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I'm currently have issues with Android, where my test cases seem to be clicking on the wrong/incorrect element.

Now the same code works perfectly on Firefox and the iPhone Simulator.

I have suspicion that the DOM changes slightly causing the X, Y coordinates that WebDriver uses to click on the element changes.

I know in the Java bindings, there was:

((Locatable) element).getCoordinates().inViewPort();

function that we would call to get the element in view and interact with it.

Is there something similar in the php-webdriver api for the Android mobile device?

Please correct me on this assumption if I am wrong.

If more information is needed, please let me know.



This php binding is still under development and some functionalities, including getCoordinates(), are not yet completed. We are keep working on that.


@afung206 Do you have any update on this issue? getCoordinates() had been implemented for a while.

@whhone whhone closed this Oct 31, 2014
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