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Add FORCE/SKIP_BUNDLING flags for iOS builds

*See discussion below for updated motivation.*

Anything running in Debug should use the packager anyway; no need to bundle. This saves a **huge amount of time** during development when testing things like push notifications that require a real device.

The code being modified was originally moved here in 9ae3714 to make sure bundles are always created in `Release`, but the change can be applied to real devices, too. Ideally there should be very little difference in how a simulator is treated compared to a physical device.

Run a Debug build in Xcode targeting a physical device before and after this commit.

You can use the `FORCE_BUNDLING` and `SKIP_BUNDLING` flags to manually change the default behavior. For example, under **Build Phases** > **Bundle React Native code and images**:

export SKIP_BUNDLING=true
Closes #14731

Differential Revision: D5444352

Pulled By: javache

fbshipit-source-id: 68324fc0be7976e106fe0f9b31d763afd2b460a9
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cooperka authored and facebook-github-bot committed Jul 18, 2017
1 parent c694212 commit 0681887347fdc5ff0ce2f3d2eb82ae2cd6d957ab
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@@ -10,13 +10,22 @@
# This script is supposed to be invoked as part of Xcode build process
# and relies on environment variables (including PWD) set by Xcode
if [[ "$SKIP_BUNDLING" ]]; then
echo "SKIP_BUNDLING enabled; skipping."
exit 0;
# Speed up build times by skipping the creation of the offline package for debug
# builds on the simulator since the packager is supposed to be running anyways.
if [[ "$PLATFORM_NAME" == *simulator ]]; then
echo "Skipping bundling for Simulator platform"
exit 0;
if [[ "$FORCE_BUNDLING" ]]; then
echo "FORCE_BUNDLING enabled; continuing to bundle."
echo "Skipping bundling in Debug for the Simulator (since the packager bundles for you). Use the FORCE_BUNDLING flag to change this behavior."
exit 0;
echo "Bundling for physical device. Use the SKIP_BUNDLING flag to change this behavior."

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pvinis Sep 4, 2017


🙏 thank you


pvinis commented on 0681887 Sep 4, 2017

🙏 thank you

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