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Expose shake-to-show dev menu setting via the bridge

Apps commonly provide their own rage-shake menus or behaviors, including in dev builds where the dev menu is enabled on shake. Rather than try to override these settings via native code, it can be helpful to let the app define when to show the menu via the bridge.

See recent discussion in #1054
Closes #13563

Differential Revision: D4928745

Pulled By: javache

fbshipit-source-id: a5b30e1b198780bb560e1a6d528f727b3b7d4cb7
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wschurman authored and facebook-github-bot committed Apr 21, 2017
1 parent 32eab54 commit 39d19740d295b7dcbac3a655a14a473591216497
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@@ -202,9 +202,9 @@ - (BOOL)isJSCSamplingProfilerAvailable
[_bridge reload];
- (void)setIsShakeToShowDevMenuEnabled:(BOOL)isShakeToShowDevMenuEnabled
[self _updateSettingWithValue:@(isShakeToShowDevMenuEnabled) forKey:kRCTDevSettingShakeToShowDevMenu];
[self _updateSettingWithValue:@(enabled) forKey:kRCTDevSettingShakeToShowDevMenu];
- (BOOL)isShakeToShowDevMenuEnabled

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