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(*s: *)
(*s: basic pfff modules open *)
open Common
open Ast_php
(*e: basic pfff modules open *)
module V = Visitor_php
(*s: show_function_calls v2 *)
let show_function_calls file =
let (asts2, _stat) = Parse_php.parse file in
let asts = Parse_php.program_of_program2 asts2 in
(*s: create visitor *)
let visitor = V.mk_visitor
{ V.default_visitor with
V.klvalue = (fun (k, _) var ->
match Ast_php.untype var with
| FunCallSimple (funcname, args) ->
(*s: print funcname *)
let s = funcname in
let info = Ast_php.info_of_name funcname in
let line = Ast_php.line_of_info info in
pr2 (spf "Call to %s at line %d" s line);
(*e: print funcname *)
| _ ->
(*s: visitor recurse using k *)
k var
(*e: visitor recurse using k *)
(*e: create visitor *)
(*s: iter on asts using visitor *)
asts |> List.iter visitor.V.vtop
(*e: iter on asts using visitor *)
(*e: show_function_calls v2 *)
let main =
show_function_calls Sys.argv.(1)
(*e: *)
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