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Identify keyboardDismissMode platform-specific options

Similar to `TextInput`'s `returnKeyType`, comments allow to see at a glance which options are cross-platform and which are not.

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Closes #14780

Differential Revision: D5480895

Pulled By: hramos

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jkdf2 authored and facebook-github-bot committed Jul 24, 2017
1 parent 879d2e3 commit 64899c08f382ce64fd694a890ccc0f5ff7b8d75c
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@@ -201,16 +201,21 @@ const ScrollView = createReactClass({
* Determines whether the keyboard gets dismissed in response to a drag.
* *Cross platform*
* - `'none'` (the default), drags do not dismiss the keyboard.
* - `'on-drag'`, the keyboard is dismissed when a drag begins.
* *iOS Only*
* - `'interactive'`, the keyboard is dismissed interactively with the drag and moves in
* synchrony with the touch; dragging upwards cancels the dismissal.
* On android this is not supported and it will have the same behavior as 'none'.
keyboardDismissMode: PropTypes.oneOf([
'none', // default
'on-drag', // Cross-platform
'interactive', // iOS-only
* Determines when the keyboard should stay visible after a tap.

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