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  • [babel-jest] Make getCacheKey() take into account createTransformer options (#6699)
  • [docs] Fix contributors link (#6711)



  • [jest-cli] Watch plugins now have access to a broader range of global configuration options in their updateConfigAndRun callbacks, so they can provide a wider set of extra features (#6473)
  • [jest-snapshot] babel-traverse is now passed to jest-snapshot explicitly to avoid unnecessary requires in every test


  • [jest-haste-map] Optimize watchman crawler by using glob on initial query (#6689)



  • [jest-haste-map] Add computeDependencies flag to avoid opening files if not needed (#6667)
  • [jest-runtime] Support require.resolve.paths (#6471)
  • [jest-runtime] Support paths option for require.resolve (#6471)


  • [jest-runner] Force parallel runs for watch mode, to avoid TTY freeze (#6647)
  • [jest-cli] properly reprint resolver errors in watch mode (#6407)
  • [jest-cli] Write configuration to stdout when the option was explicitly passed to Jest (#6447)
  • [jest-cli] Fix regression on non-matching suites (6657)
  • [jest-runtime] Roll back micromatch version to prevent regression when matching files (#6661)



  • [jest-cli] Allow watch plugin to be configured (#6603)
  • [jest-snapshot] Introduce toMatchInlineSnapshot and toThrowErrorMatchingInlineSnapshot matchers (#6380)


  • [jest-regex-util] Improve handling already escaped path separators on Windows (#6523)
  • [jest-cli] Fix testNamePattern value with interactive snapshots (#6579)
  • [jest-cli] Fix enter to interrupt watch mode (#6601)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [website] Switch domain to (#6549)
  • [tests] Improve stability of yarn test on Windows (#6534)
  • [*] Transpile object shorthand into Node 4 compatible syntax (#6582)
  • [*] Update all legacy links to (#6622)
  • [docs] Add docs for 23.1, 23.2, and 23.3 (#6623)
  • [website] Only test/deploy website if relevant files are changed (#6626)
  • [docs] Describe behavior of resetModules option when set to false (#6641)



  • [jest-each] Add support for keyPaths in test titles (#6457)
  • [jest-cli] Add jest --init option that generates a basic configuration file with a short description for each option (#6442)
  • [jest.retryTimes] Add jest.retryTimes() option that allows failed tests to be retried n-times when using jest-circus. (#6498)


  • [jest-cli] Add check to make sure one or more tests have run before notifying when using --notify (#6495)
  • [jest-cli] Pass globalConfig as a parameter to globalSetup and globalTeardown functions (#6486)
  • [jest-config] Add missing options to the defaults object (#6428)
  • [expect] Using symbolic property names in arrays no longer causes the toEqual matcher to fail (#6391)
  • [expect] toEqual no longer tries to compare non-enumerable symbolic properties, to be consistent with non-symbolic properties. (#6398)
  • [jest-util] console.timeEnd now properly log elapsed time in milliseconds. (#6456)
  • [jest-mock] Fix MockNativeMethods access in react-native jest.mock() (#6505)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Add jest-each docs for 1 dimensional arrays (#6444)



  • [jest-each] Add pretty-format serialising to each titles (#6357)
  • [jest-cli] shouldRunTestSuite watch hook now receives an object with config, testPath and duration (#6350)
  • [jest-each] Support one dimensional array of data (#6351)
  • [jest-watch] create new package jest-watch to ease custom watch plugin development (#6318)
  • [jest-circus] Make hooks in empty describe blocks error (#6320)
  • Add a config/CLI option errorOnDeprecated which makes calling deprecated APIs throw hepful error messages (#6339)


  • [jest-each] Fix pluralising missing arguments error (#6369)
  • [jest-each] Stop test title concatenating extra args (#6346)
  • [expect] toHaveBeenNthCalledWith/nthCalledWith gives wrong call messages if not matched (#6340)
  • [jest-each] Make sure invalid arguments to each points back to the user's code (#6347)
  • [expect] toMatchObject throws TypeError when a source property is null (#6313)
  • [jest-cli] Normalize slashes in paths in CLI output on Windows (#6310)
  • [jest-cli] Fix run beforeAll in excluded suites tests" mode. (#6234)
  • [jest-haste-map] Compute SHA-1s for non-tracked files when using Node crawler (#6264)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Improve documentation of mockClear, mockReset, and mockRestore (#6227)
  • [jest-circus] Add dependency on jest-each (#6309)
  • [jest-each] Refactor each to use shared implementation with core (#6345)
  • [jest-each] Update jest-each docs for serialising values into titles (#6337)
  • [jest-circus] Add dependency on jest-each (#6309)
  • [filenames] Rename "integration-tests" to "e2e" (#6315)
  • [docs] Mention the use of commit hash with --changedSince flag (#6330)


Chore & Maintenance

  • [jest-jasemine2] Add dependency on jest-each (#6308)
  • [jest-each] Move jest-each into core Jest (#6278)
  • [examples] Update typescript example to using ts-jest (#6260)


  • [pretty-format] Serialize inverse asymmetric matchers correctly (#6272)



  • [expect] Expose getObjectSubset, iterableEquality, and subsetEquality (#6210)
  • [jest-snapshot] Add snapshot property matchers (#6210)
  • [jest-config] Support jest-preset.js files within Node modules (#6185)
  • [jest-cli] Add --detectOpenHandles flag which enables Jest to potentially track down handles keeping it open after tests are complete. (#6130)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Add data driven testing based on jest-each (#6102)
  • [jest-matcher-utils] Change "suggest to equal" message to be more advisory (#6103)
  • [jest-message-util] Don't ignore messages with vendor anymore (#6117)
  • [jest-validate] Get rid of jest-config dependency (#6067)
  • [jest-validate] Adds option to inject deprecationEntries (#6067)
  • [jest-snapshot] [BREAKING] Concatenate name of test, optional snapshot name and count (#6015)
  • [jest-runtime] Allow for transform plugins to skip the definition process method if createTransformer method was defined. (#5999)
  • [expect] Add stack trace for async errors (#6008)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Add stack trace for timeouts (#6008)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Add stack trace for thrown non-Errors (#6008)
  • [jest-runtime] Prevent modules from marking themselves as their own parent (#5235)
  • [jest-mock] Add support for auto-mocking generator functions (#5983)
  • [expect] Add support for async matchers  (#5919)
  • [expect] Suggest toContainEqual (#5948)
  • [jest-config] Export Jest's default options (#5948)
  • [jest-editor-support] Move coverage to ProjectWorkspace.collectCoverage (#5929)
  • [jest-editor-support] Add coverage option to runner (#5836)
  • [jest-haste-map] Support extracting dynamic imports (#5883)
  • [expect] Improve output format for mismatchedArgs in mock/spy calls. (#5846)
  • [jest-cli] Add support for using --coverage in combination with watch mode, --onlyChanged, --findRelatedTests and more (#5601)
  • [jest-jasmine2] [BREAKING] Adds error throwing and descriptive errors to it/ test for invalid arguments. [jest-circus] Adds error throwing and descriptive errors to it/ test for invalid arguments (#5558)
  • [jest-matcher-utils] Add isNot option to matcherHint function (#5512)
  • [jest-config] Add <rootDir> to runtime files not found error report (#5693)
  • [expect] Make toThrow matcher pass only if Error object is returned from promises (#5670)
  • [expect] Add isError to utils (#5670)
  • [expect] Add inverse matchers (expect.not.arrayContaining, etc., #5517)
  • [expect] expect.extend now also extends asymmetric matchers (#5503)
  • [jest-mock] Update spyOnProperty to support spying on the prototype chain (#5753)
  • [jest-mock] Add tracking of return values in the mock property (#5752)
  • [jest-mock] Add tracking of thrown errors in the mock property (#5764)
  • [expect]Add nthCalledWith spy matcher (#5605)
  • [jest-cli] Add isSerial property that runners can expose to specify that they can not run in parallel (#5706)
  • [expect] Add .toBeCalledTimes and toHaveBeenNthCalledWith aliases (#5826)
  • [jest-cli] Interactive Snapshot Mode improvements (#5864)
  • [jest-editor-support] Add no-color option to runner (#5909)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Pretty-print non-Error object errors (#5980)
  • [jest-message-util] Include column in stack frames (#5889)
  • [expect] Introduce toStrictEqual (#6032)
  • [expect] Add return matchers (#5879)
  • [jest-cli] Improve snapshot summaries (#6181)
  • [expect] Include custom mock names in error messages (#6199)
  • [jest-diff] Support returning diff from oneline strings (#6221)
  • [expect] Improve return matchers (#6172)
  • [jest-cli] Overhaul watch plugin hooks names (#6249)
  • [jest-mock] Include tracked call results in serialized mock (#6244)


  • [jest-cli] Fix stdin encoding to utf8 for watch plugins. (#6253)
  • [expect] Better detection of DOM Nodes for equality (#6246)
  • [jest-cli] Fix misleading action description for F key when in "only failed tests" mode. (#6167)
  • [jest-worker] Stick calls to workers before processing them (#6073)
  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Allow using console global variable (#6075)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Always remove node core message from assert stack traces (#6055)
  • [expect] Add stack trace when expect.assertions and expect.hasAssertions causes test failures. (#5997)
  • [jest-runtime] Throw a more useful error when trying to require modules after the test environment is torn down (#5888)
  • [jest-mock] [BREAKING] Replace timestamps with invocationCallOrder (#5867)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Install sourcemap-support into normal runtime to catch runtime errors (#5945)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Added assertion error handling inside afterAll hook (#5884)
  • [jest-cli] Remove the notifier actions in case of failure when not in watch mode. (#5861)
  • [jest-mock] Extend .toHaveBeenCalled return message with outcome (#5951)
  • [jest-runner] Assign process.env.JEST_WORKER_ID="1" when in runInBand mode (#5860)
  • [jest-cli] Add descriptive error message when trying to use globalSetup/globalTeardown file that doesn't export a function. (#5835)
  • [expect] Do not rely on instanceof RegExp, since it will not work for RegExps created inside of a different VM (#5729)
  • [jest-resolve] Update node module resolution algorithm to correctly handle symlinked paths (#5085)
  • [jest-editor-support] Update Settings to use spawn in shell option (#5658)
  • [jest-cli] Improve the error message when 2 projects resolve to the same config (#5674)
  • [jest-runtime] remove retainLines from coverage instrumentation (#5692)
  • [jest-cli] Fix update snapshot issue when using watchAll (#5696)
  • [expect] Fix rejects.not matcher (#5670)
  • [jest-runtime] Prevent Babel warnings on large files (#5702)
  • [jest-mock] Prevent mockRejectedValue from causing unhandled rejection (#5720)
  • [pretty-format] Handle React fragments better (#5816)
  • [pretty-format] Handle formatting of React.forwardRef and Context components (#6093)
  • [jest-cli] Switch collectCoverageFrom back to a string (#5914)
  • [jest-regex-util] Fix handling regex symbols in tests path on Windows (#5941)
  • [jest-util] Fix handling of NaN/Infinity in mock timer delay (#5966)
  • [jest-resolve] Generalise test for package main entries equivalent to ".". (#5968)
  • [jest-config] Ensure that custom resolvers are used when resolving the configuration (#5976)
  • [website] Fix website docs (#5853)
  • [expect] Fix isEqual Set and Map to compare object values and keys regardless of order (#6150)
  • [pretty-format] [BREAKING] Remove undefined props from React elements (#6162)
  • [jest-haste-map] Properly resolve mocked node modules without package.json defined (#6232)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [jest-runner] Move sourcemap installation from jest-jasmine2 to jest-runner (#6176)
  • [jest-cli] Use yargs's built-in version instead of rolling our own (#6215)
  • [docs] Add explanation on how to mock methods not implemented in JSDOM
  • [jest-jasmine2] Simplify Env.execute and TreeProcessor to setup and clean resources for the top suite the same way as for all of the children suites (#5885)
  • [babel-jest] [BREAKING] Always return object from transformer (#5991)
  • [*] Run Prettier on compiled output (#5858)
  • [jest-cli] Add fileChange hook for plugins (#5708)
  • [docs] Add docs on using jest.mock(...) (#5648)
  • [docs] Mention Jest Puppeteer Preset (#5722)
  • [docs] Add jest-community section to website (#5675)
  • [docs] Add versioned docs for v22.4 (#5733)
  • [docs] Improve Snapshot Testing Guide (#5812)
  • [jest-runtime] [BREAKING] Remove jest.genMockFn and jest.genMockFunction (#6173)
  • [jest-message-util] Avoid adding unnecessary indent to blank lines in stack traces (#6211)



  • [jest-haste-map] Recreate Haste map when deserialization fails (#5642)



  • [jest-haste-map] Parallelize Watchman calls in crawler (#5640)
  • [jest-editor-support] Update TypeScript definitions (#5625)
  • [babel-jest] Remove retainLines argument to babel. (#5594)


  • [jest-runtime] Provide require.main property set to module with test suite (#5618)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Add note about Node version support (#5622)
  • [docs] Update to use yarn (#5624)
  • [docs] Add how to mock scoped modules to Manual Mocks doc (#5638)



  • [jest-haste-map] Overhauls how Watchman crawler works fixing Windows (#5615)
  • [expect] Allow matching of Errors against plain objects (#5611)
  • [jest-haste-map] Do not read binary files in Haste, even when instructed to do so (#5612)
  • [jest-cli] Don't skip matchers for exact files (#5582)
  • [docs] Update discord links (#5586)
  • [jest-runtime] Align handling of testRegex on Windows between searching for tests and instrumentation checks (#5560)
  • [jest-config] Make it possible to merge transform option with preset (#5505)
  • [jest-util] Fix console.assert behavior in custom & buffered consoles (#5576)


  • [docs] Add MongoDB guide (#5571)
  • [jest-runtime] Deprecate mapCoverage option. (#5177)
  • [babel-jest] Add option to return sourcemap from the transformer separately from source. (#5177)
  • [jest-validate] Add ability to log deprecation warnings for CLI flags. (#5536)
  • [jest-serializer] Added new module for serializing. Works using V8 or JSON (#5609)
  • [docs] Add a documentation note for project displayName configuration (#5600)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Update automatic mocks documentation (#5630)

jest 22.3.0


  • [expect] Add descriptive error message to CalledWith methods when missing optional arguments (#5547)
  • [jest-cli] Fix inability to quit watch mode while debugger is still attached (#5029)
  • [jest-haste-map] Properly handle platform-specific file deletions (#5534)


  • [jest-util] Add the following methods to the "console" implementations: assert, count, countReset, dir, dirxml, group, groupCollapsed, groupEnd, time, timeEnd (#5514)
  • [docs] Add documentation for interactive snapshot mode (#5291)
  • [jest-editor-support] Add watchAll flag (#5523)
  • [jest-cli] Support multiple glob patterns for collectCoverageFrom (#5537)
  • [docs] Add versioned documentation to the website (#5541)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [jest-config] Allow <rootDir> to be used with collectCoverageFrom (#5524)
  • [filenames] Standardize files names in "integration-tests" folder (#5513)

jest 22.2.2


  • [babel-jest] Revert "Remove retainLines from babel-jest" (#5496)
  • [jest-docblock] Support multiple of the same @pragma. (#5154)


  • [jest-worker] Assign a unique id for each worker and pass it to the child process. It will be available via process.env.JEST_WORKER_ID (#5494)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [filenames] Standardize file names in root (#5500)

jest 22.2.1


  • [jest-config] "all" takes precedence over "lastCommit" (#5486)

jest 22.2.0


  • [jest-runner] Move test summary to after coverage report (#4512)
  • [jest-cli] Added --notifyMode to specify when to be notified. (#5125)
  • [diff-sequences] New package compares items in two sequences to find a longest common subsequence. (#5407)
  • [jest-matcher-utils] Add comment option to matcherHint function (#5437)
  • [jest-config] Allow lastComit and changedFilesWithAncestor via JSON config (#5476)
  • [jest-util] Add deletion to process.env as well (#5466)
  • [jest-util] Add case-insensitive getters/setters to process.env (#5465)
  • [jest-mock] Add util methods to create async functions. (#5318)


  • [jest-cli] Add trailing slash when checking root folder (#5464)
  • [jest-cli] Hide interactive mode if there are no failed snapshot tests (#5450)
  • [babel-jest] Remove retainLines from babel-jest (#5439)
  • [jest-cli] Glob patterns ignore non-require-able files (e.g. (#5199)
  • [jest-mock] Add backticks support (``) to mock a certain package via the __mocks__ folder. (#5426)
  • [jest-message-util] Prevent an ENOENT crash when the test file contained a malformed source-map. (#5405).
  • [jest] Add import-local to jest package. (#5353)
  • [expect] Support class instances in .toHaveProperty() and .toMatchObject matcher. (#5367)
  • [jest-cli] Fix npm update command for snapshot summary. (#5376, 5389)
  • [expect] Make rejects and resolves synchronously validate its argument. (#5364)
  • [docs] Add tutorial page for ES6 class mocks. (#5383)
  • [jest-resolve] Search required modules in node_modules and then in custom paths. (#5403)
  • [jest-resolve] Get builtin modules from node core. (#5411)
  • [jest-resolve] Detect and preserve absolute paths in moduleDirectories. Do not generate additional (invalid) paths by prepending each ancestor of cwd to the absolute path. Additionally, this fixes functionality in Windows OS. (#5398)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [jest-util] Implement watch plugins (#5399)

jest 22.1.4


  • [jest-util] Add "debug" method to "console" implementations (#5350)
  • [jest-resolve] Add condition to avoid infinite loop when node module package main is ".". (#5344)


  • [jest-cli] --changedSince: allow selectively running tests for code changed since arbitrary revisions. (#5312)

jest 22.1.3


  • [jest-cli] Check if the file belongs to the checked project before adding it to the list, also checking that the file name is not explicitly blacklisted (#5341)
  • [jest-editor-support] Add option to spawn command in shell (#5340)

jest 22.1.2


  • [jest-cli] Check if the file belongs to the checked project before adding it to the list (#5335)
  • [jest-cli] Fix EISDIR when a directory is passed as an argument to jest. (#5317)
  • [jest-config] Added restoreMocks config option. (#5327)

jest 22.1.1


  • [*] Move from "process.exit" to "exit. (#5313)

jest 22.1.0


  • [jest-cli] Make Jest exit without an error when no tests are found in the case of --lastCommit, --findRelatedTests, or --onlyChanged options having been passed to the CLI
  • [jest-cli] Add interactive snapshot mode (#3831)


  • [jest-cli] Use import-local to support global Jest installations. (#5304)
  • [jest-runner] Fix memory leak in coverage reporting (#5289)
  • [docs] Update mention of the minimal version of node supported (#4947)
  • [jest-cli] Fix missing newline in console message (#5308)
  • [jest-cli] --lastCommit and --changedFilesWithAncestor now take effect even when --onlyChanged is not specified. (#5307)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [filenames] Standardize folder names under integration-tests/ (#5298)

jest 22.0.6


  • [jest-jasmine2] Fix memory leak in snapshot reporting (#5279)
  • [jest-config] Fix breaking change in --testPathPattern (#5269)
  • [docs] Document caveat with mocks, Enzyme, snapshots and React 16 (#5258)

jest 22.0.5


  • [jest-leak-detector] Removed the reference to weak. Now, parent projects must install it by hand for the module to work.
  • [expect] Fail test when the types of stringContaining and stringMatching matchers do not match. (#5069)
  • [jest-cli] Treat dumb terminals as noninteractive (#5237)
  • [jest-cli] jest --onlyChanged --changedFilesWithAncestor now also works with git. (#5189)
  • [jest-config] fix unexpected condition to avoid infinite recursion in Windows platform. (#5161)
  • [jest-config] Escape parentheses and other glob characters in rootDir before interpolating with testMatch. (#4838)
  • [jest-regex-util] Fix breaking change in --testPathPattern (#5230)
  • [expect] Do not override Error stack (with Error.captureStackTrace) for custom matchers. (#5162)
  • [pretty-format] Pretty format for DOMStringMap and NamedNodeMap (#5233)
  • [jest-cli] Use a better console-clearing string on Windows (#5251)


  • [jest-jasmine] Allowed classes and functions as describe names. (#5154)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Support generator functions as specs. (#5166)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Allow spyOn with getters and setters. (#5107)
  • [jest-config] Allow configuration objects inside projects array (#5176)
  • [expect] Add support to .toHaveProperty matcher to accept the keyPath argument as an array of properties/indices. (#5220)
  • [docs] Add documentation for .toHaveProperty matcher to accept the keyPath argument as an array of properties/indices. (#5220)
  • [jest-runner] test environments are now passed a new options parameter. Currently this only has the console which is the test console that Jest will expose to tests. (#5223)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] pass the options.console to a custom instance of virtualConsole so jsdom is using the same console as the test. (#5223)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Describe the order of execution of describe and test blocks. (#5217, #5238)
  • [docs] Add a note on moduleNameMapper ordering. (#5249)

jest 22.0.4


  • [jest-cli] New line before quitting watch mode. (#5158)


  • [babel-jest] moduleFileExtensions not passed to babel transformer. (#5110)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [*] Tweaks to better support Node 4 (#5142)

jest 22.0.2 && 22.0.3

Chore & Maintenance

  • [*] Tweaks to better support Node 4 (#5134)

jest 22.0.1


  • [jest-runtime] fix error for test files providing coverage. (#5117)


  • [jest-config] Add forceCoverageMatch to allow collecting coverage from ignored files. (#5081)

jest 22.0.0


  • [jest-resolve] Use module.builtinModules as BUILTIN_MODULES when it exists
  • [jest-worker] Remove debug and inspect flags from the arguments sent to the child (#5068)
  • [jest-config] Use all --testPathPattern and <regexForTestFiles> args in testPathPattern (#5066)
  • [jest-cli] Do not support --watch inside non-version-controlled environments (#5060)
  • [jest-config] Escape Windows path separator in testPathPattern CLI arguments (#5054
  • [jest-jasmine] Register sourcemaps as node environment to improve performance with jsdom (#5045)
  • [pretty-format] Do not call toJSON recursively (#5044)
  • [pretty-format] Fix errors when identity-obj-proxy mocks CSS Modules (#4935)
  • [babel-jest] Fix support for namespaced babel version 7 (#4918)
  • [expect] fix .toThrow for promises (#4884)
  • [jest-docblock] pragmas should preserve urls (#4837)
  • [jest-cli] Check if npm_lifecycle_script calls Jest directly (#4629)
  • [jest-cli] Fix --showConfig to show all configs (#4494)
  • [jest-cli] Throw if maxWorkers doesn't have a value (#4591)
  • [jest-cli] Use fs.realpathSync.native if available (#5031)
  • [jest-config] Fix --passWithNoTests (#4639)
  • [jest-config] Support rootDir tag in testEnvironment (#4579)
  • [jest-editor-support] Fix --showConfig to support jest 20 and jest 21 (#4575)
  • [jest-editor-support] Fix editor support test for node 4 (#4640)
  • [jest-mock] Support mocking constructor in mockImplementationOnce (#4599)
  • [jest-runtime] Fix manual user mocks not working with custom resolver (#4489)
  • [jest-util] Fix runOnlyPendingTimers for setTimeout inside setImmediate (#4608)
  • [jest-message-util] Always remove node internals from stacktraces (#4695)
  • [jest-resolve] changes method of determining builtin modules to include missing builtins (#4740)
  • [pretty-format] Prevent error in pretty-format for window in jsdom test env (#4750)
  • [jest-resolve] Preserve module identity for symlinks (#4761)
  • [jest-config] Include error message for preset json (#4766)
  • [pretty-format] Throw PrettyFormatPluginError if a plugin halts with an exception (#4787)
  • [expect] Keep the stack trace unchanged when PrettyFormatPluginError is thrown by pretty-format (#4787)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] Fix asynchronous test will fail due to timeout issue. (#4669)
  • [jest-cli] Fix --onlyChanged path case sensitivity on Windows platform (#4730)
  • [jest-runtime] Use realpath to match transformers (#5000)
  • [expect] [BREAKING] Replace identity equality with in toBe matcher (#4917)


  • [jest-message-util] Add codeframe to test assertion failures (#5087)
  • [jest-config] Add Global Setup/Teardown options (#4716)
  • [jest-config] Add testEnvironmentOptions to apply to jsdom options or node context. (#5003)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Update Timeout error message to jest.timeout and display current timeout value (#4990)
  • [jest-runner] Enable experimental detection of leaked contexts (#4895)
  • [jest-cli] Add combined coverage threshold for directories. (#4885)
  • [jest-mock] Add timestamps to mock state. (#4866)
  • [eslint-plugin-jest] Add prefer-to-have-length lint rule. (#4771)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] [BREAKING] Upgrade to JSDOM@11 (#4770)
  • [jest-environment-*] [BREAKING] Add Async Test Environment APIs, dispose is now teardown (#4506)
  • [jest-cli] Add an option to clear the cache (#4430)
  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Improve error message, that the second argument of jest.mock must be an inline function (#4593)
  • [jest-snapshot] [BREAKING] Concatenate name of test and snapshot (#4460)
  • [jest-cli] [BREAKING] Fail if no tests are found (#3672)
  • [jest-diff] Highlight only last of odd length leading spaces (#4558)
  • [jest-docblock] Add docblock.print() (#4517)
  • [jest-docblock] Add strip (#4571)
  • [jest-docblock] Preserve leading whitespace in docblock comments (#4576)
  • [jest-docblock] remove leading newlines from parswWithComments().comments (#4610)
  • [jest-editor-support] Add Snapshots metadata (#4570)
  • [jest-editor-support] Adds an 'any' to the typedef for updateFileWithJestStatus (#4636)
  • [jest-editor-support] Better monorepo support (#4572)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] Add simple rAF polyfill in jsdom environment to work with React 16 (#4568)
  • [jest-environment-node] Implement node Timer api (#4622)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Add testPath to reporter callbacks (#4594)
  • [jest-mock] Added support for naming mocked functions with .mockName(value) and .mockGetName() (#4586)
  • [jest-runtime] Add module.loaded, and make module.require not enumerable (#4623)
  • [jest-runtime] Add module.parent (#4614)
  • [jest-runtime] Support sourcemaps in transformers (#3458)
  • [jest-snapshot] [BREAKING] Add a serializer for jest.fn to allow a snapshot of a jest mock (#4668)
  • [jest-worker] Initial version of parallel worker abstraction, say hello! (#4497)
  • [jest-jasmine2] Add testLocationInResults flag to add location information per spec to test results (#4782)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] Update JSOM to 11.4, which includes built-in support for requestAnimationFrame (#4919)
  • [jest-cli] Hide watch usage output when running on non-interactive environments (#4958)
  • [jest-snapshot] Promises support for toThrowErrorMatchingSnapshot (#4946)
  • [jest-cli] Explain which snapshots are obsolete (#5005)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Add guide of using with puppeteer (#5093)
  • [jest-util] jest-util should not depend on jest-mock (#4992)
  • [*] [BREAKING] Drop support for Node.js version 4 (#4769)
  • [docs] Wrap code comments at 80 characters (#4781)
  • [eslint-plugin-jest] Removed from the Jest core repo, and moved to (#4867)
  • [babel-jest] Explicitly bump istanbul to newer versions (#4616)
  • [expect] Upgrade mocha and rollup for browser testing (#4642)
  • [docs] Add info about coveragePathIgnorePatterns (#4602)
  • [docs] Add Vuejs series of testing with Jest (#4648)
  • [docs] Mention about optional done argument in test function (#4556)
  • [jest-cli] Bump node-notifier version (#4609)
  • [jest-diff] Simplify highlight for leading and trailing spaces (#4553)
  • [jest-get-type] Add support for date (#4621)
  • [jest-matcher-utils] Call chalk.inverse for trailing spaces (#4578)
  • [jest-runtime] Add .advanceTimersByTime; keep .runTimersToTime() as an alias.
  • [docs] Include missing dependency in TestEnvironment sample code
  • [docs] Add clarification for hook execution order
  • [docs] Update expect.anything() sample code (#5007)

jest 21.2.1

  • Fix watchAll not running tests on save (#4550)
  • Add missing escape sequences to ConvertAnsi plugin (#4544)

jest 21.2.0

  • 🃏 Change license from BSD+Patents to MIT.
  • Allow eslint-plugin to recognize more disabled tests (#4533)
  • Add babel-plugin for object spread syntax to babel-preset-jest (#4519)
  • Display outer element and trailing newline consistently in jest-diff (#4520)
  • Do not modify stack trace of JestAssertionError (#4516)
  • Print errors after test structure in verbose mode (#4504)
  • Fix --silent --verbose problem (#4505)
  • Fix: Reset local state of assertions when using hasAssertions (#4498)
  • jest-resolve: Prevent default resolver failure when potential resolution directory does not exist (#4483)

jest 21.1.0

  • (minor) Use ES module exports (#4454)
  • Allow chaining mockClear and mockReset (#4475)
  • Call jest-diff and pretty-format more precisely in toHaveProperty matcher (#4445)
  • Expose restoreAllMocks to object (#4463)
  • Fix function name cleaning when making mock fn (#4464)
  • Fix Map/Set equality checker (#4404)
  • Make FUNCTION_NAME_RESERVED_PATTERN stateless (#4466)

jest 21.0.2

  • Take precedence of NODE_PATH when resolving node_modules directories (#4453)
  • Fix race condition with --coverage and babel-jest identical file contents edge case (#4432)
  • Add extra parameter --runTestsByPath. (#4411)
  • Upgrade all outdated deps (#4425)

jest 21.0.1

  • Remove obsolete error (#4417)

jest 21.0.0

  • Add --changedFilesWithAncestor (#4070)

  • Add --findRelatedFiles (#4131)

  • Add --onlyChanged tests (#3977)

  • Add contextLines option to jest-diff (#4152)

  • Add alternative serialize API for pretty-format plugins (#4114)

  • Add displayName to MPR (#4327)

  • Add displayName to TestResult (#4408)

  • Add es5 build of pretty-format (#4075)

  • Add extra info to no tests for changed files message (#4188)

  • Add fake chalk in browser builds in order to support IE10 (#4367)

  • Add jest.requireActual (#4260)

  • Add maxWorkers to globalConfig (#4005)

  • Add skipped tests support for jest-editor-support (#4346)

  • Add source map support for better debugging experience (#3738)

  • Add support for Error objects in toMatchObject (#4339)

  • Add support for Immutable.Record in pretty-format (#3678)

  • Add tests for extract_requires on export types (#4080)

  • Add that toMatchObject can match arrays (#3994)

  • Add watchPathIgnorePatterns to exclude paths to trigger test re-run in watch mode (#4331)

  • Adding ancestorTitles property to JSON test output (#4293)

  • Allow custom resolver to be used with[out] moduleNameMapper (#4174)

  • Avoid parsing .require(…) method calls (#3777)

  • Avoid unnecessary function declarations and call in pretty-format (#3962)

  • Avoid writing to stdout in default reporter if --json is enabled. Fixes #3941 (#3945)

  • Better error handling for --config (#4230)

  • Call consistent pretty-format plugins within Jest (#3800)

  • Change babel-core to peerDependency for compatibility with Babel 7 (#4162)

  • Change Promise detection code in jest-circus to support non-global Promise implementations (#4375)

  • Changed files eager loading (#3979)

  • Check whether we should output to stdout or stderr (#3953)

  • Clarify what objects toContain and toContainEqual can be used on (#4307)

  • Clean up resolve() logic. Provide useful names for variables and functions. Test that a directory exists before attempting to resolve files within it. (#4325)

  • cleanupStackTrace (#3696)

  • compare objects with Symbol keys (#3437)

  • Complain if expect is passed multiple arguments (#4237)

  • Completes nodeCrawl with empty roots (#3776)

  • Consistent naming of files (#3798)

  • Convert code base to ESM import (#3778)

  • Correct summary message for flag --findRelatedTests. (#4309)

  • Coverage thresholds can be set up for individual files (#4185)

  • custom reporter error handling (#4051)

  • Define separate type for pretty-format plugin Options (#3802)

  • Delete confusing async keyword (#3679)

  • Delete redundant branch in ReactElement and HTMLElement plugins (#3731)

  • Don't format node assert errors when there's no 'assert' module (#4376)

  • Don't print test summary in --silent (#4106)

  • Don't try to build ghost packages (#3934)

  • Escape double quotes in attribute values in HTMLElement plugin (#3797)

  • Explain how to clear the cache (#4232)

  • Factor out common code for collections in pretty-format (#4184)

  • Factor out common code for markup in React plugins (#4171)

  • Feature/internal resolve (#4315)

  • Fix --logHeapUsage (#4176)

  • Fix --showConfig to show all project configs (#4078)

  • Fix --watchAll (#4254)

  • Fix bug when setTimeout is mocked (#3769)

  • Fix changedFilesWithAncestor (#4193)

  • Fix colors for expected/stored snapshot message (#3702)

  • Fix concurrent test failure (#4159)

  • Fix for 4286: Compare Maps and Sets by value rather than order (#4303)

  • fix forceExit (#4105)

  • Fix grammar in React Native docs (#3838)

  • Fix inconsistent name of complex values in pretty-format (#4001)

  • Fix issue mocking bound method (#3805)

  • Fix jest-circus (#4290)

  • Fix lint warning in master


  • Fix linting (#3946)

  • fix merge conflict (#4144)

  • Fix minor typo (#3729)

  • fix missing console.log messages (#3895)

  • fix mock return value (#3933)

  • Fix mocking for modules with folders on windows (#4238)

  • Fix NODE_PATH resolving for relative paths (#3616)

  • Fix options.moduleNameMapper override order with preset (#3565 (#3689)

  • Fix React PropTypes warning in tests for Immutable plugin (#4412)

  • Fix regression in mockReturnValueOnce (#3857)

  • Fix sample code of mock class constructors (#4115)

  • Fix setup-test-framework-test (#3773)

  • fix typescript jest test crash (#4363)

  • Fix watch mode (#4084)

  • Fix Watchman on windows (#4018)

  • Fix(babel): Handle ignored files in babel v7 (#4393)

  • Fix(babel): Support upcoming beta (#4403)

  • Fixed object matcher (#3799)

  • Fixes #3820 use extractExpectedAssertionsErrors in jasmine setup

  • Flow upgrade (#4355)

  • Force message in matchers to always be a function (#3972)

  • Format describe and use test instead of it alias (#3792)

  • global_config.js for multi-project runner (#4023)

  • Handle async errors (#4016)

  • Hard-fail if hasteImpl is throwing an error during initialization. (#3812)

  • Ignore import type for extract_requires (#4079)

  • Ignore indentation of data structures in jest-diff (#3429)

  • Implement 'jest.requireMock' (#4292)

  • Improve Jest phabricator plugin (#4195)

  • Improve Seq and remove newline from non-min empty in Immutable plugin (#4241)

  • Improved the jest reporter with snapshot info per test. (#3660)

  • Include fullName in formattedAssertion (#4273)

  • Integrated with Yarn workspaces (#3906)

  • jest --all (#4020)

  • jest-circus test failures (#3770)

  • jest-circus Timeouts (#3760)

  • jest-haste-map: add test case for broken handling of ignore pattern (#4047)

  • jest-haste-map: add test+fix for broken platform module support (#3885)

  • jest-haste-map: deprecate functional ignorePattern and use it in cache key (#4063)

  • jest-haste-map: mock 'fs' with more idiomatic jest.mock() (#4046)

  • jest-haste-map: only file IO errors should be silently ignored (#3816)

  • jest-haste-map: throw when trying to get a duplicated module (#3976)

  • jest-haste-map: watchman crawler: normalize paths (#3887)

  • jest-runtime: atomic cache write, and check validity of data (#4088)

  • Join lines with newline in jest-diff (#4314)

  • Keep ARGV only in CLI files (#4012)

  • let transformers adjust cache key based on mapCoverage (#4187)

  • Lift requires (#3780)

  • Log stack when reporting errors in jest-runtime (#3833)

  • Make --listTests return a new line separated list when not using --json (#4229)

  • Make build script printing small-terminals-friendly (#3892)

  • Make error messages more explicit for toBeCalledWith assertions (#3913)

  • Make jest-matcher-utils use ESM exports (#4342)

  • Make jest-runner a standalone package. (#4236)

  • Make Jest’s Test Runner configurable. (#4240)

  • Make listTests always print to console.log (#4391)

  • Make providesModuleNodeModules ignore nested node_modules directories

  • Make sure function mocks match original arity (#4170)

  • Make sure runAllTimers also clears all ticks (#3915)

  • Make toBe matcher error message more helpful for objects and arrays (#4277)

  • Make useRealTimers play well with timers: fake (#3858)

  • Move getType from jest-matcher-utils to separate package (#3559)

  • Multiroot jest-change-files (#3969)

  • Output created snapshot when using --ci option (#3693)

  • Point out you can use matchers in .toMatchObject (#3796)

  • Prevent babelrc package import failure on relative current path (#3723)

  • Print RDP details for windows builds (#4017)

  • Provide better error checking for transformed content (#3807)

  • Provide printText and printComment in markup.js for HTMLElement plugin (#4344)

  • Provide regex visualization for testRegex (#3758)

  • Refactor CLI (#3862)

  • Refactor names and delimiters of complex values in pretty-format (#3986)

  • Replace concat(Immutable) with Immutable as item of plugins array (#4207)

  • Replace Jasmine with jest-circus (#3668)

  • Replace match with test and omit redundant String conversion (#4311)

  • Replace print with serialize in AsymmetricMatcher plugin (#4173)

  • Replace print with serialize in ConvertAnsi plugin (#4225)

  • Replace print with serialize in HTMLElement plugin (#4215)

  • Replace print with serialize in Immutable plugins (#4189)

  • Replace unchanging args with one config arg within pretty-format (#4076)

  • Return UNDEFINED for undefined type in ReactElement plugin (#4360)

  • Rewrite some read bumps in pretty-format (#4093)

  • Run update method before installing JRE on Circle (#4318)

  • Separated the snapshot summary creation from the printing to improve testability. (#4373)

  • Set coverageDirectory during normalize phase (#3966)

  • Setup custom reporters after default reporters (#4053)

  • Setup for Circle 2 (#4149)

  • Simplify readme (#3790)

  • Simplify snapshots definition (#3791)

  • skipNodeResolution config option (#3987)

  • Small fixes to toHaveProperty docs (#3878)

  • Sort attributes by name in HTMLElement plugin (#3783)

  • Specify watchPathIgnorePatterns will only be available in Jest 21+ (#4398)

  • Split TestRunner off of TestScheduler (#4233)

  • Strict and explicit config resolution logic (#4122)

  • Support maxDepth option in React plugins (#4208)

  • Support SVG elements in HTMLElement plugin (#4335)

  • Test empty Immutable collections with {min: false} option (#4121)

  • test to debug travis failure in master (#4145)

  • testPathPattern message test (#4006)

  • Throw Error When Using Nested It Specs (#4039)

  • Throw when moduleNameMapper points to inexistent module (#3567)

  • Unified 'no tests found' message for non-verbose MPR (#4354)

  • Update migration guide with jest-codemods transformers (#4306)

  • Use "inputSourceMap" for coverage re-mapping. (#4009)

  • Use "verbose" no test found message when there is only one project (#4378)

  • Use babel transform to inline all requires (#4340)

  • Use eslint plugins to run prettier (#3971)

  • Use iterableEquality in spy matchers (#3651)

  • Use modern HTML5 <!DOCTYPE> (#3937)

  • Wrap Error.captureStackTrace in a try (#4035)

jest 20.0.4

  • Fix jest-haste-map's handling of duplicate module IDs. (#3647)
  • Fix behavior of enableAutomock() when automock is set to false. (#3624)
  • Fix progress bar in windows. (#3626)

jest 20.0.3

  • Fix reporters 'default' setting. (#3562)
  • Fix to make Jest fail when the coverage threshold not met. (#3554)

jest 20.0.1

  • Add ansi-regex to pretty-format dependencies (#3498)
  • Fix replacement in testMatch and moduleDirectories (#3538)
  • Fix expect.hasAssertions() to throw when passed arguments (#3526)
  • Fix stack traces without proper error messages (#3513)
  • Fix support for custom extensions through haste packages (#3537)
  • Fix test contexts between test functions (#3506)

jest 20.0.0

  • New --projects option to run one instance of Jest in multiple projects at the same time. (#3400)
  • New multi project runner (#3156)
  • New --listTests flag. (#3441)
  • New --showConfig flag. (#3296)
  • New promise support for all expect matchers through .resolves and .rejects. (#3068)
  • New expect.hasAssertions() function similar to expect.assertions(). (#3379)
  • New this.equals function exposed to custom matchers. (#3469)
  • New valid-expect lint rule in eslint-plugin-jest. (#3067)
  • New HtmlElement pretty-format plugin. (#3230)
  • New Immutable pretty-format plugins. (#2899)
  • New test environment per file setting through @jest-environment in the docblock. (#2859)
  • New feature that allows every configuration option to be set from the command line. (#3424)
  • New feature to add custom reporters to Jest through reporters in the configuration. (#3349)
  • New feature to add expected and actual values to AssertionError. (#3217)
  • New feature to map code coverage from transformers. (#2290)
  • New feature to run untested code coverage in parallel. (#3407)
  • New option to define a custom resolver. (#2998)
  • New printing support for text and comment nodes in html pretty-format. (#3355)
  • New snapshot testing FAQ (#3425)
  • New support for custom platforms on jest-haste-map. (#3162)
  • New support for mocking native async methods. (#3209)
  • New guide on how to use Jest with any JavaScript framework. (#3243)
  • New translation system for the Jest website.
  • New collapsing watch mode usage prompt after first run. (#3078)
  • Breaking Change: Forked Jasmine 2.5 into Jest's own test runner and rewrote large parts of Jasmine. (#3147)
  • Breaking Change: Jest does not write new snapshots by default on CI. (#3456)
  • Breaking Change: Moved the typescript parser from jest-editor-support into a separate jest-test-typescript-parser package. (#2973)
  • Breaking Change: Replaced auto-loading of babel-polyfill with only regenerator-runtime, fixes a major memory leak. (#2755)
  • Fixed babel-jest to look up the babel field in package.json as a fallback.
  • Fixed jest-editor-support's parser to not crash on incomplete ASTs. (#3259)
  • Fixed jest-resolve to use is-builtin-module instead of resolve.isCore. (#2997)
  • Fixed jest-snapshot to normalize line endings in the serialize function. (#3002)
  • Fixed behavior of --silent flag. (#3003)
  • Fixed bug with watchers on macOS causing test to crash. (#2957)
  • Fixed CLI notify option not taking precedence over config option. (#3340)
  • Fixed detection of the npm client in SummaryReporter to support Yarn. (#3263)
  • Fixed not passing arguments (#3241)
  • Fixed fake timers to restore after resetting mocks. (#2467)
  • Fixed handling of babylon's parser options in jest-editor-support. (#3344)
  • Fixed Jest to properly cache transform results. (#3334)
  • Fixed Jest to use human-readable colors for Jest's own snapshots. (#3119)
  • Fixed jest-config to use UID for default cache folder. (#3380), (#3387)
  • Fixed jest-runtime to expose inner error when it fails to write to the cache. (#3373)
  • Fixed lifecycle hooks to make afterAll hooks operate the same as afterEach. (#3275)
  • Fixed pretty-format to run plugins before serializing nested basic values. (#3017)
  • Fixed return value of mocks so they can explicitly be set to return undefined. (#3354)
  • Fixed runner to run tests associated with snapshots when the snapshot changes. (#3025)
  • Fixed snapshot serializer require, restructured pretty-format. (#3399)
  • Fixed support for Babel 7 in babel-jest. (#3271)
  • Fixed testMatch to find tests in .folders. (#3006)
  • Fixed testNamePattern and testPathPattern to work better together. (#3327)
  • Fixed to show reject reason when expecting resolve. (#3134)
  • Fixed toHaveProperty() to use hasOwnProperty from Object (#3410)
  • Fixed watch mode's screen clearing. (#2959) (#3294)
  • Improved and consolidated Jest's configuration file resolution. (#3472)
  • Improved documentation throughout the Jest website.
  • Improved documentation to explicitly mention that snapshots must be reviewed. (#3203)
  • Improved documentation to make it clear CRA users don't need to add dependencies. (#3312)
  • Improved eslint-plugin-jest's handling of expect. (#3306)
  • Improved flow-coverage, eslint rules and test coverage within the Jest repository.
  • Improved printing of expect.assertions error. (#3033)
  • Improved Windows test coverage of Jest.
  • Refactored configs & transform (#3376)
  • Refactored reporters to pass individual Tests to reporters. (#3289)
  • Refactored TestRunner (#3166)
  • Refactored watch mode prompts. (#3290)
  • Deleted jest-file-exists. (#3105)
  • Removed Config type. (#3366)
  • Removed all usage of jest-file-exists. (#3101)
  • Adopted prettier on the Jest codebase.

jest 19.0.1

  • Fix infinite loop when using --watch with --coverage.
  • Fixed watchman config option.
  • Fixed a bug in the jest-editor-support static analysis.
  • Fixed eslint plugin warning.
  • Fixed missing space in front of "Did you mean …?".
  • Fixed path printing in the reporter on Windows.

jest 19.0.0

  • Breaking Change: Added a version for snapshots.
  • Breaking Change: Removed the mocksPattern configuration option, it never worked correctly.
  • Breaking Change: Renamed testPathDirs to roots to avoid confusion when configuring Jest.
  • Breaking Change: Updated printing of React elements to cause fewer changes when props change.
  • Breaking Change: Updated snapshot format to properly escape data.
  • Fixed --color to be recognized correctly again.
  • Fixed babel-plugin-jest-hoist to work properly with type annotations in tests.
  • Fixed behavior for console.log calls and fixed a memory leak (#2539).
  • Fixed cache directory path for Jest to avoid ENAMETOOLONG errors.
  • Fixed change events to be emitted in jest-haste-map's watch mode. This fixes issues with Jest's new watch mode and react-native-packager.
  • Fixed cli arguments to be used when loading the config from file, they were previously ignored.
  • Fixed Jest to load json files that include a BOM.
  • Fixed Jest to throw errors instead of ignoring invalid cli options.
  • Fixed mocking behavior for virtual modules.
  • Fixed mocking behavior with transitive dependencies.
  • Fixed support for asymmetric matchers in toMatchObject.
  • Fixed test interruption and --bail behavior.
  • Fixed watch mode to clean up worker processes when a test run gets interrupted.
  • Fixed whitespace to be highlighted in snapshots and assertion errors.
  • Improved babel-jest plugin: babel is loaded lazily, istanbul comments are only added when coverage is used.
  • Improved error for invalid transform config.
  • Improved moduleNameMapper to not overwrite mocks when many patterns map to the same file.
  • Improved printing of skipped tests in verbose mode.
  • Improved resolution code in jest-resolve.
  • Improved to only show patch marks in assertion errors when the comparison results in large objects.
  • New --collectCoverageFrom cli argument.
  • New --coverageDirectory cli argument.
  • New expect.addSnapshotSerializer to add custom snapshot serializers for tests.
  • New jest.spyOn.
  • New testMatch configuration option that accepts glob patterns.
  • New eslint-plugin-jest with no-disabled-tests, no-focuses-tests and no-identical-title rules and default configuration and globals.
  • New expect.stringContaining asymmetric matcher.
  • New feature to make manual mocks with nested folders work. For example __mocks__/react-native/Library/Text.js will now work as expected.
  • New feature to re-run tests through the notification when using --notify.
  • New jest-phabricator package to integrate Jest code coverage in phabriactor.
  • New jest-validate package to improve configuration errors, help with suggestions of correct configuration and to be adopted in other libraries.
  • New pretty-printing for asymmetric matchers.
  • New RSS feed for Jest's blog.
  • New way to provide a reducer to extract haste module ids.
  • New website, new documentation, new color scheme and new homepage.
  • Rewritten watch mode for instant feedback, better code quality and to build new features on top of it (#2362).

jest 18.1.0

  • Fixed console.log and fake timer behavior in node 7.3.
  • Updated istanbul-api.
  • Updated jest-diff equality error message.
  • Disabled arrow keys when entering a pattern in watch mode to prevent broken behavior. Will be improved in a future release.
  • Moved asymmetric matchers and equality functionality from Jasmine into jest-matchers.
  • Removed jasmine and jest-snapshot dependency from jest-matchers.
  • Removed unused global context variable.
  • Show a better error message if the config is invalid JSON.
  • Highlight trailing whitespace in assertion diffs and snapshots.
  • Jest now uses micromatch instead of minimatch.
  • Added -h as alias for --help.

jest 18.0.0


  • The testResultsProcessor function is now required to return the modified results.
  • Removed pit and mockImpl. Use it or mockImplementation instead.
  • Fixed re-running tests when --bail is used together with --watch.
  • pretty-format is now merged into Jest.
  • require('v8') now works properly in a test context.
  • Jest now clears the entire scrollback in watch mode.
  • Added expect.any, expect.anything, expect.objectContaining, expect.arrayContaining, expect.stringMatching.
  • Properly resolve snapshotSerializers, setupFiles, transform, testRunner and testResultsProcessor instead of using path.resolve.
  • --testResultsProcessor is now exposed through the cli.
  • Renamed --jsonOutputFile to --outputFile.
  • Added jest-editor-support for vscode and Nuclide integration.
  • Fixed test.concurrent unhandled promise rejections.
  • The Jest website is now auto-deployed when merging into master.
  • Updated testRegex to include test.js and spec.js files.
  • Fixes for babel-plugin-jest-hoist when using jest.mock with three arguments.
  • The JSON global in jest-environment-node now comes from the vm context instead of the parent context.
  • Jest does not print stack traces from babel any longer.
  • Fake timers are reset when FakeTimers.useTimers() is called.
  • Usage of Jest in watch mode can be hidden through JEST_HIDE_USAGE.
  • Added expect.assertions(number) which will ensure that a specified amount of assertions is made in one test.
  • Added .toMatchSnapshot(?string) feature to give snapshots a name.
  • Escape regex in snapshots.
  • jest-react-native was deprecated and now forwards react-native.
  • Added .toMatchObject matcher.
  • Further improve printing of large objects.
  • Fixed NaN% Failed in the OS notification when using --notify.
  • The first test run without cached timings will now use separate processes instead of running in band.
  • Added .toHaveProperty matcher.
  • Fixed Map/Set comparisons.
  • test.concurrent now works with --testNamePattern.

jest 17.0.3

  • Improved file-watching feature in jest-haste-map.
  • Added .toHaveLength matcher.
  • Improved .toContain matcher.

jest 17.0.2

  • Fixed performance regression in module resolution.

jest 17.0.1

  • Fixed pretty printing of big objects.
  • Fixed resolution of .native.js files in react-native projects.

jest 17.0.0

  • Added expect.extend.
  • Properly resolve modules with platform extensions on react-native.
  • Added support for custom snapshots serializers.
  • Updated to Jasmine 2.5.2.
  • Big diffs are now collapsed by default in snapshots and assertions. Added --expand (or -e) to show the full diff.
  • Replaced scriptPreprocessor with the new transform option.
  • Added jest.resetAllMocks which replaces jest.clearAllMocks.
  • Fixes for react-native preset.
  • Fixes for global built in objects in jest-environment-node.
  • Create mock objects in the vm context instead of the parent context.
  • .babelrc is now part of the transform cache key in babel-jest.
  • Fixes for docblock parsing with haste modules.
  • Exit with the proper code when the coverage threshold is not reached.
  • Implemented file watching in jest-haste-map.
  • --json now includes information about individual tests inside a file.

jest 16.0.2

  • Symbols are now properly mocked when using jest-mock.
  • toHaveBeenCalledWith() works without arguments again.
  • Newlines in snapshots are now normalized across different operating systems.

jest 16.0.1

  • Fix infinite loop.

jest 16.0.0

  • Previously failed tests are now always run first.
  • A new concurrent reporter shows currently running tests, a test summary, a progress bar and estimated remaining time if possible.
  • Improved CLI colors.
  • jest <pattern> is now case-insensitive.
  • Added it.only, it.skip, test.only, test.skip and xtest.
  • Added --testNamePattern=pattern or -t <pattern> to run individual tests in test files.
  • Jest now warns for duplicate mock files.
  • Pressing a, o, p, q or enter while tests are running in the watch mode, the test run will be interrupted.
  • --bail now works together with --watch.
  • Added test.concurrent for concurrent async tests.
  • Jest now automatically considers files and tests with the .jsx extension.
  • Added jest.clearAllMocks to clear all mocks manually.
  • Rewrote Jest's snapshot implementation. jest-snapshot can now be more easily integrated into other test runners and used in other projects.
  • This requires most snapshots to be updated when upgrading Jest.
  • Objects and Arrays in snapshots are now printed with a trailing comma.
  • Function names are not printed in snapshots any longer to reduce issues with code coverage instrumentation and different Node versions.
  • Snapshots are now sorted using natural sort order.
  • Snapshots are not marked as obsolete any longer when using fit or when an error is thrown in a test.
  • Finished migration of Jasmine matchers to the new Jest matchers.
  • Pretty print toHaveBeenLastCalledWith, toHaveBeenCalledWith, lastCalledWith and toBeCalledWith failure messages.
  • Added toBeInstanceOf matcher.
  • Added toContainEqual matcher.
  • Added toThrowErrorMatchingSnapshot matcher.
  • Improved moduleNameMapper resolution.
  • Module registry fixes.
  • Fixed invocation of the setupTestFrameworkScriptFile script to make it easier to use chai together with Jest.
  • Removed react-native special case in Jest's configuration.
  • Added --findRelatedTests <fileA> <fileB> cli option to run tests related to the specified files.
  • Added jest.deepUnmock to babel-plugin-jest-hoist.
  • Added jest.runTimersToTime which is useful together with fake timers.
  • Improved automated mocks for ES modules compiled with babel.

jest 15.1.1

  • Fixed issues with test paths that include hyphens on Windows.
  • Fixed testEnvironment resolution.
  • Updated watch file name pattern input.

jest 15.1.0

  • Pretty printer updates for React and global window objects.
  • jest-runtime overwrites automocking from configuration files.
  • Improvements for watch mode on Windows.
  • afterAll/afterEach/beforeAll/beforeEach can now return a Promise and be used together with async/await.
  • Improved stack trace printing on Node 4.

jest 15.0.2

  • Fixed Jest with npm2 when using coverage.

jest 15.0.1

  • Updated toThrow and toThrowMatchers and aliased them to the same matcher.
  • Improvements for watch mode.
  • Fixed Symbol reassignment in tests would break Jest's matchers.
  • Fixed --bail option.

jest 15.0.0

  • See
  • Jest by default now also recognizes files ending in .spec.js and .test.js as test files.
  • Completely replaced most Jasmine matchers with new Jest matchers.
  • Rewrote Jest's CLI output for test failures and summaries.
  • Added --env option to override the default test environment.
  • Disabled automocking, fake timers and resetting the module registry by default.
  • Added --watchAll, made --watch interactive and added the ability to update snapshots and select test patterns in watch mode.
  • Jest uses verbose mode when running a single test file.
  • Console messages are now buffered and printed along with the test results.
  • Fix testEnvironment resolution to prefer jest-environment-{name} instead of {name} only. This prevents a module colision when using jsdom as test environment.
  • moduleNameMapper now uses a resolution algorithm.
  • Improved performance for small test runs.
  • Improved API documentation.
  • Jest now works properly with directories that have special characters in them.
  • Improvements to Jest's own test infra by merging integration and unit tests. Code coverage is now collected for Jest.
  • Added to the node environment.
  • Fixed babel-jest-plugin-hoist issues with functions called mock.
  • Improved jest-react-native preset with mocks for ListView, TextInput, ActivityIndicator and ScrollView.
  • Added collectCoverageFrom to collect code coverage from untested files.
  • Rewritten code coverage support.

jest 14.1.0

  • Changed Jest's default cache directory.
  • Fixed jest-react-native for react 15.3.0.
  • Updated react and react-native example to use react-test-renderer.
  • Started to refactor code coverage.

jest 14.0.2

  • babel-jest bugfix.

jest 14.0.1

  • babel-jest can now be used to compose a transformer.
  • Updated snapshot instructions to run jest -u or npm test -- -u.
  • Fixed config cli option to enable JSON objects as configuration.
  • Updated printing of preset path in the CLI.

jest 14.0.0

  • Official release of snapshot tests.
  • Started to replace Jasmine matchers with Jest matchers: toBe, toBeFalsy, toBeTruthy, toBeNaN, toBe{Greater,Less}Than{,OrEqual}, toBeNull, toBeDefined, toBeUndefined, toContain, toMatch, toBeCloseTo were rewritten.
  • Rewrite of Jest's reporters.
  • Experimental react-native support.
  • Removed Jasmine 1 support from Jest.
  • Transform caching improvements.

jest 13.2.0

  • Snapshot bugfixes.
  • Timer bugfixes.

jest 13.1.0

  • Added test global function as an alias for it.
  • Added coveragePathIgnorePatterns to the config.
  • Fixed printing of "JSX objects" in snapshots.
  • Fixes for --verbose option and top level it calls.
  • Extended the node environment with more globals.
  • testcheck now needs to be required explicitly through require('jest-check').
  • Added jest.deepUnmock.
  • Fail test suite if it does not contain any tests.

jest 13.0.0

  • Added duration of individual tests in verbose mode.
  • Added a browser config option to properly resolve npm packages with a browser field in package.json if you are writing tests for client side apps
  • Added jest-repl.
  • Split up jest-cli into jest-runtime and jest-config.
  • Added a notification plugin that shows a test run notification using --notify.
  • Refactored TestRunner into SearchSource and improved the "no tests found" message.
  • Added jest.isMockFunction(jest.fn()) to test for mock functions.
  • Improved test reporter printing and added a test failure summary when running many tests.
    • Add support for property testing via testcheck-js.
  • Added a webpack tutorial.
  • Added support for virtual mocks through jest.mock('Module', implementation, {virtual: true}).
  • Added snapshot functionality through toMatchSnapshot().
  • Redesigned website.

jest-cli 12.1.1

  • Windows stability fixes.
  • Mock module resolution fixes.
  • Remove test files from code coverage.

jest-cli 12.1.0

  • Jest is now also published in the jest package on npm.
  • Added testRegex to match for tests outside of specific folders. Deprecated both testDirectoryName and testFileExtensions.
  • it can now return a Promise for async testing. pit was deprecated.
  • Added jest-resolve as a standalone package based on the Facebook module resolution algorithm.
  • Added jest-changed-files as a standalone package to detect changed files in a git or hg repo.
  • Added --setupTestFrameworkFile to cli.
  • Added support for coverage thresholds. See
  • Updated to jsdom 9.0.
  • Updated and improved stack trace reporting.
  • Added module.filename and removed the invalid module.__filename field.
  • Further improved the lastCalledWith and toBeCalledWith custom matchers. They now print the most recent calls.
  • Fixed jest-haste-map on continuous integration systems.
  • Fixes for hg/git integration.
  • Added a re-try for the watchman crawler.

jest-cli 12.0.2

  • Bug fixes when running a single test file and for scoped package names.

jest-cli 12.0.1

  • Added custom equality matchers for Map/Set and iterables.
  • Bug fixes

jest-cli 12.0.0

  • Reimplemented node-haste as jest-haste-map:
  • Fixes for the upcoming release of nodejs 6.
  • Removed global mock caching which caused negative side-effects on test runs.
  • Updated Jasmine from 2.3.4 to 2.4.1.
  • Fixed our Jasmine fork to work better with Object.create(null).
  • Added a --silent flag to silence console messages during a test run.
  • Run a test file directly if a path is passed as an argument to Jest.
  • Added support for the undocumented nodejs feature module.paths.

jest-cli 11.0.2

  • Fixed jest -o error when Mercurial isn't installed on the system
  • Fixed Jasmine failure message when expected values were mutated after tests.

jest-cli 11.0.1, babel-jest 11.0.1

  • Added support for Mercurial repositories when using jest -o
  • Added mockImplementationOnce API to jest.fn().

jest-cli 11.0.0, babel-jest 11.0.0 (pre-releases 0.9 to 0.10)

  • New implementation of node-haste and rewrite of internal module loading and resolution. Fixed both startup and runtime performance. #599
  • Jasmine 2 is now the default test runner. To keep using Jasmine 1, put testRunner: "jasmine1" into your configuration.
  • Added jest-util, jest-mock, jest-jasmine1, jest-jasmine2, jest-environment-node, jest-environment-jsdom packages.
  • Added babel-jest-preset and babel-jest as packages. babel-jest is now being auto-detected.
  • Added babel-plugin-jest-hoist which hoists jest.unmock, jest.mock and the new jest.enableAutomock and jest.disableAutomock API.
  • Improved babel-jest integration and react-native testing.
  • Improved code coverage reporting when using babel-jest.
  • Added the jest.mock('moduleName', moduleFactory) feature. jest.mock now gets hoisted by default. jest.doMock was added to explicitly mock a module without the hoisting feature of babel-jest.
  • Updated jsdom to 8.3.x.
  • Improved responsiveness of the system while using --watch.
  • Clear the terminal window when using --watch.
  • By default, --watch will now only runs tests related to changed files. --watch=all can be used to run all tests on file system changes.
  • Debounce --watch re-runs to not trigger test runs during a branch switch in version control.
  • Added jest.fn() and jest.fn(implementation) as convenient shorcuts for jest.genMockFunction() and jest.genMockFunction().mockImplementation().
  • Added an automock option to turn off automocking globally.
  • Added a "no tests found" message if no tests can be found.
  • Jest sets process.NODE_ENV to test unless otherwise specified.
  • Fixed moduleNameMapper config option when used with paths.
  • Fixed an error with Jasmine 2 and tests that throw 'string errors'.
  • Fixed issues with unmocking symlinked module names.
  • Fixed mocking of boolean values.
  • Fixed mocking of fields that start with an underscore ("private fields").
  • Fixed unmocking behavior with npm3.
  • Fixed and improved --onlyChanged option.
  • Fixed support for running Jest as a git submodule.
  • Improved verbose logger output
  • Fixed test runtime error reporting and stack traces.
  • Improved toBeCalled Jasmine 2 custom matcher messages.
  • Improved error reporting when a syntax error occurs.
  • Renamed HasteModuleLoader to Runtime.
  • Jest now properly reports pending tests disabled with xit and xdescribe.
  • Removed preprocessCachingDisabled config option.
  • Added a testEnvironment option to customize the sandbox environment.
  • Added support for @scoped/name npm packages.
  • Added an integration test runner for Jest that runs all tests for examples and packages.


  • Performance improvements.
  • jest now uses chalk instead of its own colors implementation.


  • --bail now reports with the proper error code.
  • Fixed loading of the setup file when using jasmine2.
  • Updated jsdom to 7.2.0.


  • Added optional support for jasmine2 through the testRunner config option.
  • Fixed mocking support for Map, WeakMap and Set.
  • node was added to the defaults in moduleFileExtensions.
  • Updated the list of node core modules that are properly being recognized by the module loader.


  • Correctly map process.on into jsdom environments, fixes a bug introduced in jest 0.7.0.


  • Fixed a memory leak with test contexts. Jest now properly cleans up test environments after each test. Added --logHeapUsage to log memory usage after each test. Note: this is option is meant for debugging memory leaks and might significantly slow down your test run.
  • Removed mock-modules, node-haste and mocks virtual modules. This is a breaking change of undocumented public API. Usage of this API can safely be automatically updated through an automated codemod:
  • Example:
  • Codemod:
  • jscodeshift:
  • Removed navigator.onLine and mockSetReadOnlyProperty from the global jsdom environment. Use window.navigator.onLine = true; in your test setup and Object.defineProperty instead.


  • Updated jsdom to 7.0.2.
  • Use the current working directory as root when passing a jest config from the command line.
  • Updated the React examples and getting started guide
  • Modules now receive a module.parent field so unmocked modules don't assume they are run directly any longer.


  • jest now reports the number of tests that were run instead of the number of test files.
  • Added a --json option to print test results as JSON.
  • Changed the preprocessor API. A preprocessor now receives the script, file and config. The cache key function receives the script, file and stringified config to be able to create consistent hashes.
  • Removed node-worker-pool in favor of node-worker-farm (#540).
  • toEqual now also checks the internal class name of an object. This fixes invalid tests like expect([]).toEqual({}) which were previously passing.
  • Added the option to provide map modules to stub modules by providing the moduleNameMapper config option.
  • Allow to specify a custom testRunner in the configuration (#531).
  • Added a --no-cache option to make it easier to debug preprocessor scripts.
  • Fix code coverage on windows (#499).


  • Cache test run performance and run slowest tests first to maximize worker utilization
  • Update to jsdom 6.5.0


  • Improve failure stack traces.
  • Fix syntax error reporting.
  • Add --watch option (#472).


  • Fixed a bug with syntax errors in test files (#487).
  • Fixed chmod error for preprocess-cache (#491).
  • Support for the upcoming node 4.0 release (#490, #489).


  • Upgraded node-worker-pool to 3.0.0, use the native Promise implementation.
  • testURL can be used to set the location of the jsdom environment.
  • Updated all of jest's dependencies, now using jsdom 6.3.
  • jest now uses the native Promise implementation.
  • Fixed a bug when passed an empty testPathIgnorePatterns.
  • Moved preprocessor cache into the haste cache directory.


  • Added --noStackTrace option to disable stack traces.
  • Jest now only works with iojs v2 and up. If you are still using node we recommend upgrading to iojs or keep using jest 0.4.0.
  • Upgraded to jsdom 6.1.0 and removed all the custom jsdom overwrites.


  • See commit history for changes in previous versions of jest.