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@bestander bestander released this 08 Mar 20:16
· 5 commits to 0.22-stable since this release

Thanks to the 99 contributors who put 316 commits into React Native 0.22.0!

React Native 0.22 ships with Hot Reloading! 馃帀

Special thanks to Mateusz Zatorski (@knowbody) for writing these release notes.

New features

  • Support custom ScrollView implementations in ListView - b516976
  • Adopt NavigationExperimental in UIExplorer - 876ecb2
  • Introduce disabling for Touchable* elements - 9951e1a
  • Introducing NavigationCardStack - 6bcb2a0
  • Implement modulo operator method for Animated - ae0ad1f
  • Add message channel to packager for sending commands to bridge (2/N) - c377f2a
  • Add new worker for code transform, optimization, and dependency extraction in packager - d94a567
  • Add gesture handling for the Navigation card stack - caac520
  • Add data structure to manage the stack for the legacy navigator - 1caebf1

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue (Sticky header index was outside the range) when renderSeparator is defined but returns null - c449d9e
  • Fix resources build variable name - 7eb7b94
  • Fix crash when passing null to clearImmediate - 44fcf22
  • Fix Exponential WebSocket Growth from DevTools - d0a26a7


New features

  • Add the ability to create triangles using style tricks - a6a4389
  • Enable scalesPageToFit on Android - 4b97137
  • Add position to Picker onValueChange's call - b454d31
  • Added a root option to the run-android command - b9ed72a
  • Use nanoTime instead of currentTimeMillis for events - b5d2667
  • Add drawerLockMode prop to DrawerLayoutAndroid - ec173b1
  • WebWorkers: Add ExecutorToken to route native module calls to/from workers - bd95b22
  • Enable blurOnSubmit for text input in android - ab12189
  • Add generic memory pressure listener interface - c027f05
  • Ability to supply product flavor for react-native run-android command - 46422dd
  • Add ReactCompoundViewGroup interface that allows having both virtual and non-virtual (View) children - aae521f

Bug fixes

  • Fix app crashes on Android after fetching the js bundle - 3640080
  • Fix broken drawer layout - 8e809e9
  • Deprecate PullToRefreshViewAndroid and remove it from the website - 91788d2
  • Fix hidden StatusBar reappearing after exiting app on Android - cf3bd9f
  • Fix android's image tintColor prop when used with alpha - 8b88cae
  • Fix attributes checking for - 7e3266d
  • Fix deadlock in bridge - e64987d
  • Fix IllegalStateException crash in - a6a89fe


New features

  • Adds category and alertAction properties to local notification details object - 183d6a0
  • Add position to Picker onValueChange's call - b454d31
  • Add support for sharing images or other media via iOS share sheet - e6c6510
  • Added support for taking snapshots of the screen, window or individual views - ac12f98
  • Add UIManager.measureInWindow to get window coordinates - f67fa82
  • Add Universal Links support to Linking.getInitialURL(). Fixes #6099 - f0689cf

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug with ListView with sticky headers + RefreshControl - 671b975
  • Fix RCTPerfMonitor display unit error - 50141f9
  • Fix WebView example on iOS - 7032a64
  • Fix issue with opaque thumbnails being given an alpha channel - 7383378
  • Fix RefreshControl layout on screen rotation and consecutive pull to refresh not working properly - 102a31c
  • Fix Geolocation Accuracy and Cached Location Bug - 49b2805