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fix fontWeight regression

fix the regression I mentioned in #15162 (comment)

as no one is working on this, I take the step, although I know nothing about Objective C

I find the key point is that the keys in `NSDictionary` are not ordered as presented, it's a hash table, so no grantee on keys order, so I create a new array to do that, then it will check `ultralight` before `light` and `semibold` before `bold`
Closes #15825

Differential Revision: D5782142

Pulled By: shergin

fbshipit-source-id: 5346b0cb263e535c0b445e7a2912c452573248a5
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nihgwu authored and ide committed Sep 7, 2017
1 parent 29e5deb commit 0a319978ffdce459da1d3db1f3a14e1bf137b5e2
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@@ -36,33 +36,46 @@
typedef CGFloat RCTFontWeight;
static RCTFontWeight weightOfFont(UIFont *font)
static NSDictionary *nameToWeight;
static NSArray *fontNames;
static NSArray *fontWeights;
static dispatch_once_t onceToken;
dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{
nameToWeight = @{
@"normal": @(UIFontWeightRegular),
@"bold": @(UIFontWeightBold),
@"ultralight": @(UIFontWeightUltraLight),
@"thin": @(UIFontWeightThin),
@"light": @(UIFontWeightLight),
@"regular": @(UIFontWeightRegular),
@"medium": @(UIFontWeightMedium),
@"semibold": @(UIFontWeightSemibold),
@"bold": @(UIFontWeightBold),
@"heavy": @(UIFontWeightHeavy),
@"black": @(UIFontWeightBlack),
// We use two arrays instead of one map because
// the order is important for suffix matching.
fontNames = @[
fontWeights = @[
for (NSString *name in nameToWeight) {
if ([font.fontName.lowercaseString hasSuffix:name]) {
return [nameToWeight[name] doubleValue];
for (NSInteger i = 0; i < fontNames.count; i++) {
if ([font.fontName.lowercaseString hasSuffix:fontNames[i]]) {
return (RCTFontWeight)[fontWeights[i] doubleValue];
NSDictionary *traits = [font.fontDescriptor objectForKey:UIFontDescriptorTraitsAttribute];
RCTFontWeight weight = [traits[UIFontWeightTrait] doubleValue];
return weight;
return (RCTFontWeight)[traits[UIFontWeightTrait] doubleValue];
static BOOL isItalicFont(UIFont *font)

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