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react-native 0.13.0 is now available on npm.

Note to CocoaPods users:

We are no longer publishing React Native to CocoaPods but are maintaining the Podspec file. What this means is that you still can use CocoaPods to add React Native to your project but will have to make a small change to your Podfile.

Change this:

pod 'React', '~> 0.12'

to this:

pod 'React', :path => 'node_modules/react-native'
# or wherever your copy of react-native is

One reason for this change is that in practice many projects would end up getting two copies of React Native: one from CocoaPods under the Pods directory and one from npm under node_modules. The packager would find two copies of the same JavaScript files and report there was a conflict. So, having just one canonical copy of React Native (under node_modules, with the copy under Pods being a symlink that the packager ignores) resolves this issue.

Centralizing the distribution of React Native through npm also makes it easier for us to release updates since there's only one package repository to work with.

Changes since 0.13.0-rc

  • Merged #3347 to fix a bug with Web Sockets on Android

Changes since 0.12

See the 0.13.0-rc changelog: https://github.com/facebook/react-native/releases/tag/v0.13.0-rc