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Thanks to
- Olivier Andrieu for ocamlcairo/ (LGPL)
- Jacques Garrigue for ocamlgtk/ (LGPL)
- Sylvain Conchon, J.C Filliâtre and Julien Signoles for ocamlgraph/ (LGPL)
- Martin Jambon, Mika Illouz and Gert Stolpmann for lib-json/ (BSD-like)
- Nicolas Canasse for lib-xml/ (LGPL)
- Jane Street for lib-sexp/ (LGPL)
- Thomas Gazagnaire for dynType (BSD-like)
- Maas-Maarten Zeeman for (BSD-like)
- Thorsten Ohl for (GPL)
- Guillaume Cottenceau for pleac/ (FDL)
- Eric Cooper for the Joust Java parser (GPL)
- Dario Teixeira for the CSS parser (GPL)
- Gert Stolpmann for the HTML parser (LGPL)
- John Whaley for bddbddb (LGPL)
Thanks of course also to Stallman, Torvalds, Leroy, Knuth and their
acolytes for respectively Emacs, Linux, OCaml, and (La)TeX.