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Open to correct line on Webstorm, IntelliJ and AppCode

A tiny PR to add support for launching IDEA editors with the cursor at the correct line. The argument syntax is the same as sublime.

The base names `wstorm`, `idea` and `appcode` are the default names when CLI launchers are created through 'Tools'->'Create Command-Line launcher' in the respective editor's gui.

Tested through a fork of RN on Webstorm, IntelliJ and AppCode for OSX and by manual invocation from CLI on IntelliJ for windows.
Closes #9042

Differential Revision: D3627680

fbshipit-source-id: dfb0db92f9ca8b464471c3dc9e92196d87d2e244
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rh389 authored and Facebook Github Bot 2 committed Jul 27, 2016
1 parent d374ce7 commit c3e8c825af106d75170a8dc5bc0fbdb45fcf0e80
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  1. +3 −0 local-cli/server/util/launchEditor.js
@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@ function getArgumentsForLineNumber(editor, fileName, lineNumber, workspace) {
return addWorkspaceToArgumentsIfExists([fileName + ':' + lineNumber], workspace);
case 'subl':
case 'sublime':
case 'wstorm':
case 'appcode':
case 'idea':
return [fileName + ':' + lineNumber];
case 'joe':
case 'emacs':

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