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Let measure behave more like on the web

Nodes with a measure function needs to be measured even so it seems there is no available space. So it behaves more like on the web. Fix facebook/yoga#488
Closes facebook/yoga#499

Reviewed By: astreet

Differential Revision: D4954008

Pulled By: emilsjolander

fbshipit-source-id: 5b6d9afae0cdebe33f8b82b67620b3b4527d1efc
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woehrl01 authored and facebook-github-bot committed Apr 27, 2017
1 parent 3c355d3 commit 925ec01e01cf6128f16cc60113ba4226e4d65df9
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  1. +0 −7 ReactCommon/yoga/yoga/Yoga.c
@@ -1659,13 +1659,6 @@ static void YGNodeWithMeasureFuncSetMeasuredDimensions(const YGNodeRef node,
node, YGFlexDirectionRow, availableWidth - marginAxisRow, parentWidth, parentWidth);
node->layout.measuredDimensions[YGDimensionHeight] = YGNodeBoundAxis(
node, YGFlexDirectionColumn, availableHeight - marginAxisColumn, parentHeight, parentWidth);
} else if (innerWidth <= 0.0f || innerHeight <= 0.0f) {
// Don't bother sizing the text if there's no horizontal or vertical
// space.
node->layout.measuredDimensions[YGDimensionWidth] =
YGNodeBoundAxis(node, YGFlexDirectionRow, 0.0f, availableWidth, availableWidth);
node->layout.measuredDimensions[YGDimensionHeight] =
YGNodeBoundAxis(node, YGFlexDirectionColumn, 0.0f, availableHeight, availableWidth);
} else {
// Measure the text under the current constraints.
const YGSize measuredSize =

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