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React sync for revisions 4773fdf...3ff2c7c

This sync includes the following changes:
- **[3ff2c7ccd](facebook/react@3ff2c7c: Invalid actualDuration+treeBaseDuration for hidden+suspended trees (#14065) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[5afa1c4ed](facebook/react@5afa1c4: Tag MemoComponent with PerformedWork effectTag for DevTools Profiler (#14141) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[e27720d7f](facebook/react@e27720d: [Synchronous Suspense] Reuse deletions from primary tree (#14133) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[aa1ffe4e7](facebook/react@aa1ffe4: Show deprecated context object warnings usage in ReactDOM server (#14033) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
- **[e3a7b9645](facebook/react@e3a7b96: Make react-debug-tools a private package //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[ba1984423](facebook/react@ba19844: Update bundle sizes for 16.6.1 release //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[b50e63ef5](facebook/react@b50e63e: Updating package versions for release 16.6.1 //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[8f2c89e96](facebook/react@8f2c89e: Make react-debug-tools a private package //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[2aecbcd6f](facebook/react@2aecbcd: "functional component" -> "function component" (#14123) //<locknono>//
- **[b4608dd24](facebook/react@b4608dd: Remove unused simulated flag parameter (#14127) //<Nadav Kaner>//
- **[3c69a1881](facebook/react@3c69a18: Recover from errors with a boundary in completion phase (#14104) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b020fb114](facebook/react@b020fb1: Check correct commit phase props in fuzz tester (#14129) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[b67c1a2ee](facebook/react@b67c1a2: Add DEV-only checks for assumption about instance properties (#14128) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[f777d196e](facebook/react@f777d19: Fix lazy() with defaultProps (#14112) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[e4512991c](facebook/react@e451299: Fix unhiding in IE11 (#14126) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[affb2b50c](facebook/react@affb2b5: Enable hooks in www test renderer, too //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[0a0f503d5](facebook/react@0a0f503: Enable hooks in www build (#14116) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[600651e68](facebook/react@600651e: Restore the Hooks dispatcher after using SSR (#14105) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[e9a2ec915](facebook/react@e9a2ec9: [suspense] Avoid double commit by re-rendering immediately and reusing primary children (#14083) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[9d47143e8](facebook/react@9d47143: Implement {,un}hideInstance on RN renderer (#14115) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[ebdb47d2c](facebook/react@ebdb47d: DCE hooks code when flag is off (#14111) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[8b87ebf5b](facebook/react@8b87ebf: Rename .internal tests that aren't using internals (#14109) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[da04058a9](facebook/react@da04058: Use Function.prototype.apply in warningWithoutStack (#14107) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[fd1256a56](facebook/react@fd1256a: Add Debug Tools Package for Introspection of Hooks (#14085) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[b305c4e03](facebook/react@b305c4e: fix(react-dom): Fix crash during server render (#14103) //<Tiago Nunes>//
- **[d34d1c3ba](facebook/react@d34d1c3: react-reconciler: Update (#13953) //<Marcelo Jorge Vieira>//
- **[6c404d82a](facebook/react@6c404d8: Bugfix: Add back early return in setOffsets which was removed between 16.4.2 and 16.5.0. Fails in Edge in some scenarios. (#14095) //<einarq>//
- **[8eca0eff8](facebook/react@8eca0ef: chore(tests): don't rely on jest fake timers scheduling real timers (#14003) //<Simen Bekkhus>//
- **[293fed899](facebook/react@293fed8: Warn for bad useEffect return value (#14069) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[ae196e84b](facebook/react@ae196e8: Rename inputsAreEqual to areHookInputsEqual & move it to shared (#14036) //<Mateusz Burzyński>//
- **[c898020e0](facebook/react@c898020: Warn for forwardRef(memo(...)) (#14070) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[bf9fadfcf](facebook/react@bf9fadf: [Hooks] Remove dispatch callbacks (#14037) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[8c67bbf18](facebook/react@8c67bbf: [scheduler] Deadline object -> shouldYield (#14025) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[e02086bfc](facebook/react@e02086b: Warn about variable number of dependencies //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[b92cdef64](facebook/react@b92cdef: Rename ReactHooks test suite //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[6efbbe068](facebook/react@6efbbe0: Prettier //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[504576306](facebook/react@5045763: Swap order of function member in hook union types //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[ddbfe2ed5](facebook/react@ddbfe2e: Add ESLint rule for React Hooks //<Caleb Meredith>//
- **[acb489963](facebook/react@acb4899: Clear effect tags from a fiber that suspends in non-concurrent mode //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[933b64710](facebook/react@933b647: Disable hook update callback (2nd arg to setState/dispatch) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[5fc84efac](facebook/react@5fc84ef: Skip updating effect tag when skipping effect //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[9f34eb79a](facebook/react@9f34eb7: Add readContext to ReactPartialRendererHooks //<Alex Taylor>//
- **[f7cb9d2b2](facebook/react@f7cb9d2: Warn about useContext(Consumer|Provider) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[63cc7d2b3](facebook/react@63cc7d2: Test useContext in pure, forwardRef, and PureComponent //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[3a7c6da8d](facebook/react@3a7c6da: Make effects actually work with memo //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[75a1c2e72](facebook/react@75a1c2e: The Lost Effect, chapter 3 //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[55a4b1f37](facebook/react@55a4b1f: memo supports Hooks //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[30aa4ad55](facebook/react@30aa4ad: The Lost Effect, chapter 2 //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[b772e0e26](facebook/react@b772e0e: "functional component" -> "function component" in hooks error messages //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[9e9e3970e](facebook/react@9e9e397: Warn for Hook set-state on unmounted component //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[6514697f0](facebook/react@6514697: Make sure deletions don't stop passive effects //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[dd019d34d](facebook/react@dd019d3: Add support for hooks to ReactDOMServer //<Alex Taylor>//
- **[11d0781ee](facebook/react@11d0781: Defer useEffect until after paint //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[105f2de54](facebook/react@105f2de: Put hooks behind feature flag //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[7bee9fbdd](facebook/react@7bee9fb: Initial hooks implementation //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[37c7fe0a5](facebook/react@37c7fe0: Update createRoot warning message based on `enableStableConcurrentModeAPIs` (#14017) //<Rauno Freiberg>//
- **[95f98a187](facebook/react@95f98a1: fix typo (#13955) //<Joseph>//
- **[e217f2f1a](facebook/react@e217f2f: Updated comment for getEventModifierState (#13918) //<Patrick>//
- **[275e76e83](facebook/react@275e76e: Enable stable concurrent APIs flag for 16.7 alpha (#13928) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[8b97a9c36](facebook/react@8b97a9c: Update bundle sizes for 16.6.0 release //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[6c29eabf7](facebook/react@6c29eab: Updating package versions for release 16.6.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d520b358d](facebook/react@d520b35: Revert all package versions to 16.5.2 state //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[8f1ec7649](facebook/react@8f1ec76: Bump versions to beta.0 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[5055a83fa](facebook/react@5055a83: Revert "Revert "Updating dependencies for react-noop-renderer"" //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[3e8b4a5b8](facebook/react@3e8b4a5: Revert "Updating dependencies for react-noop-renderer" //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[d8e03de4a](facebook/react@d8e03de: [react-cache] Remove `cache` as argument to `read` (#13865) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[fefa1269e](facebook/react@fefa126: Revert accidentally committed existence check (#13931) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[80a0c05ce](facebook/react@80a0c05: Removed react-cache from the bundle list for now (#13930) //<BrianVaughn>//
- **[915e4eab5](facebook/react@915e4ea: Add "unstable_" prefix to react-cache and jest-react (#13929) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[cbbc2b6c4](facebook/react@cbbc2b6: [Synchronous Suspense] Suspending a class outside concurrent mode (#13926) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[4947fcd76](facebook/react@4947fcd: Fix lint (#13923) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[d75c69e0c](facebook/react@d75c69e: Remove unstable_ prefix from Suspense (#13922) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[c8ef2feda](facebook/react@c8ef2fe: Remove redundant word "the" (#13919) //<John Lin>//
- **[55444a6f4](facebook/react@55444a6: Try rendering again if a timed out tree receives an update (#13921) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[04c4f2fce](facebook/react@04c4f2f: [reconciler] ReactFiberNewContext import maxSigned31BitInt twice (#13857) //<yongningfu>//
- **[409e472fc](facebook/react@409e472: Add flow types in ReactControlledComponent (#13669) //<Abdul Rauf>//
- **[663835a43](facebook/react@663835a: Add flow types in getEventModifierState (#13909) //<Abdul Rauf>//
- **[82710097f](facebook/react@8271009: Add flow types in getNodeForCharacterOffset (#13908) //<Abdul Rauf>//
- **[b753f76a7](facebook/react@b753f76: Fix failing async tests in Node 10 //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[b5c0852fd](facebook/react@b5c0852: Bump version to 16.6.0-beta.0 (#13906) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[769b1f270](facebook/react@769b1f2: pure -> memo (#13905) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[8ecd4bd4f](facebook/react@8ecd4bd: Add support for React.pure in ReactDOMServer (#13855) //<Alex Taylor>//
- **[15b11d23f](facebook/react@15b11d2: Allow arbitrary types to be wrapped in pure (#13903) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[e770af7a3](facebook/react@e770af7: Add back accidentally deleted `break` to prevent fallthrough //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[95a313ec0](facebook/react@95a313e: Unfork Lazy Component Branches (#13902) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[e16cdd5b1](facebook/react@e16cdd5: Always bail out timed out children even if they receive an update (#13901) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[7268d97d2](facebook/react@7268d97: Centralize props memoization (#13900) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[0fc044679](facebook/react@0fc0446: Class component can suspend without losing state outside concurrent mode (#13899) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[36db53822](facebook/react@36db538: Bugfix for #13886 (#13896) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[6938dcaac](facebook/react@6938dca: SSR support for class contextType (#13889) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[fa65c58e1](facebook/react@fa65c58: Add readContext to SSR (#13888) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[d9a3cc070](facebook/react@d9a3cc0: React.lazy constructor must return result of a dynamic import (#13886) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[d9659e499](facebook/react@d9659e4: Lazy components must use React.lazy (#13885) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[0648ca618](facebook/react@0648ca6: Revert "React.pure automatically forwards ref" (#13887) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[4dd772ac1](facebook/react@4dd772a: Prettier :( //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[98bab66c3](facebook/react@98bab66: Fix lint //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[8ced545e3](facebook/react@8ced545: Suspense component does not capture if `fallback` is not defined (#13879) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[b738ced47](facebook/react@b738ced: Remove render prop option from Suspense (#13880) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[55b827942](facebook/react@55b8279: Strict mode and default mode should have same Suspense semantics (#13882) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[dac9202a9](facebook/react@dac9202: Hide timed-out children instead of deleting them so their state ispreserved (#13823) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[4f0bd4590](facebook/react@4f0bd45: Replacement of old links, by the new ones of the documentation. (#13871) //<Pablo Javier D. A>//
- **[7685b55d2](facebook/react@7685b55: Remove unstable_read() in favor of direct dispatcher call (#13861)//<Dan Abramov>//
- **[21a79a1d9](facebook/react@21a79a1: [schedule] Call ensureHostCallbackIsScheduled without args (#13852) //<Trivikram Kamat>//
- **[9ea4bc6ed](facebook/react@9ea4bc6: Fix false positive context warning when using an old React (#13850) //<Dan Abramov>//

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[GENERAL] [FEATURE] [React] - React sync for revisions 4773fdf...3ff2c7c

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Differential Revision: D12955345

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