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Thanks for using React Native! If you need help with your React Native app, the right place to go depends on the type of help that you need.

🤔 I have a question or need help with my React Native app.

If you have a coding question related to React Native, it might be better suited for Stack Overflow. It's a great place to browse through frequent questions about using React Native, as well as ask for help with specific questions.

Reactiflux is an active community of React and React Native developers. If you are looking for immediate assistance or have a general question about React Native, the #react-native channel is a good place to start.

📃 I found something that seems wrong in the documentation.

The React Native website is hosted on a separate repository. If you want to report something that is wrong or missing from the documentation, please open a new issue there.

🐛 I found a bug in React Native.

If you want to report a reproducible bug or regression in the React Native library, you can create a new issue. It's a good idea to look through open issues before doing so, as someone else may have reported a similar issue.

🚀 I want to discuss the future of React Native.

If you'd like to discuss topics related to the future of React Native, please check out the React Native Community Discussions and Proposals repository.

💬 I want to talk to other React Native developers.

If you want to participate in casual discussions about the use of React Native, consider participating in one of the following forums:

For a full list of community resources, check out React Native's Community page.

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