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open Common
open Ocollection
open Oset
open Oassoc
(* open Ograph *)
open Oassocb
open Osetb
(* Prelude *)
(* An imperative directed polymorphic graph.
* What is the difference with ograph_extended? With ograph_extended we
* dont force the user to have a key; we generate those keys as he
* adds nodes. Here we assume the user already has an idea of what kind
* of key he wants to use (a string, a filename, a, int, whatever).
* This removes the need to remember some 'node -> nodeindex' mapping.
* It's very easy to add edge between entities with ograph_simple.
(* Type *)
class ['key, 'a,'b] ograph_mutable =
let build_assoc () = new oassocb [] in
let build_set () = new osetb Set_poly.empty in
val mutable succ = build_assoc()
val mutable pred = build_assoc()
val mutable nods = (build_assoc() : ('key, 'a) Oassocb.oassocb)
method add_node i (e: 'a) =
nods <- nods#add (i, e);
pred <- pred#add (i, build_set() );
succ <- succ#add (i, build_set() );
method del_node (i) =
(* check: e is effectively the index associated with e,
and check that already in *)
(* todo: assert that have no pred and succ, otherwise
* will have some dangling pointers
nods <- nods#delkey i;
pred <- pred#delkey i;
succ <- succ#delkey i;
method del_leaf_node_and_its_edges (i) =
let succ = o#successors i in
if not (succ#null)
then failwith "del_leaf_node_and_its_edges: have some successors"
else begin
let pred = o#predecessors i in
pred#tolist +> List.iter (fun (k, edge) ->
o#del_arc (k,i) edge;
o#del_node i
method leaf_nodes () =
let (set : 'key Oset.oset) = build_set () in
o#nodes#tolist +> List.fold_left (fun acc (k,v) ->
if (o#successors k)#null
then acc#add k
else acc
) set
method replace_node i (e: 'a) =
assert (nods#haskey i);
nods <- nods#replkey (i, e);
method add_node_if_not_present i (e: 'a) =
if nods#haskey i
then ()
else o#add_node i e
method add_arc (a,b) (v: 'b) =
succ <- succ#replkey (a, (succ#find a)#add (b, v));
pred <- pred#replkey (b, (pred#find b)#add (a, v));
method del_arc (a,b) v =
succ <- succ#replkey (a, (succ#find a)#del (b,v));
pred <- pred#replkey (b, (pred#find b)#del (a,v));
method successors e = succ#find e
method predecessors e = pred#find e
method nodes = nods
method allsuccessors = succ
(* detect if no loop ? *)
method ancestors k =
let empty_set = build_set() in
let rec aux acc x =
if acc#mem x
(* bugfix: have_loop := true; ? not, not necessarally.
* if you got a diamon, seeing a second time the same
* x does not mean we are in a loop
let acc = acc#add x in
let prefs = o#predecessors x in
let prefs = prefs#tolist +> fst in
prefs +> List.fold_left (fun acc x -> aux acc x) acc
let set = aux empty_set k in
let set = set#del k in
(* Debugging *)
let print_ograph_generic ~str_of_key ~str_of_node filename g =
Common.with_open_outfile filename (fun (pr,_) ->
pr "digraph misc {\n" ;
pr "size = \"10,10\";\n" ;
let nodes = g#nodes in
nodes#iter (fun (k,node) ->
pr (spf "%s [label=\"%s\"];\n" (str_of_key k) (str_of_node k node))
nodes#iter (fun (k,node) ->
let succ = g#successors k in
succ#iter (fun (j,edge) ->
pr (spf "%s -> %s;\n" (str_of_key k) (str_of_key j));
pr "}\n" ;
Ograph_extended.launch_gv_cmd filename;
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