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make install doesn't work #8

ymotongpoo opened this Issue · 4 comments

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After "make depend && make && make opt", "make install" will fail with this massage.

mkdir -p /opt/ocaml/share/pfff
cp -a config/ /opt/ocaml/share/pfff
cp: config/: No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

It seems that "config" directory wasn't created in procedure above, i.e. make depend && make && make opt.


Should be fixed in 3e4dc5e

git pull to get the latest pfff code, rerun ./configure --prefix
and make depend; make; make opt; make install and it should now work.


Thank you so much!! I'm a newbie OCamler and will give a presentation about pfff at the conference next week so I'll keep on catching up your great work :-)


Nice. Which conference it is ?


precisely conference and hackathon. The name of it is "Python Hackathon" but the track covers various topics such as Python, OCaml, Erlang and so on.
@camlspotter is the professional OCaml programmer and he will give his library which binds OCaml and Python :-)

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