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val color_of_source_archi:
Archi_code.source_archi -> Simple_color.emacs_color
val color_of_webpl_type:
File_type.webpl_type -> Simple_color.emacs_color
val anamorphic_diviser_of_file:
root:Common.dirname ->
Common.filename -> float
val no_filter_file: Common.filename -> bool
val ex_filter_file: Common.filename -> bool
val ocaml_filter_file: Common.filename -> bool
val ocaml_mli_filter_file: Common.filename -> bool
val pad_filter_file: Common.filename -> bool
val php_filter_file: Common.filename -> bool
(* default treemap *)
val code_treemap:
filter_file: (Common.filename -> bool) ->
Common.path list ->
(string, Common.filename * int) Treemap.treemap
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