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add the remaining v1 OCP specs

create an archive for the original motherboard and chassis/triplet rack
specs; create directories for the other v1 specs that are still active
(battery cabinet, PSU, data center design).
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commit f21455df567ddc3ed12ac4b8b98094839bbd62da 1 parent a609408
authored May 09, 2012
BIN  archive/Open_Compute_Project_AMD_Motherboard_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown
BIN  archive/Open_Compute_Project_Intel_Motherboard_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown
BIN  archive/Open_Compute_Project_Server_Chassis_and_Triplet_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown
BIN  battery_cabinet/Open_Compute_Project_Battery_Cabinet_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown
BIN  data_center_design/Open_Compute_Project_Data_Center_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown
BIN  power_supply/Open_Compute_Project_Power_Supply_v1.0.pdf
Binary file not shown

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