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Removing the `react-addons-perf` reference since now RN relies on React 16, and it's not [supported anymore](

Nothing to test.

[DOCS] [BUGFIX] [] removing old reference in the doc.
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[----------]        TYPE
[ CLI      ]   [-------------]      LOCATION
[ DOCS     ]   [ BREAKING    ]   [-------------]
[ GENERAL  ]   [ BUGFIX      ]   [-{Component}-]
[ INTERNAL ]   [ ENHANCEMENT ]   [ {File}      ]
[ IOS      ]   [ FEATURE     ]   [ {Directory} ]   |-----------|
[ ANDROID  ]   [ MINOR       ]   [ {Framework} ] - | {Message} |
[----------]   [-------------]   [-------------]   |-----------|



 [IOS] [BREAKING] [FlatList] - Change a thing that breaks other things
 [ANDROID] [BUGFIX] [TextInput] - Did a thing to TextInput
 [CLI] [FEATURE] [local-cli/info/info.js] - CLI easier to do things with
 [DOCS] [BUGFIX] [] - Accidentally a thing/word
 [GENERAL] [ENHANCEMENT] [Yoga] - Added new yoga thing/position
 [INTERNAL] [FEATURE] [./scripts] - Added thing to script that nobody will see
Closes #17004

Differential Revision: D6434107

Pulled By: hramos

fbshipit-source-id: 7080c8054072ffb3e2ea58dcb89997585a5d5833
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kelset authored and facebook-github-bot committed Nov 29, 2017
1 parent d1fc8ef commit 92c0980540dde0053bad05fae6414cf8275a71b1
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@@ -172,8 +172,6 @@ Access it by selecting Perf Monitor from the Debug menu.
For iOS, Instruments is an invaluable tool, and on Android you should learn to use [`systrace`](docs/performance.html#profiling-android-ui-performance-with-systrace).
You can also use [`react-addons-perf`]( to get insights into where React is spending time when rendering your components.
Another way to profile JavaScript is to use the Chrome profiler while debugging.
This won't give you accurate results as the code is running in Chrome but will give you a general idea of where bottlenecks might be.

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tychota commented on 92c0980 Jan 4, 2018

What should we use instead ?

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