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Welcome to the stable release of 0.59馃殌

Some of the major changes that this version brings:

  • React Hooks 馃帲
  • the CLI is extracted to this repository
  • quite a few new deprecated Components
  • a whole lot of QoL improvements on the native Android side (64 bits support via a new JSC, AppCompatActivity, etc) - some of which will be Breaking Changes (for brownfield apps) 馃挜

For a more complete picture on all the changes, you can read more in the dedicated blog post. Thanks to those who participated in the release candidate phase - and obviously to those who contributed with PRs to make this release possible 馃

If you're interested in helping evaluate our next release (0.60), subscribe to the dedicated issue here.
Or you can participate to the decision process for the next patch release (0.59.1) here.

You can find the full 0.59.0 commit-by-commit history, plus the whole changelog over at react-native-releases.