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Update sectionList keyExtractor docs

Added language to explain that you still need to add keys for each section even if you use a keyExtractor method.

No code changed; just clarified documentation.
Closes #15007

Differential Revision: D5425897

Pulled By: hramos

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fourestfire authored and facebook-github-bot committed Jul 14, 2017
1 parent ccb4e67 commit cb9b266b8eae663191750b80ec4f8d6ad6d2878a
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@@ -129,7 +129,8 @@ type OptionalProps<SectionT: SectionBase<any>> = {
* Used to extract a unique key for a given item at the specified index. Key is used for caching
* and as the react key to track item re-ordering. The default extractor checks item.key, then
* falls back to using the index, like react does.
* falls back to using the index, like react does. Note that this sets keys for each item, but
* each overall section still needs its own key.
keyExtractor: (item: Item, index: number) => string,

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