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Packager - Fix absolute imports on Windows

Absolute imports on Windows were broken, I'm not 100% sure when this happens but when I tested Exponent on Windows which uses `rn-cli.config.js` with
getTransformOptions() {
    return {
      reactNativePath: path.resolve('./node_modules/react-native'),
      reactPath: path.resolve('./node_modules/react'),
it seemed to use absolute paths for these modules.

I also tested absolute paths in node repl and it does work for absolute paths of different formats. `C:/root/test.js`, `/root/test.js`, `C:\root\test.js` all do resolve properly to the same module.

To fix this I resolve the absolute path using `path.resolve` on Windows. Noop on other platforms to avoid the overhead since it's not necessary.

**Test plan**
- Tested that it fixed the bug I had when running Exponent on Windows.
- Updated the absolute path test to use forward slashes since this is what happens in practice when using `getTransformOptions`. We can't test all cases on linux since adding the drive letter au
Closes #12530

Differential Revision: D4634699

Pulled By: jeanlauliac

fbshipit-source-id: 0cf6528069b79cba2e0f79f48f5a524d59b7091e
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janicduplessis authored and facebook-github-bot committed Mar 1, 2017
1 parent 4d00df4 commit 5facc237994012b525248a4209841ffebf04a837
@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ class ResolutionRequest {
_resolveFileOrDir(fromModule: Module, toModuleName: string) {
const potentialModulePath = isAbsolutePath(toModuleName) ?
toModuleName :
resolveWindowsPath(toModuleName) :
path.join(path.dirname(fromModule.path), toModuleName);
return this._redirectRequire(fromModule, potentialModulePath).then(
@@ -509,6 +509,16 @@ function normalizePath(modulePath) {
return modulePath.replace(/\/$/, '');
// HasteFS stores paths with backslashes on Windows, this ensures the path is
// in the proper format. Will also add drive letter if not present so `/root` will
// resolve to `C:\root`. Noop on other platforms.
function resolveWindowsPath(modulePath) {
if (path.sep !== '\\') {
return modulePath;
return path.resolve(modulePath);
function resolveKeyWithPromise([key, promise]) {
return promise.then(value => [key, value]);
@@ -2478,7 +2478,7 @@ describe('DependencyGraph', function() {
const root = 'C:\\root';
'root': {
'index.js': 'require("C:\\\\root\\\\apple.js");',
'index.js': 'require("C:/root/apple.js");',
'apple.js': '',
@@ -2493,7 +2493,7 @@ describe('DependencyGraph', function() {
id: 'C:\\root\\index.js',
path: 'C:\\root\\index.js',
dependencies: ['C:\\root\\apple.js'],
dependencies: ['C:/root/apple.js'],
isAsset: false,
isJSON: false,
isPolyfill: false,

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