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Where to pass regressor using add_regressor function? #709

SeanFLynch opened this issue Oct 18, 2018 · 3 comments


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commented Oct 18, 2018


I'm having great difficulty using the add_regressor function. I have a dataframe that looks like this:

ds region y ad_spend
2016-03-01 UK 1797.0 516.64
2016-03-01 DE 0.0 0.00
2016-03-01 FR 0.0 0.00
2016-03-01 NL 0.0 0.00
2016-03-01 BE - FR 0.0 0.00
2016-03-01 BE - NL 0.0 0.00
2016-03-02 UK 2696.0 523.91

There are values for the ad_spend column that go into the future. When I run this:

REGIONS = ['UK','DE','FR','NL']
results = []
for region in REGIONS:
subdf = rev.loc[rev['region'] == region]
m = Prophet(holidays=uksales)
result = m.predict(m.make_future_dataframe(periods = 10))
result = result.assign(region=region)
df.predict = pd.concat(results)

I keep getting this error:

ValueError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
6 m.add_regressor('ad_spend')
----> 8 result = m.predict(m.make_future_dataframe(periods = 10))
9 result = result.assign(region=region)
10 results.append(result)

/Users/seanlynch/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/fbprophet/forecaster.pyc in predict(self, df)
1036 if df.shape[0] == 0:
1037 raise ValueError('Dataframe has no rows.')
-> 1038 df = self.setup_dataframe(df.copy())
1040 df['trend'] = self.predict_trend(df)

/Users/seanlynch/anaconda2/lib/python2.7/site-packages/fbprophet/forecaster.pyc in setup_dataframe(self, df, initialize_scales)
249 if name not in df:
250 raise ValueError(
--> 251 'Regressor "{}" missing from dataframe'.format(name))
253 df = df.sort_values('ds')

ValueError: Regressor "ad_spend" missing from dataframe

I'm unclear where I'm supposed to be putting the ad_spend column. Any help would be much appreciated?


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commented Oct 18, 2018

It's in the line

result = m.predict(m.make_future_dataframe(periods = 10))

You need to know the extra regressor both in the past (subdf) and in the future (the dataframe passed to predict). A typically workflow would be to do

future = m.make_future_dataframe(periods = 10)
future['ad_spend'] = ...
result = m.predict(future)

where you would have to decide how to get your future values for ad_spend.

The error messaging can probably be improved here to make it more clear that it is predict() that requires the extra regressor to be specified.


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commented Oct 19, 2018

@bletham Thanks for that. Still not completely sure what I'm supposed to do here. Do I pass the historic ad spend data in the same dataframe with the columns 'y' and 'ds' and then pass the predicted future ad_spend in a separate dataframe. Or do I pass the all the ad_spend and future predicted ad_spend in a separate dataframe?


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commented Oct 23, 2018

The first one is correct; you pass the historic ad spend to fit in the same dataframe as y and ds. Then on predict, you pass in a new dataframe that has the future dates (and possibly past dates for which you want predictions) and also includes the ad spend as a column there. Fit and predict get separate dataframes, and each must have ad spend as a column that covers all of the dates in that dataframe.

@bletham bletham closed this Dec 20, 2018

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