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Welcome to Facebook's MySQL 5.6 Repository!

Our repository and changes are based on top of MySQL 5.6 branch. We have added a number of significant features to our code.

MyRocks (MySQL on RocksDB)

RocksDB is a LSM database optimized for Flash storage. It uses much less space, and has a much smaller write volume (write amplification) with small read penalty compared to a B+ tree database implementation such as InnoDB. The MyRocks project adds a new storage engine into MySQL backed by RocksDB.

More background information can be found in MyRocks Tutorial slides (at Percona Live 2016) and here is a summary of advantages of MyRocks vs InnoDB.

Additional Statistics

New performance data and statistics information have been added to the InnoDB storage engine. Among them are new new Information Schema tables and additional slow query log data.

Other Improvements

Support for features such as defragmentation and compression in InnoDB.

Reporting bugs and asking for help

If you will run into any issues then please use these guidelines to report bugs and ask for help.

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