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Improve error messages when nesting View in Text

Summary: Since we don't support this, we should throw early. Also tries to improve the error message when adding a node that doesn't have a YogaNode to a node that can't measure itself.

Reviewed By: andreicoman11

Differential Revision: D4421542

fbshipit-source-id: e0be8cdd763091145e5e6af2db91515f4d236b37
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astreet authored and facebook-github-bot committed Jan 18, 2017
1 parent 76c4fae commit 963e6e9d36bb8f88caaeccc1497fd7b68c26e2a6
@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ const ReactNativeViewAttributes = require('ReactNativeViewAttributes');
const StyleSheetPropType = require('StyleSheetPropType');
const ViewStylePropTypes = require('ViewStylePropTypes');
const invariant = require('invariant');
var TVViewPropTypes = {};
if (Platform.isTVOS) {
TVViewPropTypes = require('TVViewPropTypes');
@@ -506,7 +508,15 @@ const View = React.createClass({
needsOffscreenAlphaCompositing: PropTypes.bool,
contextTypes: {
isInAParentText: React.PropTypes.bool,
render: function() {
!(this.context.isInAParentText && Platform.OS === 'android'),
'Nesting of <View> within <Text> is not supported on Android.');
// WARNING: This method will not be used in production mode as in that mode we
// replace wrapper component View with generated native wrapper RCTView. Avoid
// adding functionality this component that you'd want to be available in both
@@ -167,7 +167,9 @@ public void addChildAt(ReactShadowNode child, int i) {
YogaNode childYogaNode = child.mYogaNode;
if (childYogaNode == null) {
throw new RuntimeException(
"Cannot add a child that doesn't have a CSS node to a node without a measure function!");
"Cannot add a child that doesn't have a YogaNode to a parent without a measure " +
"function! (Trying to add a '" + child.getClass().getSimpleName() + "' to a '" +
getClass().getSimpleName() + "')");
mYogaNode.addChildAt(childYogaNode, i);

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