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(*s: *)
let verbose_visual = ref false
(* was 0.4, but on linux the anti-aliasing seems to not be as good
* as on mac (possibly because I have only an old cairo lib on my
* Linux machine
let threshold_draw_content_font_size_real = ref
(* big and auto-generated files can take too much time to render *)
let threshold_draw_content_nblines =
ref 25000.
let threshold_draw_label_font_size_real = ref
let threshold_nb_rects_draw_content = ref 2500
let threshold_too_many_entities = ref 600000
let top_n = ref 100
let boost_label_size = ref false
let debug_gc = ref false
(* Ancient does not interact well with hashtbl and ocaml polymorphic
* equality and hash. Have to use a functorized hashtbl which sucks.
let use_ancient = ref false
let disable_fonts = ref false
let extra_filter = ref (None: string option) (* regexp *)
(*e: *)
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