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namespace cpp osquery.extensions
/// Registry operations use a registry name, plugin name, request/response.
typedef map<string, string> ExtensionPluginRequest
typedef list<map<string, string>> ExtensionPluginResponse
/// Extensions should request osquery options to set active registries and
/// bootstrap any config/logger plugins.
struct InternalOptionInfo {
1:string value,
2:string default_value,
3:string type,
/// Each option (CLI flag) has a unique name.
typedef map<string, InternalOptionInfo> InternalOptionList
/// When communicating extension metadata, use a thrift-internal structure.
struct InternalExtensionInfo {
1:string name,
2:string version,
3:string sdk_version,
4:string min_sdk_version,
/// Unique ID for each extension.
typedef i64 ExtensionRouteUUID
/// A map from each plugin name to its optional route information.
typedef map<string, ExtensionPluginResponse> ExtensionRouteTable
/// A map from each registry name.
typedef map<string, ExtensionRouteTable> ExtensionRegistry
/// A map from each extension's unique ID to its map of registries.
typedef map<ExtensionRouteUUID, InternalExtensionInfo> InternalExtensionList
enum ExtensionCode {
/// Most communication uses the Status return type.
struct ExtensionStatus {
1:i32 code,
2:string message,
/// Add a thrift Status parameter identifying the request/response.
3:ExtensionRouteUUID uuid,
struct ExtensionResponse {
1:ExtensionStatus status,
2:ExtensionPluginResponse response,
exception ExtensionException {
1:i32 code,
2:string message,
3:ExtensionRouteUUID uuid,
service Extension {
/// Ping to/from an extension and extension manager for metadata.
ExtensionStatus ping(),
/// Call an extension (or core) registry plugin.
ExtensionResponse call(
/// The registry name (e.g., config, logger, table, etc).
1:string registry,
/// The registry item name (plugin name).
2:string item,
/// The thrift-equivilent of an osquery::PluginRequest.
3:ExtensionPluginRequest request),
/// Request that an extension shutdown (does not apply to managers).
void shutdown(),
/// The extension manager is run by the osquery core process.
service ExtensionManager extends Extension {
/// Return the list of active registered extensions.
InternalExtensionList extensions(),
/// Return the list of bootstrap or configuration options.
InternalOptionList options(),
/// The API endpoint used by an extension to register its plugins.
ExtensionStatus registerExtension(
1:InternalExtensionInfo info,
2:ExtensionRegistry registry),
ExtensionStatus deregisterExtension(
1:ExtensionRouteUUID uuid,
/// Allow an extension to query using an SQL string.
ExtensionResponse query(
1:string sql,
/// Allow an extension to introspect into SQL used in a parsed query.
ExtensionResponse getQueryColumns(
1:string sql,