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A standalone React DevTools implementation.

This is a low-level package.
If you're looking for the Electron app you can run, use react-devtools package instead.



This is similar to require('react-devtools') in another package but providing more control.
Unlike require('react-devtools'), it doesn't connect immediately, but exports a function.

Run connectToDevTools() in the same context as React to set up a connection to DevTools.
Make sure this runs before any react, react-dom, or react-native imports.

The options object may contain:

  • host (string), defaults to 'localhost'.
  • port (number), defaults to 8097.
  • resolveRNStyle (function), used by RN and null by default.

None of the options are required.


Lets you render DevTools into a DOM node and have it listen to connections.

For example:


You can check the Electron shell in react-devtools package for a complete integration example.

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