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(* This runs the PHP parser on a set of files or directories and displays
* any parsing errors. It also stores the current parsing result
* on those files or directories in pfff/tmp/<filename_based_on_concatenation_
* of_files_and_dirs> and compares it with any previous run, providing some
* form of regression testing.
val test_parse_php : Common.path list -> unit
(* Print the set of tokens in a PHP file *)
val test_tokens_php : Common.filename -> unit
(* Print the AST of a PHP file using a sexp format *)
val test_sexp_php : Common.filename -> unit
(* Print the AST of a PHP file using a JSON format *)
val test_json_php : Common.filename -> unit
(* Print any scalar in a PHP file by internally using a visitor *)
val test_visit_php : Common.filename -> unit
(* This makes accessible the different test_xxx functions above from
* the command line, e.g. '$ pfff -parse_php foo.php' will call the
* test_parse_php function.
val actions : unit -> Common.cmdline_actions
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