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RCTSurface: Use async dispatch to register root shadow view

Summary: We don't really need sync dispatch here. We only need sequential execution of our UIManager blocks.

Reviewed By: rsnara

Differential Revision: D6367069

fbshipit-source-id: cc675aafd6c762506048bcf65c24e54080b013a5
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shergin authored and facebook-github-bot committed Dec 4, 2017
1 parent 081f7d1 commit da17b237e15e20adf20d6b917349d6389efb17fd
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  1. +1 −1 React/Base/Surface/
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ - (void)_registerRootViewTag
RCTUIManager *uiManager = batchedBridge.uiManager;
[uiManager registerRootViewTag:self->_rootViewTag];
RCTSurfaceRootShadowView *rootShadowView =

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