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fixing make install, thx to ymotongpo for the bug report

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1 parent 7c8808c commit 3e4dc5e3410be603a6f4870c904ee54a08f850f5 pad committed Feb 10, 2011
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10 Makefile
@@ -542,15 +542,17 @@ VERSION=$(shell cat globals/ |grep version |perl -p -e 's/.*"(.*)".*
# note: don't remove DESTDIR, it can be set by package build system like ebuild
install: all
+ mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)
- cp -a config/ $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)
+ cp -a $(PROGS) $(BINDIR)
+ cp -a data $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)
@echo ""
- @echo "You can also install XXX by copying the program XXX"
- @echo "(available in this directory) anywhere you want and"
+ @echo "You can also install pfff by copying the programs"
+ @echo "available in this directory anywhere you want and"
@echo "give it the right options to find its configuration files."
- rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/config/
+ rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/data
@echo $(VERSION)
4 configure
@@ -405,10 +405,6 @@ pr2 "Generating commons/";
pr2 "Generating globals/";
#old: my $command = "perl -p -i -e 's#Not_found.\*#Not_found->\\\"$src\\\"#' globals/";
-pr2 "WARNING: Using facebook specific stuff for now, src = $src";
my $command = "perl -p -e 's#Not_found.\*#Not_found->\\\"$src\\\"#' globals/ > globals/";
11 readme.txt
@@ -51,15 +51,15 @@ You can also look at ./pfff --help
Usage for pfff_db:
- $ ./pfff_db -lang ml -o /tmp/pfff.db ~/pfff
+ $ ./pfff_db -lang ml -o /tmp/pfff.json ~/pfff
to analyze all the .ml and .mli files under ~/pfff and store metadata
-information (the database) in /tmp/pfff.db
+information (the database) in /tmp/pfff.json
Usage for codemap:
- $ ./codemap -with_info /tmp/pfff.db ~/pfff
+ $ ./codemap -with_info /tmp/pfff.json ~/pfff
This should launch a gtk-based GUI that allows you to visualize
source code and perform some code search.
@@ -82,3 +82,8 @@ Once this is done you can use some of the flags of pfff_db_heavy to
do some analysis as in:
$ ./pfff_db_heavy -deadcode_analysis /tmp/pfff_db/
+More information
+Look at the pfff wiki here:

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