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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ Supported operating systems are >= Android 4.1 (API 16) and >= iOS 8.0.
- [Contributing](#contributing)
- [License](#license)
## Getting Started
Follow the [Getting Started guide]( The recommended way to install React Native depends on your project. Here you can find short guides for the most common scenarios:
@@ -28,6 +30,8 @@ Follow the [Getting Started guide](
- [Creating a New Application](
- [Adding React Native to an Existing Application](
## Documentation
[The website’s documentation]( is divided into multiple sections.
@@ -40,10 +44,14 @@ Another great way to learn more about the components and APIs included with Reac
The React Native documentation only discusses the components, APIs and topics specific to React Native (React on iOS and Android). For further documentation on the React API that is shared between React Native and React DOM, refer to the [React documentation](
## Upgrading
React Native is under active development. See the guide on [upgrading React Native]( to keep your project up-to-date.
## Contributing
Read below to learn how you can take part in improving React Native.
@@ -60,8 +68,14 @@ Read our [contributing guide](
We have a list of [beginner friendly issues]( to help you get your feet wet in the React Native codebase and familiar with our contribution process. This is a great place to get started.
## License
React Native is [BSD licensed](./LICENSE). We also provide an additional [patent grant](./PATENTS).
React Native documentation is [Creative Commons licensed](./LICENSE-docs).
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