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Allow data lists to include 0 or '' (falsey items)

Fixing #13578

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Closes #15419

Reviewed By: sahrens

Differential Revision: D5795844

Pulled By: tomasreimers

fbshipit-source-id: 4cdf97a2f5e83e38f4e12af771b512e7dddd212a
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tomasreimers authored and facebook-github-bot committed Sep 14, 2017
1 parent a177979 commit ae1a4f08f630168adb3070b6a6b168a8d534a3ee
Showing with 0 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +0 −2 Libraries/Lists/VirtualizedList.js
@@ -527,7 +527,6 @@ class VirtualizedList extends React.PureComponent<Props, State> {
last = Math.min(end, last);
for (let ii = first; ii <= last; ii++) {
const item = getItem(data, ii);
invariant(item, 'No item for index ' + ii);
const key = keyExtractor(item, ii);
if (stickyIndicesFromProps.has(ii + stickyOffset)) {
@@ -1168,7 +1167,6 @@ class VirtualizedList extends React.PureComponent<Props, State> {
_createViewToken = (index: number, isViewable: boolean) => {
const {data, getItem, keyExtractor} = this.props;
const item = getItem(data, index);
invariant(item, 'Missing item for index ' + index);
return {index, item, key: keyExtractor(item, index), isViewable};

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