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Fix usage of old String constructor
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Reviewed By: amnn

Differential Revision: D4204575

fbshipit-source-id: ea0309ec9bf2c8a4c480188efb00408fcc399e2e
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javache authored and Facebook Github Bot committed Nov 18, 2016
1 parent 20514e3 commit 2a04569
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion ReactCommon/cxxreact/JSCExecutor.cpp
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -368,7 +368,7 @@ void JSCExecutor::loadApplicationScript(
int fd,
std::string sourceURL)
String jsSourceURL {sourceURL.c_str()};
String jsSourceURL(m_context, sourceURL.c_str());

auto bcSourceCode = JSCreateCompiledSourceCode(fd, jsSourceURL);
if (!bcSourceCode) {
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