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React sync for revisions bc1ea9c...ade5e69

This sync includes the following changes:
- **[ade5e6928](facebook/react@ade5e69: Manually update schedule dep in react-native-renderer (#13609) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[f260b14a8](facebook/react@f260b14: Fix host bailout for the persistent mode (#13611) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[4a40d7624](facebook/react@4a40d76: Fix a regression related to isReactComponent prototype check (#13608) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[03ab1efeb](facebook/react@03ab1ef: Improve DX when combining react-dom/profiling and schedule/tracking (#13605) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[144328fe8](facebook/react@144328f: Enable no-use-before-define rule (#13606) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[8a8d973d3](facebook/react@8a8d973: Use clearer wording //<Dan>//
- **[7d1169b2d](facebook/react@7d1169b: Remove injectComponentTree from unstable-native-dependencies, add EventPluginHub (#13598) //<Brandon Dail>//
- **[8d1038fc6](facebook/react@8d1038f: Break up ReactDOMServerIntegrationForm-test (#13600) //<Nathan Hunzaker>//
- **[b87aabdfe](facebook/react@b87aabd: Drop the year from Facebook copyright headers and the LICENSE file. (#13593) //<Héctor Ramos>//
- **[e417e0bf7](facebook/react@e417e0b: Update ReactNativeViewConfigRegistry Flow Types (#13579) //<Timothy Yung>//
- **[71c0e05ba](facebook/react@71c0e05: Update bundle sizes for 16.5.0 release //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[6255cc394](facebook/react@6255cc3: Updating package versions for release 16.5.0 //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[28cb37978](facebook/react@28cb379: Added a test for Profiler onRender that throws (#13575) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[8963118b3](facebook/react@8963118: Update react-dom README //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b47a28cb9](facebook/react@b47a28c: Tweak react-dom README //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[f765f0225](facebook/react@f765f02: When a root expires, flush all expired work in a single batch (#13503) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[550dd1d2e](facebook/react@550dd1d: Call Profiler onRender after mutations (#13572) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[34348a45b](facebook/react@34348a4: Add enableSuspenseServerRenderer feature flag (#13573) //<Alex Taylor>//
- **[4e744be6e](facebook/react@4e744be: Added react-dom/profiling entry point to NPM package (#13570) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[bb627228e](facebook/react@bb62722: test: add test for fragement props (#13565) //<laoxiong>//
- **[9a110ebd8](facebook/react@9a110eb: Cleaned up 'schedule' API wrt interactions and subscriber ref: (#13561) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[fb88fd9d8](facebook/react@fb88fd9: Fixed schedule/tracking require for www sync script (#13556) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[955393cab](facebook/react@955393c: refactor: remove emove type judgment when defining warning props (#13553) //<laoxiong>//
- **[ff9399602](facebook/react@ff93996: Fix import of ReactDOM in server env //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[281bd64c0](facebook/react@281bd64: Fix test file name //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d6b59e3d2](facebook/react@d6b59e3: Check document.documentMode once //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[52633c84e](facebook/react@52633c8: Try/finally //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[2d4705e75](facebook/react@2d4705e: Make IE 11 not complain about non-crucial style attribute hydration mismatch (#13534) //<Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek>//
- **[25d48a728](facebook/react@25d48a7: Add gridArea to unitless CSS properties (#13550) //<Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek>//
- **[877f8bc6b](facebook/react@877f8bc: Renamed schedule UMD forwarding methods to stay in-sync with SECRET_INTERNALS change (#13549) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[0a96f9057](facebook/react@0a96f90: Revert "Extract common logic" (#13547) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[17a57adde](facebook/react@17a57ad: Fix test //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[605da8b42](facebook/react@605da8b: Extract common logic (#13535) //<Heaven>//
- **[69f9f4127](facebook/react@69f9f41: Document event bubble order (#13546) //<Philipp>//
- **[c1ba7b8cf](facebook/react@c1ba7b8: Remove www scheduler fork (#13545) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b473d5f86](facebook/react@b473d5f: Secret exports: Scheduler => Schedule (#13544) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[6312efc34](facebook/react@6312efc: Tweak README and description //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b92f947af](facebook/react@b92f947: Rename "react-scheduler" package to "schedule" (#13543) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[3c1dcd349](facebook/react@3c1dcd3: Expose less internals for TestUtils (#13539) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0b74e95d7](facebook/react@0b74e95: Ignore noscript content on the client (#13537) //<Fredrik Höglund>//
- **[8a1e3962a](facebook/react@8a1e396: Remove negative lookbehind from Rollup plugin that broke Node <= v8.9 (#13538) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[9604d26ae](facebook/react@9604d26: Rename ReactDOMFiber* to ReactDOM* (#13540) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[28b928902](facebook/react@28b9289: Tidied up scheduling UMD API forwarding test (#13533) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[bf8aa6092](facebook/react@bf8aa60: Added Jest test to verify UMD API-forwarding for scheduling package (#13532) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[0040efc8d](facebook/react@0040efc: Fix a typo (#13531) //<Heaven>//
- **[46950a3df](facebook/react@46950a3: Interaction tracking follow up (#13509) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[0452c9bba](facebook/react@0452c9b: Add a regression test for #4618 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[c21bab694](facebook/react@c21bab6: Add SSR regression test for #6119 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0d3fc9de1](facebook/react@0d3fc9d: Add regression test for #6119 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0f050ad7c](facebook/react@0f050ad: Make regression test better //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[f94342323](facebook/react@f943423: Add a more precise regression test for #6219 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[a3e4d0008](facebook/react@a3e4d00: Fixed typo (#13519) //<Ivan>//
- **[b3d8c5376](facebook/react@b3d8c53: [RN] Remove isMounted() false positive warning (#13511) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d2123d656](facebook/react@d2123d6: Sync React Native Flow Changes (#13513) //<Timothy Yung>//
- **[1c0ba70b4](facebook/react@1c0ba70: Fix test to use AsyncMode //<Dan>//
- **[6e4f7c788](facebook/react@6e4f7c7: Profiler integration with interaction-tracking package (#13253) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[2967ebdbe](facebook/react@2967ebd: Remove buggy unstable_deferredUpdates() (#13488) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[1664b08f0](facebook/react@1664b08: added flow types to setInnerHTML (#13495) //<Bryan M>//
- **[672e859d3](facebook/react@672e859: Add warning to prevent setting this.state to this.props referentially (#11658) //<Veekas Shrivastava>//
- **[29287f088](facebook/react@29287f0: Rename lowestPendingInteractiveExpirationTime (#13484) //<Heaven>//
- **[d400d6d5e](facebook/react@d400d6d: Replace magic number 1 with ELEMENT_NODE (#13479) //<Heaven>//
- **[340bfd939](facebook/react@340bfd9: Rename ReactTypeOfWork to ReactWorkTags, ReactTypeOfSideEffect to ReactSideEffectTags (#13476) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[5cefd9b1e](facebook/react@5cefd9b: Stringify <option> children (#13465) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[3661616c2](facebook/react@3661616: Improve test harness of submit events (#13463) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[a1be17140](facebook/react@a1be171: Revert "Rely on bubbling for submit and reset events (#13358)" (#13462) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[90c92c700](facebook/react@90c92c7: Fix warning message //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[5cb0f2bf5](facebook/react@5cb0f2b: Change www error shim API (#13454) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[e106b8c44](facebook/react@e106b8c: Warn about unsafe toWarnDev() nesting in tests (#12457) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[026aa9c97](facebook/react@026aa9c: Bumped version to 16.4.3-alpha.0 (#13448) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[d670bdc6b](facebook/react@d670bdc: Warn about ReactDOM.createPortal usage within ReactTestRenderer (#12895) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[bf1abf478](facebook/react@bf1abf4: Fix React.lazy(forwardRef) (#13446) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[e8571c798](facebook/react@e8571c7: Tweak ReactTypeOfWork order (#13444) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[973496b40](facebook/react@973496b: Fix component name for React.lazy (#13443) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0beb2ee76](facebook/react@0beb2ee: Fix incorrect legacy context for factory components (#13441) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[004cb21bb](facebook/react@004cb21: Short circuit the logic for exporting a module (#13392) //<Joseph>//
- **[f7a538c91](facebook/react@f7a538c: Remove getTextContentAccessor (#13434) //<Brandon Dail>//
- **[d1c42d2f1](facebook/react@d1c42d2: Remove addEventListener check in isEventSupported (#13435) //<Brandon Dail>//
- **[a869f992a](facebook/react@a869f99: Remove helper object from FallbackCompositionState (#13430) //<Brandon Dail>//
- **[0cd8d470d](facebook/react@0cd8d47: Do not toLowerCase lists of lowercase words (#13428) //<Nathan Hunzaker>//
- **[b3a4cfea5](facebook/react@b3a4cfe: Trap click events for portal root (#11927) //<Brandon Dail>//
- **[0da5102cf](facebook/react@0da5102: Add interaction-tracking/subscriptions (#13426) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[4b32f525e](facebook/react@4b32f52: Refactor away some namespace imports (#13427) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d2f5c3fbc](facebook/react@d2f5c3f: Don't diff memoized host components in completion phase (#13423) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[5e0f073d5](facebook/react@5e0f073: interaction-tracking package (#13234) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[d14e443d6](facebook/react@d14e443: Resume onSelect tracking after dragend (#13422) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d5edc1f51](facebook/react@d5edc1f: Remove unused ReactCall & ReactReturn types (#13419) //<Esteban>//
- **[4fa20b53b](facebook/react@4fa20b5: Don't pass instanceHandle to clones (#13125) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[fe959eea7](facebook/react@fe959ee: React.lazy (#13398) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[2b3082800](facebook/react@2b30828: Fix wrong Flow return type //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[5031ebf6b](facebook/react@5031ebf: Accept promise as element type (#13397) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[77b7a660b](facebook/react@77b7a66: fix: do not reconcile children that are iterable functions (#13416) //<Rauno Freiberg>//
- **[cb7745c6c](facebook/react@cb7745c: remove unused state initialValue from ReactDOMFiberSelect (#13412) //<Kartik Lad>//
- **[9832a1b6d](facebook/react@9832a1b: Avoid setting empty value on reset & submit inputs (#12780) //<Ellis Clayton>//
- **[8862172fa](facebook/react@8862172: Provide a better error message (#12421) //<Aaron Brager>//
- **[581682917](facebook/react@5816829: De-duplicate commitUpdateQueue effect commit (#13403) //<Ruud Burger>//
- **[1bc975d07](facebook/react@1bc975d: Don't stop context traversal at matching consumers (#13391) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[83e446e1d](facebook/react@83e446e: Refactor ReactErrorUtils (#13406) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[13fa96a54](facebook/react@13fa96a: Improve bad ref invariant (#13408) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b2adcfba3](facebook/react@b2adcfb: Don't suppress jsdom error reporting in our tests (#13401) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[69e2a0d73](facebook/react@69e2a0d: Ability to access window.event in development (#11687) (#11696) //<Conrad Irwin>//
- **[ade4dd3f6](facebook/react@ade4dd3: Fix typo in a comment (#13373) //<davidblnc>//
- **[2c59076d2](facebook/react@2c59076: Warn when "false" or "true" is the value of a boolean DOM prop (#13372) //<Moti Zilberman>//
- **[de5102c4c](facebook/react@de5102c: Ignore symbols and functions in select tag (#13389) //<Rauno Freiberg>//
- **[d04d03e47](facebook/react@d04d03e: Fix passing symbols and functions to textarea (#13362) //<Rauno Freiberg>//
- **[5550ed4a8](facebook/react@5550ed4: Ensure arguments are coerced to strings in warnings (#13385) //<Nathan Hunzaker>//
- **[3938ccc88](facebook/react@3938ccc: Allow the user to opt out of seeing "The above error..." addendum (#13384) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[47e217a77](facebook/react@47e217a: Provide component reference in ReactDOMFiberTextarea warnings (#13361) //<Rauno Freiberg>//
- **[a0190f828](facebook/react@a0190f8: Rename SafeValue to ToStringValue (#13376) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[33602d435](facebook/react@33602d4: Improve soundness of ReactDOMFiberInput typings (#13367) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[ae855cec2](facebook/react@ae855ce: Support tangentialPressure and twist fields of pointer events (#13374) //<Moti Zilberman>//
- **[725e499cf](facebook/react@725e499: Rely on bubbling for submit and reset events (#13358) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[e07a3cd28](facebook/react@e07a3cd: fix typo on inline comment (#13364) //<Alex Rohleder>//
- **[e0204084a](facebook/react@e020408: Fix typos detected by (#13349) //<Kazuhiro Sera>//
- **[be4533af7](facebook/react@be4533a: Fix hydration of non-string dangerousSetInnerHTML.__html (#13353) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0072b5998](facebook/react@0072b59: Improve scry() error message for bad first argument (#13351) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d59b993a7](facebook/react@d59b993: Make nicer stacks DEV-only //<Dan>//
- **[54d86eb82](facebook/react@54d86eb: Improve display of filenames in component stack (#12059) //<Billy Janitsch>//
- **[067cc24f5](facebook/react@067cc24: Profiler actualDuration bugfix (#13313) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[3cfab14b9](facebook/react@3cfab14: Treat focusable as enumerated boolean SVG attribute (#13339) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[3b3b7fcbb](facebook/react@3b3b7fc: Don't search beyond Sync roots for highest priority work (#13335) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[08e32263f](facebook/react@08e3226: Fix Prettier "No parser" warning while building (#13323) //<Bartosz Kaszubowski>//
- **[ac7238856](facebook/react@ac72388: Add support for auxclick event (#11571) //<Jason Quense>//
- **[75491a8f4](facebook/react@75491a8: Add a regression test for #12200 (#12242) //<Gareth Small>//
- **[2d0356a52](facebook/react@2d0356a: Make sure that `select` has `multiple` attribute set to appropriate state before appending options (#13270) //<Dmytro Zasyadko>//
- **[b179bae0a](facebook/react@b179bae: Enhance get derived state from props state warning - #12670 (#13317) //<Felix Wu>//
- **[15a8f0318](facebook/react@15a8f03: Fix ambiguity in doc comment for isValidElement (#12826) //<Alexey>//
- **[5cff21207](facebook/react@5cff212: add flowtype to function signature (#13285) //<ryota-murakami>//
- **[b565f4953](facebook/react@b565f49: Minimally support iframes (nested browsing contexts) in selection event handling (#12037) //<Andrew Patton>//
- **[1609cf343](facebook/react@1609cf3: Warn about rendering Generators (#13312) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[46d5afc54](facebook/react@46d5afc: Replace console.error() with a throw in setTimeout() as last resort exception logging (#13310) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b3b80a483](facebook/react@b3b80a4: Inject react-art renderer into react-devtools (#13173) //<Yunchan Cho>//
- **[5e8beec84](facebook/react@5e8beec: Add a regression test for #11602 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[470377bbd](facebook/react@470377b: Remove extraneous condition //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[6db080154](facebook/react@6db0801: Remove irrelevant suggestion of a legacy method from a warning (#13169) //<Ideveloper>//
- **[f60a7f722](facebook/react@f60a7f7: Fix SSR crash on a hasOwnProperty attribute (#13303) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[ff41519ec](facebook/react@ff41519: Sanitize unknown attribute names for SSR (#13302) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[c44c2a216](facebook/react@c44c2a2: More helpful message when passing an element to createElement() (#13131) //<Dylan Cutler>//
- **[28cd494bd](facebook/react@28cd494: Refactor validateDOMNesting a bit (#13300) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b381f4141](facebook/react@b381f41: Allow Electrons <webview> tag (#13301) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[0182a7463](facebook/react@0182a74: Fix a crash when using dynamic children in <option> tag (#13261) //<Konstantin Yakushin>//
- **[2a2ef7e0f](facebook/react@2a2ef7e: Remove unnecessary branching from updateContextProvider (#13282) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[840cb1a26](facebook/react@840cb1a: Add an invariant to createRoot() to validate containers (#13279) //<Dan Abramov>//

Release Notes:
[GENERAL] [FEATURE] [React] - React sync for revisions bc1ea9c...ade5e69

Reviewed By: bvaughn

Differential Revision: D9561644

fbshipit-source-id: 3be120d7450f310af458897d54993a6c086cff2f
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