sgrep trying to write to /dev/shm on Mac OS X 10.8.2 #47

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Sorry, noob question here. I'm not sure if I need a different compilation option here, but sgrep is attempting to write to shared memory on my mac. I didn't think macs have this facility.

~/src/pfff → master]$ ./sgrep -e 'if($bin = ... )' ~/src/         
Fatal error: exception Sys_error("/dev/shm/pfff_any_of_s-83142-fa7311php: No such file or directory")

Installed prereqs:
ocaml version 4.00.1
berkeley db 4.8
pcre 8.32

Build steps I took:
make depend

foldleft commented Apr 1, 2013

My bad. Run git pull and then try again.

@foldleft foldleft was assigned Apr 1, 2013

Works, thanks!!

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