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@mkonicek mkonicek released this Nov 26, 2015 · 17127 commits to master since this release

These release notes were written by Joshua Sierles, thank you so much! And thank you to the 80 contributors who put 260 commits into this release! (Compare view)



  • Added Babel helpers for es2015 imports (gist). ffea779
  • For-of support: 5dc40af
  • Support for ES6 modules in Babel plugins dff8f53


  • Added PullToRefreshViewAndroid: 37f8134, cad4686
  • Android view shadows: b65f1f2
  • Proper touch handling for transformed Views on Android: c929e15


High-level changes


  • Android supports custom fonts; only TTF and OTF for now. bfeaa6a
  • The Android ViewPager gets setPageWithoutAnimation. 50b8b00
  • Images within a TextView, i.e. emojis, are now supported. a0268a7
  • The Android performance profiler, Systrace, gets thorough documentation. d2c5045


  • The keyboardAppearance prop was added to iOS TextInput. Useful for displaying a dark keyboard. f407211
  • AsyncLocalStorage gets an in-memory cache. 397791f
  • TextInput supports the onSelectionChange event. 5a34a09
  • iOS RCTPasteboard was released. Useful for copy-to-clipboard behavior. 26cb6be

Breaking Changes

  • React Native now uses Babel 6, props to Tadeu Zagallo for upgrading and thanks David Aurelio and Sebastian McKenzie for all the help! We've been using React Native with Babel 6 at Facebook for quite a while now. Nevertheless, please report any errors related to Babel, such as transforms for some JS features not working as expected and we'll fix them.
  • Touch events on Android now have coordinates consistent with iOS: 0c2ee5d
  • YellowBox enabled by default on iOS: 8ab5182
  • JS decorators won't work until T2645 lands in Babel. It's being worked on. The proposal for decorators is not final and therefore Babel 6 left decorator support out for now.
  • Exporting default class that extends a base class won't work due to Babel's T2694.
  • RCTSparseArray was replaced by NSDictionary. Modules using RCTSparseArray should update. fa0b45c
  • RCTWebViewExecutor was removed. 0764e4e
  • We've migrated all internal RN components to declare their propTypes inheritance explicitly in dd09c88. This allows for better control on which props can be used. In order to make third-party native components work you will need to add ...View.propTypes to the map of propTypes in the component definition (see dd09c88 for an example).
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