> bool
type t =
{ description: string (** for debugging *)
; source_predicate: predicate
; sink_predicate: predicate
; sanitizer_predicate: predicate
; sink_annotation: Annot.t
; report: Callbacks.proc_callback_args -> Domain.t -> unit }
(* The default sanitizer does not sanitize anything *)
let default_sanitizer _ _ = false
module StandardAnnotationSpec = struct
let from_annotations str_src_annots str_snk_annot =
let src_annots = str_src_annots ~f:annotation_of_str in
let snk_annot = annotation_of_str str_snk_annot in
let has_annot ia = Annotations.ia_ends_with ia snk_annot.Annot.class_name in
let open AnnotationSpec in
{ description= "StandardAnnotationSpec"
; source_predicate=
(fun tenv pname -> List.exists src_annots ~f:(fun a -> method_overrides_annot a tenv pname))
; sink_predicate= (fun tenv pname -> check_attributes has_annot tenv pname)
; sanitizer_predicate= default_sanitizer
; sink_annotation= snk_annot
; report=
(fun proc_data annot_map -> report_src_snk_paths proc_data annot_map src_annots snk_annot)
module CxxAnnotationSpecs = struct
let src_path_of pname =
match Ondemand.get_proc_desc pname with
| Some proc_desc ->
let loc = Procdesc.get_loc proc_desc in
SourceFile.to_string loc.file
| None ->
(* Does <str_or_prefix> equal <str> or a delimited prefix of <prefix>? *)
let prefix_match ~delim str str_or_prefix =
String.equal str str_or_prefix
|| (String.is_prefix ~prefix:str_or_prefix str && String.is_suffix ~suffix:delim str_or_prefix)
let symbol_match = prefix_match ~delim:"::"
let path_match = prefix_match ~delim:"/"
let option_name = "--annotation-reachability-cxx"
let src_option_name = "--annotation-reachability-cxx-sources"
let cxx_string_of_pname pname =
let chop_prefix s =
String.chop_prefix s ~prefix:Config.clang_inner_destructor_prefix |> Option.value ~default:s
let pname_str = Procname.to_string pname in
let i = Option.value (String.rindex pname_str ':') ~default:(-1) + 1 in
let slen = String.length pname_str in
String.sub pname_str ~pos:0 ~len:i
^ chop_prefix (String.sub pname_str ~pos:i ~len:(slen - i))
^ "()"
let debug_pred ~spec_name ~desc pred pname =
L.d_printf "%s: Checking if `%a` is a %s... " spec_name Procname.pp pname desc ;
let r = pred pname in
L.d_printf "%b %s.@." r desc ; r
let at_least_one_nonempty ~src symbols symbol_regexps paths =
if List.is_empty symbols && Option.is_none symbol_regexps && List.is_empty paths then
L.die UserError "Must specify at least one of `paths`, `symbols`, or `symbols_regexps` in %s"
let spec_from_config spec_name spec_cfg source_overrides =
let src = option_name ^ " -> " ^ spec_name in
let make_pname_pred entry ~src : Procname.t -> bool =
let symbols = U.yojson_lookup entry "symbols" ~src ~f:U.string_list_of_yojson ~default:[] in
let symbol_regexps =
U.yojson_lookup entry "symbol_regexps" ~src ~default:None ~f:(fun json ~src ->
U.string_list_of_yojson json ~src |> String.concat ~sep:"\\|" |> Str.regexp
|> Option.some )
let paths = U.yojson_lookup entry "paths" ~src ~f:U.string_list_of_yojson ~default:[] in
at_least_one_nonempty ~src symbols symbol_regexps paths ;
let sym_pred pname_string = List.exists ~f:(symbol_match pname_string) symbols in
let sym_regexp_pred pname_string =
match symbol_regexps with
| None ->
| Some regexp ->
Str.string_match regexp pname_string 0
let path_pred pname = List.exists ~f:(path_match (src_path_of pname)) paths in
fun pname ->
let pname_string = Procname.to_string pname in
sym_pred pname_string || sym_regexp_pred pname_string || path_pred pname
let sources, sources_src =
if List.length source_overrides > 0 then (source_overrides, src_option_name)
( U.yojson_lookup spec_cfg "sources" ~src ~f:U.assoc_of_yojson ~default:[]
, src ^ " -> sources" )
let src_name = spec_name ^ "-source" in
let src_desc =
U.yojson_lookup sources "desc" ~src:sources_src ~f:U.string_of_yojson ~default:src_name
let src_pred pname =
make_pname_pred sources ~src:sources_src pname
match pname with
| Procname.ObjC_Cpp cname ->
not (Procname.ObjC_Cpp.is_inner_destructor cname)
| _ ->
let src_pred = debug_pred ~spec_name ~desc:"source" src_pred in
let sinks = U.yojson_lookup spec_cfg "sinks" ~src ~f:U.assoc_of_yojson ~default:[] in
let sinks_src = src ^ " -> sinks" in
let snk_name = spec_name ^ "-sink" in
let snk_desc =
U.yojson_lookup sinks "desc" ~src:sinks_src ~f:U.string_of_yojson ~default:snk_name
let snk_pred = make_pname_pred sinks ~src:sinks_src in
let snk_pred = debug_pred ~spec_name ~desc:"sink" snk_pred in
let overrides =
U.yojson_lookup sinks "overrides" ~src:sinks_src ~f:U.assoc_of_yojson ~default:[]
let sanitizer_pred =
if List.is_empty overrides then fun _ -> false
else make_pname_pred overrides ~src:(sinks_src ^ " -> overrides")
let sanitizer_pred = debug_pred ~spec_name ~desc:"sanitizer" sanitizer_pred in
let call_str = "\n -> " in
let report_cxx_annotation_stack src_summary loc trace snk_pname call_loc =
let src_pname = Summary.get_proc_name src_summary in
let final_trace = List.rev (update_trace call_loc trace) in
let snk_pname_str = cxx_string_of_pname snk_pname in
let src_pname_str = cxx_string_of_pname src_pname in
let description =
Format.asprintf "%s can reach %s:\n %s%s%s\n" src_desc snk_desc src_pname_str call_str
let issue_type =
let doc_url =
Option.value_map ~default:""
~f:(U.string_of_yojson ~src:(src ^ " -> doc_url"))
(List.Assoc.find ~equal:String.equal spec_cfg "doc_url")
let linters_def_file = Option.value_map ~default:"" Config.inferconfig_file in
IssueType.register_from_string spec_name ~doc_url ~linters_def_file
Reporting.log_error src_summary ~loc ~ltr:final_trace issue_type description
let snk_annot = annotation_of_str snk_name in
let report proc_data annot_map =
let proc_desc = Summary.get_proc_desc proc_data.Callbacks.summary in
let proc_name = Procdesc.get_proc_name proc_desc in
if src_pred proc_name then
let loc = Procdesc.get_loc proc_desc in
let sink_map = Domain.find snk_annot annot_map in
report_call_stack proc_data.Callbacks.summary snk_pred
(lookup_annotation_calls ~caller_summary:proc_data.Callbacks.summary snk_annot)
report_cxx_annotation_stack (CallSite.make proc_name loc) sink_map
with Caml.Not_found -> ()
{ AnnotationSpec.description= Printf.sprintf "CxxAnnotationSpecs %s from config" spec_name
; source_predicate= (fun _ pname -> src_pred pname) (* not used! *)
; sink_predicate= (fun _ pname -> snk_pred pname)
; sanitizer_predicate= (fun _ pname -> sanitizer_pred pname)
; sink_annotation= snk_annot
; report }
let annotation_reachability_cxx =
U.assoc_of_yojson Config.annotation_reachability_cxx ~src:option_name
let annotation_reachability_cxx_sources =
U.assoc_of_yojson Config.annotation_reachability_cxx_sources ~src:src_option_name
let from_config () : 'AnnotationSpec list =
~f:(fun (spec_name, spec_cfg) ->
let src = option_name ^ " -> " ^ spec_name in
spec_from_config spec_name (U.assoc_of_yojson spec_cfg ~src)
annotation_reachability_cxx_sources )
module NoAllocationAnnotationSpec = struct
let no_allocation_annot = annotation_of_str Annotations.no_allocation
let constructor_annot = annotation_of_str dummy_constructor_annot
let spec =
let open AnnotationSpec in
{ description= "NoAllocationAnnotationSpec"
; source_predicate= (fun tenv pname -> method_overrides_annot no_allocation_annot tenv pname)
; sink_predicate= (fun tenv pname -> is_allocator tenv pname)
; sanitizer_predicate=
(fun tenv pname -> check_attributes Annotations.ia_is_ignore_allocations tenv pname)
; sink_annotation= constructor_annot
; report=
(fun proc_data annot_map ->
report_src_snk_paths proc_data annot_map [no_allocation_annot] constructor_annot ) }
module ExpensiveAnnotationSpec = struct
let performance_critical_annot = annotation_of_str Annotations.performance_critical
let expensive_annot = annotation_of_str Annotations.expensive
let is_expensive tenv pname = check_attributes Annotations.ia_is_expensive tenv pname
let method_is_expensive tenv pname = is_modeled_expensive tenv pname || is_expensive tenv pname
let check_expensive_subtyping_rules {Callbacks.exe_env; summary} overridden_pname =
let proc_desc = Summary.get_proc_desc summary in
let proc_name = Procdesc.get_proc_name proc_desc in
let tenv = Exe_env.get_tenv exe_env proc_name in
let loc = Procdesc.get_loc proc_desc in
if not (method_is_expensive tenv overridden_pname) then
let description =
Format.asprintf "Method %a overrides unannotated method %a and cannot be annotated with %a"
MF.pp_monospaced (Procname.to_string proc_name) MF.pp_monospaced
(Procname.to_string overridden_pname)
MF.pp_monospaced ("@" ^ Annotations.expensive)
Reporting.log_error summary ~loc IssueType.checkers_expensive_overrides_unexpensive
let spec =
let open AnnotationSpec in
{ description= "ExpensiveAnnotationSpec"
; source_predicate= is_expensive
; sink_predicate=
(fun tenv pname ->
let has_annot ia = Annotations.ia_ends_with ia expensive_annot.class_name in
check_attributes has_annot tenv pname || is_modeled_expensive tenv pname )
; sanitizer_predicate= default_sanitizer
; sink_annotation= expensive_annot
; report=
(fun ({Callbacks.exe_env; summary} as proc_data) astate ->
let proc_desc = Summary.get_proc_desc summary in
let proc_name = Procdesc.get_proc_name proc_desc in
let tenv = Exe_env.get_tenv exe_env proc_name in
if is_expensive tenv proc_name then
PatternMatch.override_iter (check_expensive_subtyping_rules proc_data) tenv proc_name ;
report_src_snk_paths proc_data astate [performance_critical_annot] expensive_annot ) }
(* parse user-defined specs from .inferconfig *)
let parse_user_defined_specs = function
| `List user_specs ->
let parse_user_spec json =
let open Yojson.Basic in
let sources = Util.member "sources" json |> Util.to_list |> ~f:Util.to_string in
let sinks = Util.member "sink" json |> Util.to_string in
(sources, sinks)
in ~f:parse_user_spec user_specs
| _ ->
let annot_specs =
let user_defined_specs =
parse_user_defined_specs Config.annotation_reachability_custom_pairs
|> ~f:(fun (str_src_annots, str_snk_annot) ->
StandardAnnotationSpec.from_annotations str_src_annots str_snk_annot )
let open Annotations in
let cannot_call_ui_annots = [any_thread; worker_thread] in
let cannot_call_non_ui_annots = [any_thread; mainthread; ui_thread] in
[ (Language.Clang, CxxAnnotationSpecs.from_config ())
; ( Language.Java
, ExpensiveAnnotationSpec.spec :: NoAllocationAnnotationSpec.spec
:: StandardAnnotationSpec.from_annotations cannot_call_ui_annots ui_thread
:: StandardAnnotationSpec.from_annotations cannot_call_ui_annots mainthread
:: StandardAnnotationSpec.from_annotations cannot_call_non_ui_annots worker_thread
:: user_defined_specs ) ]
let get_annot_specs pname =
let language =
match pname with
| Procname.Java _ ->
| Procname.ObjC_Cpp _ | Procname.C _ | Procname.Block _ ->
| _ ->
L.die InternalError "Cannot find language for proc %s" (Procname.to_string pname)
List.Assoc.find_exn ~equal:Language.equal annot_specs language
module TransferFunctions (CFG : ProcCfg.S) = struct
module CFG = CFG
module Domain = Domain
type extras = AnnotationSpec.t list
let is_sink tenv (spec : AnnotationSpec.t) ~caller_pname ~callee_pname =
spec.sink_predicate tenv callee_pname
&& (not (spec.sanitizer_predicate tenv callee_pname))
&& not (spec.sanitizer_predicate tenv caller_pname)
let check_call tenv ~caller_pname ~callee_pname call_site astate specs =
List.fold ~init:astate specs ~f:(fun astate (spec : AnnotationSpec.t) ->
if is_sink tenv spec ~caller_pname ~callee_pname then (
L.d_printfln "%s: Adding sink call `%a -> %a`" spec.description Procname.pp caller_pname
Procname.pp callee_pname ;
Domain.add_call_site spec.sink_annotation callee_pname call_site astate )
else astate )
let merge_callee_map call_site summary ~caller_pname ~callee_pname tenv specs astate =
match ~caller_summary:summary ~callee_pname with
| None ->
| Some callee_call_map ->
L.d_printf "Applying summary for `%a`@\n" Procname.pp callee_pname ;
let add_call_site annot sink calls astate =
if Domain.CallSites.is_empty calls then astate
(* Add the sink to the current state only if the caller pname is not a sanitizer for
that sink. Ideally we would check only the spec that was responsible for adding the
sink but it is not obvious how to link back from annot to specs. Instead see if one
of the specs thinks that this sink is indeed a sink. *)
List.fold ~init:astate specs ~f:(fun astate (spec : AnnotationSpec.t) ->
if is_sink tenv spec ~caller_pname ~callee_pname:sink then (
L.d_printf "%s: Adding sink call from `%a`'s summary `%a -> %a`@\n"
spec.description Procname.pp callee_pname Procname.pp caller_pname Procname.pp
sink ;
Domain.add_call_site annot sink call_site astate )
else astate )
(fun annot sink_map astate -> Domain.SinkMap.fold (add_call_site annot) sink_map astate)
callee_call_map astate
let exec_instr astate {ProcData.summary; tenv; ProcData.extras} _ = function
| Sil.Call (_, Const (Cfun callee_pname), _, call_loc, _) ->
let caller_pname = Summary.get_proc_name summary in
let call_site = CallSite.make callee_pname call_loc in
check_call tenv ~callee_pname ~caller_pname call_site astate extras
|> merge_callee_map call_site summary ~callee_pname ~caller_pname tenv extras
| _ ->
let pp_session_name _node fmt = F.pp_print_string fmt "annotation reachability"
module Analyzer = AbstractInterpreter.MakeRPO (TransferFunctions (ProcCfg.Exceptional))
let checker ({Callbacks.exe_env; summary} as callback) : Summary.t =
let proc_name = Summary.get_proc_name summary in
let tenv = Exe_env.get_tenv exe_env proc_name in
let initial = Domain.empty in
let specs = get_annot_specs proc_name in
let proc_data = ProcData.make summary tenv specs in
match Analyzer.compute_post proc_data ~initial with
| Some annot_map ->
List.iter specs ~f:(fun spec -> callback annot_map) ;
Payload.update_summary annot_map summary
| None ->
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