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React sync for revisions c0fe8d6...ae14317

This sync includes the following changes:
- **[ae14317d6](facebook/react@ae14317: Inline fbjs/lib/emptyFunction (#13054) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[72434a768](facebook/react@72434a7: Remove or inline some fbjs dependencies (#13046) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[64c54edea](facebook/react@64c54ed: Adding movementX and movementY to synthenticMouseEvent fixes #6723 (#9018) //<Jason Williams>//
- **[9bd4d1fae](facebook/react@9bd4d1f: Synchronously restart when an error is thrown during async rendering (#13041) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[9bda7b28f](facebook/react@9bda7b2: Suspended high pri work forces lower priority work to expire early  (#12965) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[2e7577907](facebook/react@2e75779: Fix incorrect data in compositionend event with Korean IME on IE11 (#10217) (#12563) //<Crux>//
- **[bc963f353](facebook/react@bc963f3: setJSResponder in Fabric renderer (#13031) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[051637da6](facebook/react@051637d: Extract Fabric event handlers from canonical props (#13024) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[2a8085980](facebook/react@2a80859: Remove rAF fork (#12980) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[e0c78344e](facebook/react@e0c7834: Retry on error if there's lower priority pending work (#12957) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[9725065eb](facebook/react@9725065: Update bundle sizes for 16.4.1 release //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0b87b2790](facebook/react@0b87b27: Updating package versions for release 16.4.1 //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[036ae3c6e](facebook/react@036ae3c: Use native event dispatching instead of Simulate or SimulateNative (#13023) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[945fc1bfc](facebook/react@945fc1b: Call gDSFP with the right state in react-test-render (#13030) //<Rafał Ruciński>//
- **[392530104](facebook/react@3925301: Remove feature flag around 'getDerivedStateFromProps' bug fix (#13022) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[1594409fa](facebook/react@1594409: Scheduler depends on common packages (#13020) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d5c11193e](facebook/react@d5c1119: Added production profiling bundle type (#12886) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[ec60457bc](facebook/react@ec60457: Popping context is O(1) in SSR (#13019) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[30bc8ef79](facebook/react@30bc8ef: Allow multiple root children in test renderer traversal API (#13017) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d480782c4](facebook/react@d480782: Don’t error when returning an empty Fragment (#12966) //<Philipp Spieß>//
- **[4ac6f133a](facebook/react@4ac6f13: Fallback to event.srcElement for IE9 (#12976) //<Nathan Hunzaker>//
- **[23be4102d](facebook/react@23be410: Fixed an issue with nested contexts unwinding when server rendering. Issue #12984 (#12985) //<Eric Soderberg>//
- **[d0d428064](facebook/react@d0d4280: Remove old reference to inst._wrapperState (#12987) //<Nathan Hunzaker>//
- **[c78957eac](facebook/react@c78957e: Fix an SVG focusing crash in IE11 (#12996) //<Jifa Jiang>//
- **[bfb12ebb5](facebook/react@bfb12eb: delete a couple of redundant lines in performWorkOnRoot() in ReactFiberScheduler.js (#13003) //<Nathan Quarles>//
- **[394b17eed](facebook/react@394b17e: Update custom renderer docs //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[188c4252a](facebook/react@188c425: Fix react-dom ReferenceError requestAnimationFrame in non-browser env (#13000) (#13001) //<Ivan Babak>//
- **[9cf3733a9](facebook/react@9cf3733: update comment in computeAsyncExpiration() to reflect code (#12994) //<Nathan Quarles>//
- **[c5a733e1e](facebook/react@c5a733e: Fix links of docs on the comment (#12795) //<Ende93>//
- **[36546b513](facebook/react@36546b5: Set the correct initial value on input range (#12939) //<Maxime Nory>//
- **[15767a8f8](facebook/react@15767a8: [scheduler] 5/n Error handling in scheduler (#12920) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[3118ed9d6](facebook/react@3118ed9: Expose unstable_interactiveUpdates on ReactDOM (#12943) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[524a74331](facebook/react@524a743: Fix for Flow issues in SimpleCacheProvider (#12942) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[ae57b125c](facebook/react@ae57b12: [simple-cache-provider] Use LRU cache eviction (#12851) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[e0a03c1b4](facebook/react@e0a03c1: Extend input type check in selection capabilities (#12062) (#12135) //<Spyros Ioakeimidis>//
- **[79a740c6e](facebook/react@79a740c: Rename variables to remove references to 'global' global (#12931) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[ff724d3c2](facebook/react@ff724d3: [scheduler] 4/n Allow splitting out `schedule` in fb-www, prepare to fix polyfill issue internally (#12900) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[83f76e4db](facebook/react@83f76e4: ForwardRefs supports propTypes (#12911) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[8aeea5afa](facebook/react@8aeea5a: Do not assign node.value on input creation if no change will occur (#12925) //<Nathan Hunzaker>//
- **[aa85b0fd5](facebook/react@aa85b0f: Upgrade to Jest 23 (#12894) //<Simen Bekkhus>//
- **[61777a78f](facebook/react@61777a7: [scheduler] 3/n Use a linked list instead of map and queue for callback storage (#12893) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[e7bd3d59a](facebook/react@e7bd3d5: No longer expose ReactNativeComponentTree (#12904) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[f35d989be](facebook/react@f35d989: TestRenderer warns if flushThrough is passed the wrong params (#12909) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[557870067](facebook/react@5578700: Record "actual" times for all Fibers within a Profiler tree (alt) (#12910) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[76e07071a](facebook/react@76e0707: [scheduler] 2/n Adding 'schedule' fixture (#12884) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[345e0a71a](facebook/react@345e0a7: Improve tests for 'schedule' module (#12880) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[8765d6089](facebook/react@8765d60: Update bundle sizes for 16.4.0 release //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[d427a563d](facebook/react@d427a56: Updating package versions for release 16.4.0 //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[53852a887](facebook/react@53852a8: add functional components warning about legacy context api (#12892) //<Chang Yan>//
- **[fe747a51c](facebook/react@fe747a5: Add React.Timeout to getComponentName (#12890) //<Toru Kobayashi>//
- **[c601f7a64](facebook/react@c601f7a: add siblings Timeout components test case (#12862) //<Chang Yan>//
- **[735035837](facebook/react@7350358: add legacy context API warning in strict mode (#12849) //<Chang Yan>//
- **[e88579184](facebook/react@e885791: Fix a regression that caused us to listen to extra events at the top (#12878) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[7c0aca289](facebook/react@7c0aca2: Rollup freeze: false (#12879) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[33289b530](facebook/react@33289b5: Tests and fixes for 'timing out' behavior (#12858) //<Flarnie Marchan>//
- **[ad27845cc](facebook/react@ad27845: Fix double-firing submit events (#12877) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[dd5fad296](facebook/react@dd5fad2: Update Flow to 0.70 (#12875) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[13003654e](facebook/react@1300365: Pass "start time" and "commit time" to Profiler callback (#12852) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[dc3b144f4](facebook/react@dc3b144: Treat Rollup "warnings" as errors (#12868) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d7b9b4921](facebook/react@d7b9b49: Fix react native example links in README of 'react-reconciler' (#12871) //<Kevin (Kun) "Kassimo" Qian>//
- **[9bed4a6ae](facebook/react@9bed4a6: https in reactProdInvariant text (#12869) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[47b003a82](facebook/react@47b003a: Resolve host configs at build time (#12792) //<Dan Abramov>//

Release Notes:
[GENERAL] [FEATURE] [React] - React sync for revisions c0fe8d6...ae14317

Reviewed By: bvaughn

Differential Revision: D8458731

fbshipit-source-id: afefaa50685d43e70c8ea85c70d2e29dee311cbb
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