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@SimenB SimenB released this 06 Mar 13:34
· 8 commits to main since this release


  • [jest-changed-files] Support Sapling (#13941)
  • [jest-circus, @jest/cli, jest-config] Add feature to randomize order of tests via CLI flag or through the config file(#12922)
  • [jest-cli, jest-config, @jest/core, jest-haste-map, @jest/reporters, jest-runner, jest-runtime, @jest/types] Add workerThreads configuration option to allow using worker threads for parallelization (#13939)
  • [jest-cli] Export yargsOptions (#13970)
  • [jest-config] Add openHandlesTimeout option to configure possible open handles warning. (#13875)
  • [@jest/create-cache-key-function] Allow passing length argument to createCacheKey() function and set its default value to 16 on Windows (#13827)
  • [jest-message-util] Add support for AggregateError (#13946 & #13947)
  • [jest-message-util] Add support for Error causes in test and it (#13935 & #13966)
  • [jest-reporters] Add summaryThreshold option to summary reporter to allow overriding the internal threshold that is used to print the summary of all failed tests when the number of test suites surpasses it (#13895)
  • [jest-runtime] Expose @sinonjs/fake-timers async APIs functions advanceTimersByTimeAsync(msToRun) (tickAsync(msToRun)), advanceTimersToNextTimerAsync(steps) (nextAsync), runAllTimersAsync (runAllAsync), and runOnlyPendingTimersAsync (runToLastAsync) (#13981)
  • [jest-runtime, @jest/transform] Allow V8 coverage provider to collect coverage from files which were not loaded explicitly (#13974)
  • [jest-snapshot] Add support to cts and mts TypeScript files to inline snapshots (#13975)
  • [jest-worker] Add start method to worker farms (#13937)
  • [jest-worker] Support passing a URL as path to worker (#13982)


  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Fix unwanted hoisting of nested jest usages (#13952)
  • [jest-circus] Send test case results for todo tests (#13915)
  • [jest-circus] Update message printed on test timeout (#13830)
  • [jest-circus] Avoid creating the word "testfalse" when takesDoneCallback is false in the message printed on test timeout AND updated timeouts test (#13954)
  • [jest-environment-jsdom] Stop setting document to null on teardown (#13972)
  • [@jest/expect-utils] Update toStrictEqual() to be able to check jest.fn().mock.calls (#13960)
  • [@jest/test-result] Allow TestResultsProcessor type to return a Promise (#13950)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [jest-snapshot] Remove dependency on jest-haste-map (#13977)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v29.4.3...v29.5.0