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Xml-Light Version 2.2 :
Last version :
Xml Light is a minimal Xml parser & printer for OCaml.
It provide few functions to parse a basic Xml document into
an OCaml data structure and to print back the data structures
to an Xml document.
Xml Light has also support for DTD (Document Type Definition).
make install
by default, Xml Light is installed in the 'ocamlc -where' directory.
you can change it by editing the Makefile.
for Windows users, if you're using the MSVC version of ocaml and
don't have cygwin tools installed, you can do : nmake all
and then copy manually the files to the place you want.
simple samples :
-- parse / print an xml string ---
let x = Xml.parse_string "<a href='url'>TEXT<begin/><end/></a>" in
Printf.printf "XML formated = \n%s" (Xml.to_string_fmt x);
-- load an xml and a dtd , prove and print ---
let x = Xml.parse_file "myfile.xml" in
let dtd = Dtd.parse_file "myfile.dtd" in
let x = Dtd.prove (Dtd.check dtd) "start" x in
print_endline (Xml.to_string x)
HTML documentation can be generated with ocamldoc :
make doc
you can also directly browse the MLI files to read it.
Xml Light is LGPL
(c)2003-2005 Nicolas Cannasse (
(c)2003-2005 Motion-Twin
Some parts of this code source has an additionnal copyright to Jacques Garrigue
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