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Make SystraceRequestListener extend BaseRequestListener

Summary: Instead of `SystraceRequestListener` implementing `RequestListener`, this diff instead extends the base implementation.

Reviewed By: massimocarli

Differential Revision: D4796679

fbshipit-source-id: 0c9a0b755f4beff69007688962682989e5af72e0
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kirwan authored and facebook-github-bot committed Mar 31, 2017
1 parent b80e2c8 commit 01a0e1002633021aafcb69fd2c10f1e893fb2dd8
@@ -7,14 +7,14 @@
import android.util.Pair;
import com.facebook.imagepipeline.listener.RequestListener;
import com.facebook.imagepipeline.listener.BaseRequestListener;
import com.facebook.imagepipeline.request.ImageRequest;
import com.facebook.systrace.Systrace;
* Logs requests to Systrace
public class SystraceRequestListener implements RequestListener {
public class SystraceRequestListener extends BaseRequestListener {
int mCurrentID = 0;
Map<String, Pair<Integer,String>> mProducerID = new HashMap<>();

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