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(*s: export_ast_php.mli *)
(*s: json_ast_php.mli *)
(*s: json_ast_php flags *)
(*e: json_ast_php flags *)
val json_string_of_program: Ast_php.program -> string
val json_string_of_toplevel: Ast_php.toplevel -> string
val json_string_of_expr: Ast_php.expr -> string
(* The outputted JSON is not pretty printed, it's more compact,
* so less readable, but it's faster.
val json_string_of_program_fast: Ast_php.program -> string
(*e: json_ast_php.mli *)
(*s: sexp_ast_php.mli *)
(*s: sexp_ast_php flags *)
val show_info: bool ref
val show_expr_info: bool ref
val show_annot: bool ref
(*e: sexp_ast_php flags *)
val sexp_string_of_program: Ast_php.program -> string
val sexp_string_of_toplevel: Ast_php.toplevel -> string
val sexp_string_of_expr: Ast_php.expr -> string
val sexp_string_of_phptype: Type_php.phptype -> string
(*s: sexp_ast_php raw sexp *)
(*e: sexp_ast_php raw sexp *)
(*e: sexp_ast_php.mli *)
val ml_pattern_string_of_program: Ast_php.program -> string
val ml_pattern_string_of_expr: Ast_php.expr -> string
val ml_pattern_string_of_any: Ast_php.any -> string
(*e: export_ast_php.mli *)
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