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Be able to scroll to last item in list

The invariant condition doesn't allow scrolling to the last index

Here is a simple reproduction of the problem:

Surely, if the last item is rendered, we should be able to scroll to it without an invariant failing?

Tested locally that this change fixes the issue.
Closes #14934

Differential Revision: D5414535

Pulled By: shergin

fbshipit-source-id: 38dac4c0e2ae5e1e199a67ca0e98e8f7325e77f4
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maartenschumacher authored and facebook-github-bot committed Jul 13, 2017
1 parent e3cfcdf commit cad2d9b07290a49ea2a05ca9d88e64bdb799aac2
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 Libraries/Lists/VirtualizedList.js
@@ -235,7 +235,7 @@ class VirtualizedList extends React.PureComponent<OptionalProps, Props, State> {
`scrollToIndex out of range: ${index} vs ${getItemCount(data) - 1}`,
getItemLayout || index < this._highestMeasuredFrameIndex,
getItemLayout || index <= this._highestMeasuredFrameIndex,
'scrollToIndex should be used in conjunction with getItemLayout, ' +
'otherwise there is no way to know the location of an arbitrary index.',

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